Some thoughts and discussions from me.

Hey friends! I hope you had a lovely long weekend. This morning I’m 20.5 weeks, but I wrote most of this post this past Friday (5/26) afternoon. I’m officially at the half way mark in my pregnancy – 20 weeks!

I’m finally to the point in my pregnancy where I kinda love being pregnant. I love that my belly is getting bigger, my energy is up, and I’m feeling good.

We had our 20 Week anatomy scan on Friday, for which I was both super excited and nervous. Excited because we got to see baby girl again, and nervous to make sure she was healthy and developing ok.

Even though all of the pre-natal testing came back normal, and I’ve been feeling her move on the reg, I was anxious. Luckily, everything looked good, except she must have not liked the ultrasound, because she was tucked down too low for the tech to get a read/measurements on her head/brain. So, they’ll be doing another one at my next appointment.

My Weight

The other not-so-great thing was that I haven’t gained any weight, which is hard to believe since I’ve been basically eating any time there’s even an inkling of hunger, and my intake is up around 2,600-2,700 calories per day. The doctor was concerned at first, but I think they stereotype personal trainers there, because she’s made comments on how I probably don’t eat sandwiches or bagels (ummm, yes, almost daily) since I’m “healthy.” She was assured after Shane and I both confirmed I eat more than he does, and include treats on a very regular basis.

After that — and after taking my fundal measurements and seeing that those looked fine — she said it’s fine.

My reasoning is that I’ve probably lost a couple pounds of muscle. Before becoming pregnant, I was lifting 4 times per week, with quite a bit of volume – and quite heavy. In my first trimester, I lifted pretty infrequently due to being scared from the bleeding. And now I’m lifting 3 times per week, with less volume and load.

Nonetheless, my goal is to gain 4 pounds by my next appointment in 4 weeks.

What’s New

Here’s what’s new since the last update.


I started feeling baby K move in my 16th week, which is actually very early for a first time mom. I was told it’s because I was slim through the mid-section, and I suspected that she was also front and center in the uterus. At first it was just a couple light pokes at one or two point in the day, every other day or so. Then in weeks 17 and 18 it became more regular, and in my 19th week, I felt her every day, all day. It’s the coolest feeling in the world.

Shane has even been able to feel her move once, which was pretty neat. Then this weekend, my friend Katie and Lauren both felt her throw a jab!

As I’m writing this, she’s kicking around. She’s an active little mango – which is funny, because my mom told me she only felt me move about 4 times in her entire pregnancy (which isn’t necessarily a good thing either, lol.)

Some women say the first movements feel like “butterflies” or flutters, but I didn’t get that. I got little pokes and jabs, which became stronger and more frequent with each week.


I’m having a baby shower here in Colorado later this summer or early fall, but since I’m visiting my family in Illinois in June, my cousin decided to throw me a very small, casual shower with close friends and family from back home. It won’t be a very large event, but I’ve received a couple gifts here and there from loved ones back home. With each adorable gift that we store in what will be the nursery, my heart melts a bit.

My close friends have started thinking of baby K and getting her shoes or hats, which again, makes my heart swell again. Lauren just gave me this adorable knit hat, and I showed you the shoes my friend Katie picked up.


AND – this tutu!! Katie and I went to this adorable little baby clothing shop called Pitter Patter in Louisville on Saturday, and I walked out with four overpriced outfits, and the tutu from Katie.

The Hunger

Oh man. I had a hefty appetite and could put back quite a lot of food before becoming pregnant, but in the second trimester, I pretty much eat us out of house and home.

My friends even joke about my meal sizes, ability to be hungry at any time, and meal frequency.

My nutritional goals – aside from making sure I eat enough – are to eat at least one serving of veggies with each meal (or the equivalent throughout the day,) and to limit sugary treats to one serving per day. Otherwise, my eats have remained fairly consistent as they were before becoming pregnant.

Being Anti-Button Pants

I don’t know how women who are pregnant in the winter do it. I’ve been living in stretchy skirts, sundresses, and maxi dresses when I’m not in my Align leggings.

I had to wear real pants the other day to my friend, David’s immigration ceremony, and they were definitely unbuttoned and unzipped during the entire thing. But the thing is – maternity pants don’t quite fit right either. I’m just grateful for warm weather and dresses.


Current Cravings? 

None, really, but it’s also much easier for me to easily give into sugary carby goodness. This past weekend was filled with doughnuts, ice cream, and homemade puppy chow. I typically try to limit “fun/sugary” foods to one serving/day. This weekend, it was a wee bit more than that.

I’ve also been eating a lot of oatmeal and eggs for breakfast, but it’s kinda just the breakfast rotation I’m on right now.

I’ve also been craving bagels and cream cheese – my go to is a parmesan bagel with light cream cheese and egg from a bagel shop down the street.


Lunches have been leftovers from dinner, or grilled chicken with honey mustard and a sweet potato and whatever veggies we have.

Any symptoms?

 I’m still just grateful to be feeling really good. I do have to chug water constantly to avoid the tightening/contractions/cramping, though.

Also, sleep has been not as great the past couple weeks. I fall asleep fine, but instead of the 9 hours I’ve been getting this pregnancy, I’m up wide awake after 7 or 8 – and that’s with tossing and turning and 1-2 bathroom breaks in there.

Stretch marks?

Not yet.

Miss anything?

This past weekend, we had a cookout, and my friend, Megan brought over a bottle of pinot noir rose. Swoon. 

While I don’t miss wine at all on the reg, on warm summer days when hanging out with friends, it does sound better than my mocktails 😉

I also miss trail running, but luckily I can enjoy the weather walking and hiking and just sitting on my porch reading, too.

Belly button in or out? 

In! Well, kind of flat, but I have a very narrow belly button anyway, so I don’t think there’s much to push out anyway.

Rings on or off? 

Still on! Fitting about the same.

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