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It is truly a joy to watch my clients work hard, commit to themselves, and walk through the other side with amazing results. But even better? When clients have a complete transformation of both the body and mindset.

When Lindsay started Lean Body Boot Camp, she was already in pretty good shape and ate a pretty healthy diet.

The changes she made and her commitment to the training program paid off, in more ways than one. Lindsay’s *physical* transformation is impressive, but her shift in mindset was even more rewarding.However, like many other clients I’ve worked with, she often found herself a victim of an “all or nothing” mindset.

In Lean Body Boot Camp, all of my clients set at least one “mindset goal,” in which there’s prizes and check-ins to increase accountability. Forming a positive mindset is SUCH an important part of making your newfound habits a lifestyle– and making your results stick long-term.

Lindsay’s goal was to get out of her unhealthy over/under-exercising cycle, and practice consistency, along with taking the scheduled rest days seriously. This moderation of sorts, along with the training changes she made through the training program, and nutrition changes with her macronutrients, and their timing — along with the accountability of the program — was life-changing.

“I have long struggled with the habit of waxing and waning with exercise. I would go a few weeks where I’d be GO GO GO hardcore with my workouts, and would get so burned out that I’d be so mentally and physically exhausted, I’d lose all motivation and take weeks or months off. I repeated this cycle for years.Enter: an offer for LBB. I saw it on Paige’s Instagram while my husband was deployed, and KNEW that I needed to try it…because I was worth it. Now, six weeks later, I am in the best head space/mindset that I have ever been in in regards to exercise and nutrition.

It’s hard for me to even believe how effective this group space is. Now, six weeks later, I am in the best head space/mindset that I have ever been in in regards to exercise and nutrition. I honestly never thought that I would be able to find this place…and I am so incredibly grateful to be here.  It is proof that this program has helped to change my life for the better…and you guys [LBB group] have all been a part of that.”

Just re-reading that makes my heart happy <3

She not only dropped inches, saw changes in her body, and felt stronger (especially in her back, having scoliosis,) but she found herself in the best mindset in regards to training and nutrition.

Seeing physical transformations can be very rewarding. Seeing your body respond to the positive changes you make with nutrition and training is definitely something to be proud of and work towards. But whether it’s to give yourself more grace, practice active acceptance, or develop healthier habits, improving your mentality toward fitness and nutrition is equally (if not more so!) huge.

If you’re ready to change the way you feel, look, and develop healthier long term habits with your training and nutrition, I would be happy to work with you in this program. 

It’s 6 weeks (7, if you include our info-week beforehand,) is $179 for the program, and starts May 1st.

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