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Hi guys!

It’s Wednesday, and I’m relishing the last couple days I’m spending here in Florida with the fam. It was kind of an impromptu trip, but my parents recently moved here (Casey Key area,) and I just had to see their new home. Since it’s July in Florida, and about a about a million fafillion degrees, I’ve spent approximately 87% of my time here in the water.


My dad snapped that yesterday right before I swam in the ocean. Don’t mind the “oh hey!” look on my face.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you a spin workout I did for my class last week, spliced into a workout you can take with you to the spin bike at your own gym! I teach 2-3 classes a week on average, and I absolutely love it.I love indoor cycling because the workouts and classes go by SO dang fast, and they’re just so much fun. After each class I teach, I leave on a high…and pretty sweaty Smile


I first fell in love with spinning when I encountered a class called RPM, back in 2009 (it’s a les mills version of indoor cycling.) I purchased my first pair of spin shoes shortly after, and I was hooked! For a while, I was afraid to get my Spinning certification. Not because of teaching, but because I was afraid it’d take all of the magic away for me! You know, the whole don’t crap where you eat kinda thing –  haha!

I remember right after college I got a job at Von Maur, since it’d been a month after graduation and I hadn’t found a job to do with my degree yet. Von Maur had always been my absolute favorite store, and after working there a few months, the magic definitely left the store for me.

Luckily, this wasn’t the case for indoor cycling. Last year I got my Spinning certification, and shortly after began teaching classes. The kind I teach are called 30/30 classes – the first 30 minute is a spin class, and the second, a TRX. This works out great for me, too, since I like to get in other forms of cardio throughout the week like hiking and trail running. If my classes were longer than 30 minutes, it’d be too much cardio! Plus, with a 30 minute class, you can really crank up the intensity.

So, I created your own 30 minute interval spin workout you can do at your own gym!


I always use Spotify to create my playlists – if you do, too, here’s my playlist!

How do you feel about indoor cycling classes?

Have you ever “crapped where you ate” and had a bad experience?

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