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Life has been pretty crazy lately as far as work’s concerned. In a good way – but I’ve had to do some altering when it comes to things like workouts and personal time.

However, since I like to stay sane, and still like to get my workouts in, they haven’t gone out the window, I’ve just tweaked them for efficiency. One of my favorite ways to get in a quick and efficient workout in a minimal amount of time is through AMRAPs, or workouts with the format of As Many Rounds as Possible.

Yesterday, I noticed I had about 20 minutes before my last client, and if I wanted to get in a workout at all, I’d have to make use of those 20 minutes. So, after a dynamic warm up and some foam rolling, I did the following AMRAP.

Here’s the run down:

10 minutes, as many rounds as possible of the following exercises:

A1) 10 Proper push ups

A2) 10 Over/Under the fence

A3) 10 Skater squat jumps L&R

And since I am a huge proponent of play and rest in addition to a heft work ethic as part of my balanced sanity, I’m taking today to go play in the mountains with my mountain goat. We’re headed to Breck! And I’m sure we’ll document our shenanigans on instagram Winking smile

Other quick, no-equipment workouts:

Have a good one!

What do you do for your workout when limited on time?

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