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Tomorrow I turn 29, and I’m not all that happy about it. I can feel a couple of my friends rolling their eyes, but something about being in the very last years of my twenties leaves me clinging for dear life before I turn the big 3-0.


Half of its due to my abnormal issue with time. If you ask anyone of my close friends, I’m not exactly the most prompt person. I cannot stand being bound by time, so much that I’ve “disabled” the clock in my car, and hate giving times to meet people.

The other half is because this decade of my twenties means so much to me. I’ve overcome disease, graduated college, married the love of my life, made new friends, and moved across the country –  all while truly growing into who I am as a person, and learning so much about myself, my perspective, and the world.

So, in order to have no regrets about what has so far been the best decade of my life, I’ve made a list: 30 Life Things to do Before the Big 3-0

1. Become a yes person. I tend to say “maybe” a LOT. Just ask this girl – she said it’s my most one and only annoying quality. And she’s right – I do say maybe all the time. Call it fear of commitment or fear of life, but I’m not going to be a maybe person in this 29th year of mine. I’m going to be a yes person, and say YES to any request that comes my way (so long as it doesn’t negatively affect my job, family, or health/stress Winking smile) I’m going to make like Jen Comas Keck and #embraceYES

2. Do 10 chin ups. Hopefully this will progress to more chin ups, and then pull ups by my 30th year, but right now, I’m stuck around 2 (and it used to be 4.)

3. Go backpacking and camping. Honestly? This scares the bejeezus out of me. I’m convinced that I’m going to get eaten by either a mountain lion, a bear, or a swarm of mosquitos. I went once last year, and it was really really cold.

4. Hike another 14-er.


Want to know a secret? I really dislike things that are really hard. Hiking 14-ers is really hard. That 14-er I hiked last year was the hardest thing of my life, and I probably flipping LOVED it and loathed it equally. I’m both looking forward and dreading my next one.

5. Visit somewhere I’ve never been.

6. Travel to the pacific northwest.

7. Surprise someone with unexpected kindness.

8. Learn pole dance fitness.

9. Become a certified health coach.

10. Love everyone (and everything)


Our reality is a projection of what’s going on in our mind. So to me, loving everyone/thing means to not get mad, jealous, annoyed, frustrated – basically negatively affected by my surroundings.

11. Not take life so seriously.

12. Meditate daily.

13. Take a beer or wine pairing class.

14. Go to a fancy, expensive, 7 course dinner.

15. Go on at least 3 Colorado-cations.


Last year I went on two, and this year I’d like to go on more. There’s SO many places in Colorado that feel like you’re in an entirely different state!

16. Read more – around 2 books a month.

17. Read more fitness and training-related books.


I tend to read novel after novel after novel, and neglect books that will help my career (but I do read hundreds of articles and studies about that each month!) Going to try and change that this year. I’m reading Ignite the Fire now, and it’s such a good one!

18. Be in the present.


Because there really is no past or future, is there?

19. Find something I’m passionate about to volunteer my time.

20. Buy my first home.

Shane and I lived in and owned a house back in Illinois, but he had already bought the house before I moved into it. Next year, I’ll be involved in the process.

21. Do something crazy like get another piercing or a tattoo (which I currently have none of!)

22. Go to a concert at Red Rocks.


Because, music and party in a mountain.

23. Forgive everyone who has ever wronged me.

24. Learn how to fly fish.

Shane fly fishes in Rocky Mountain National Park all the time in the summer, and I’ve never joined him once. This year I’ll say yes (refer to #1) when he asks me to join.

25. Go to a roller coaster park…one more time.

26. Take an all-girls road trip…or two.


27. Stay up until the wee hours of the morning doing something fun.

There’s that time-problem again. I have a tendency to need to be home by a certain hour. If I’m out past 11:00 or midnight, I’m up way late!

28. Run in the biggest 10k in the US – the Bolder Boulder.


29. Sing karaoke

30. Go to a professional football or baseball game in Denver…and tailgate

Phew! I’ve got a busy year ahead of me Winking smile

What’s one thing you want to do that throws you out of your comfort zone in the next year?

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