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Good morning, friends! Have a good weekend?

Last night I got back from Park City, Utah, from this year’s Blend Retreat. I am utterly exhausted, pretty far behind on work, and have a zillion errands to run, but it’s all worth it to spend a weekend with 90 other women who love fitness and food as much as I do Smileimage

If you follow me on Instagram, you likely got bombarded with a boatload of pictures all hash tagged #Blend2014 all weekend long. There were so many fun activities, and amazing brands, and mostly, there were 90 strong, fun, fit female friends all with different stories to share.

The idea behind Blend Retreat, is basically one big girls’ weekend for healthy living bloggers (and/or readers) to get together and share in our hobbies and passions that we all have in common!


Like waking up for an early morning strength sesh and finisher Winking smile haha

Now I definitely don’t base my friendships on on whether or not that person has the same hobbies as I do. I have plenty of friends who really don’t like to exercise –  and couldn’t care less about the food they eat. It’s more about whether or not there’s that girlfriend connection. That said, there’s just something about connecting with friends who appreciate your passion for health and wellness, as well as the occasional slice of pizza here and there Winking smile


To me, fitness is more than just a hobby – obviously, it’s my career. But more than that, fitness (and health in general) and isn’t just about dumbbells and treadmills. It’s a journey and a way of life, and to have close friends to share that way of life with makes it that much better. My roomies, Lauren, Marissa, Heidi, and Natalie all either live in Colorado or have tremendous ties here, and we’re all very passionate about nature’s playground and gym – the mountains!


^trail running with the roomies yesterday morning

And it’s crazy to think I wouldn’t have any of these connections if it weren’t for blogging. Blend is a blend (see what I did there?) of Friend + Blogger, after all!

It’s funny, though, because one of the least talked about subjects at Blend 2014? Blogging! It’s not a “conference” to increase your  page views or better your blog – it’s just a weekend to hang out with interwebz buddies turned real life friends. And that’s what it’s all about – from workouts to fun new fit food finds to making inappropriate jokes while playing Cards Against Humanity.

Starting a blog changed my life in so many awesome ways, and one of the best reasons is the community. If any of you fit friends have any desire at all to start a fitness blog – or even just participate in the community – I 100% believe you should. You never know what real life friendships could blossom from it!


PS – thank you to Lindsay, Janetha, and Lauren for putting on an incredible event, HOPE Foods for my sponsorship to the event, and ALL of the AMAZING sponsors for #Blend2014!

Have you ever become real-life friends with someone you “met” on social media or the internet?

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