Some thoughts and discussions from me.

Each week, I come at you with my verbal vomit. I tell you about fitness-y things, workouts, food, my life, and I the only time I get the chance to listen to YOU is when you leave a comment on each post. Thank you, by the way, for contributing to the conversation Red heart

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about listening to people. No, really, truly listening. Not by just waiting for a pause in the conversation to jump in and say my piece again; not by letting my mind wander to my life and my worries while others talk; and definitely not by just smiling and nodding, waiting for the other person to finish talking.


It seems like these actions take the place of “listening” far too often, and it’s a pretty big pet peeve of mine (even though it’s inevitable to do for everyone at some point in time.) I want to try as hard as I can not to do those things. So, one of my goals right now in life is to practice focused listening, whether I’m with a client talking about goals, or just chit chatting with a friend about the wonders of life.

Naturally, this part of my life wandered over to the blog, and now I want to listen to you. I’m incredibly thankful for each and everyone person who stops by here every day to hear what I have to say. While I do enjoy writing this little blog, a main goal with it is to inspire, make people smile, and give valuable takeaways with it. I do that through a wide range of topics, depending on my mood, what I’ve learned recently, and what I feel like sharing.

So, today I want to ask YOU what you’d like to see more on the blog.

Do you consider yourself a good listener? Do you notice when others aren’t actually listening to you or someone else?

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