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Do you ever have those periods of time when you enjoy just about everything about your current gym/fitness routine? I think it’s one of the best feelings when I’m in a solid, feel-good fitness groove.


Whether it’s a new strength program that I’m totally digging, or finding a new activity (like hot yoga!) that I look forward to every single practice, it’s fun to look forward to something that’s also good for us.

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of JAVAPRO.

Of course, there are times of fitness limbo, we’ll call it, usually when life is super busy, and I feel like I’m just floating around, getting in workouts when I can sneak them in. I don’t necessarily look forward to them, but I don’t dread them either.

Right now, I’m in the sweet spot of those two. Work is busier than it has been in a long time right now, and I’m sneaking in workouts here and there when I can, but I’m also in love with them. They’re quick and dirty and mostly body weight, and I’m just loving the change up from my usual routine of lifting heavy in the gym. Of course, I enjoy the workout itself, but I also enjoy the things surrounding the workout – new gear, sharing my workouts with you all, and making my pre-workout rituals both enjoyable and time-saving.

Right now, I’m working out shortly after I wake up, before I have any clients to train, consultations to conduct, or programs to write. Since I’m up and at ‘em and in the gym – and I like to have something on my stomach shortly after waking – I’ve been relying on protein shakes a lot. Oh, and a cup of coffee is a must before a morning workout.

However, the one I’ve been using lately shaves even more time off of my pre-workout tasks because it kills two birds with one stone.


JAVAPRO– The equivalent of 1 cup of (real) coffee, 110 calories, and 20 grams of protein in one, tasty, mixable powder.

I’ve combined coffee and protein in the past, but it usually takes getting out the blender, adding ice/fruit/what have you, blending it, pouring it, and then drinking and going. But with JavaPro, the coffee is already in the mix, and all I have to do is combine with milk, shake, and GO.


Literally. I enjoyed a shake as I drove over to my favorite Boulder hiking spot, Mount Sanitas, this past Sunday. Yes, it’s tasty, but it’s also very mixable – not grainy at all. To put it to the test I whipped up a heated shake – milk with the mix, and it tasted exactly like a hot mocha! Delightful.

I received the mocha flavor, but it also comes in espresso, latte, caramel, French vanilla, and hazelnut. I’ve got my eye on the french vanilla Winking smile


One thing I would caution about with this product is that it does contain 80 mg of coffee,  so if you’re not used to much caffeine, just be aware:) I accidentally drank this on top of my usual 1 mug of coffee one day, and it was a little too much, but alone it’s fine.

Other pre-workout morning rituals are:

-chugging water upon waking up

-spritzing face with water to wake up

-extra foam rolling and warming up

What are some of your pre-workout rituals?

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