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You’ve probably seen my before and after pictures, from when I wanted to dial in on my training and nutrition, drop some bodyfat, and see some new muscles.
Workouts and Diet for Pregnancy
These changes included switching up my macros, switching up *when* I eat them throughout the day (my nutrient timing,) and getting serious about following a smart training plan.

It’s fun — seeing your body transform, while feeling great to boot — but these days I have a different sort of before and after picture.

Instead of getting “shredded,” I’m saying see ya later to those abs….and I’m totally OK with it. In fact, I’m kind of in awe.

Sitting at 17.5 weeks today, I really started to finally notice my mid-section changes about 2 weeks ago.

Workouts and Diet for Pregnancy
I’m kind of at that stage right now, where I’m sure people (who notice) are wondering, “is she pregnant? Or did she just have a big lunch?”

But I honestly don’t care. I’m over wearing baggy shirts, and sport my little bump/maybe food baby proud.

Last week I had a couple readers reach out and ask me to write about what I’m specifically doing differently training- and nutrition-wise, and I thought I’d share that today.


I mentioned in my first trimester recap blog post, that workouts have more or less stayed the same. More or less. As I’m moving further into the 2nd trimester each week, they’re changing just a little bit more. Here’s how:
No Crunch Zone

I’ve started to avoid forward flexion exercises, like crunches. Not that I really remember the last crunch I’ve done in…years….but not I’m actively avoiding that motion, in hopes to prevent diastasis recti from happening/worsening.

Instead, I’m incorporating more leg lifts/lowering into my workouts, as well as staning or tall kneeling anti-rotation presses to strengthen the core.

Push ups also feel kinda weird.

No PR’s

I’m not really into pushing as much weight as I can right now. Not that I’m dropping weight down to 20 pounds or anything, but I’m not looking to increase my squat PR for weight. Instead, I’m keeping my loads about the same, or slightly less, with more of a focus on metabolic programming. (Not cardio, but rather, metabolic format of strength training.)

Workouts and Diet for Pregnancy

I haven’t intentionally dropped the days I work out from X to Y, but I don’t fret if I miss a workout, making my strength training sessions 3 instead of 4, etc.

For example, today I’d planned to lift from 8-9 because I had a gap between clients. Then my 7a client cancelled, so I decided to stay home until my 9a client and write and work, rather than lift. Plus, I’m hiking with a friend later today anyway.


Honestly, not too much has changed nutritionally, because I never really had any morning sickness or nausea. The only real aversions I had were that one week, coffee didn’t sound great. Another week, vegetables didn’t sound good, but not enough to where I couldn’t eat any.
I’ve also had very few cravings, aside from crazy bread and coffee cake (both of which were satisfied!)

Increasing calories

I swear, all I do is eat. Luckily (or rather, a mix of genetics and the work I do to increase metabolism,) I can eat a lot of food and maintain my weight. Before, I’d say I was eating maybe around 2,300 calories/day, and now that’s jumped up to around 2,500-2,600/day, more on the weekends if we go out to eat.

Workouts and Diet for Pregnancy

I also basically get whatever I want on a menu (which isn’t much different than before, tbh) when going out to eat, especially because we only go out to eat once or twice a week. However, I’ve never been your “salad-with-dressing-on-the-side” type of girl when dining out. I like the foods.

NOT tracking macros

I wasn’t tracking macros before I got pregnant, and I’m not now. The only time I track macros is when I’m looking to dial it in and shed some body fat. I’m able to eat intuitively (even though I kind of hate that term now that it has SO many definitions,) — or rather, eat without tracking macros — and maintain my weight.

Since getting pregnant was a goal, I had no goals to lose any weight or body fat. In fact, I probably put on a wee bit of body fat over the winter.

I’m not in the camp that one should track macros for the long haul. It should be used for fat loss, and other specific goals, or to learn how to maintain weight. Then, estimating is where it’s at.

Nutrient Timing

I still primarily follow the same nutrient timing guidelines (just with more food,) because it’s honestly what makes me feel my best. However, if I know it’s going to be a higher activity, a tougher lifting workout, or a double workout that day, I’ll add carbs during times where before I wouldn’t have.


Admittedly, I didn’t cut out coffee immediately. Before becoming pregnant, I was a 2-3 cup a day-er.

Workouts and Diet for Pregnancy

So at first, I kept it to one cup a day the first week or so, and then cut down to half caff. Then luckily, I had an aversion to coffee one week, and then decided to avoid it completely from weeks 8 or so through week 12 or 13.
Now I drink caffeine – either a green tea or a half caff – about every other day.


I’ve also reduced slightly my use of artificial sweeteners, but I haven’t eliminated them completely. I still chew a piece of gum a few times a week, sip on some BCAA’s containing them, and order a chick fil a diet lemonade from time to time.

Other than that, my diet really hasn’t changed much. Same breakfasts, lunches, and dinners — just with more food.

Now, I’m absolutely not saying these are changes everyone should make — or that I’m even changing everything I “should” be. These are just the switches I’ve made recently based on my doctor’s advise, intuition, and research.

Have a wonderful rest of your week! XO

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