Some thoughts and discussions from me.

A couple months ago, I was going through a funk, of sorts. Nothing detrimental happened in my life, and I didn’t have anything horrible happen to me. Nothing changed in my life except one thing – my attitude.


I joke with Shane a lot because I swear he knows me 10 x’s better than I know myself. It’s almost scary! So, one day after a couple weeks of moping around and being glum, we had it out, and when we got to the bottom of it, it came down to losing my cheerful, optimistic, not-too-serious outlook on life.


In general, I tend to be a positive person…but it’s not because I’m naturally happy and cheerful. I can be shy, introverted, and introspective. But in my 28 (almost 29 – eek!) years on this earth, I’ve learned that life’s a whole lot better when you have a rosy outlook on life.

Since then, I’ve forced myself to go back to my old practices by putting out – and taking in – positive energy, rather than negative vibes. But before doing that, I had to dig to find out what, exactly, was robbing me of my joy. And when I looked inward, I found that they were all silly, extrinsic, simple, insignificant daily frustrations:

  • getting angry in traffic because of red lights/not giving myself enough time to get places
  • thinking that I was too busy, constantly working on my to do list
  • comparing my life – and what I don’t have- to others, whether it be in real life, on the internet, or on tv

And it’s not just about being happy vs. being unhappy. Stress and feeling unhappy has a physical effect on the body. For example (and perhaps TMI) – my cycles have been on point and exact ever since May, and then all of the sudden, in November, I was about 7 days late. I’m 100% positive it was because of my “funk.” And these silly things robbed me of what makes me love life – my enthusiasm for it!

I try to have enthusiasm for most aspects of life. I don’t just train people, I enthusiastically train them. I don’t just love those in my life, I’m in love with loving them. Instead of just leading a class through a workout, I try to make it an entire experience for them – and me! And that just wasn’t happening when I was in my funk.

Then when I remembered it was all my doing – my choice to be happy, I changed it. Here’s how I changed it:

1. Show up to work feeling how I should feel – LUCKY! Being a trainer is a very rewarding job in that I literally have the opportunity to completely change someone’s life in a positive way. I have a very big impact on not only their day and health, but their life. I’m so lucky to be in such a rewarding field of work, and each day I plan on reminding myself of that to get me pumped up to train my clients and teach my classes Smile

2. Focus on what I DO have. I don’t typically have issues with comparing my life to others’ lives, but when it does sometimes happen – it sucks! Plus, no one broadcasts their trials or troubles to the world. They broadcast their victories and blessings! I know that I have so many blessings in my life, and when I focus on those, life’s just more enjoyable.

3. Have a positive impact on others in my daily life. As my favorite author likes to say…


And that quote couldn’t be more true. We feel what we project into the world. If we project positivity and nice-ness, that’s the way we’ll feel. It’s simple, really: just smile at people and don’t be an asshole.

4. Make better use of my time. Time sucks= facebook and other social media platforms, mindless TV, etc. I’ve been trying to be more structured about my work here at the computer. If I tell myself that I’m going to spend the next hour working, then that’s what I’m going to do – work. Not tool around on Facebook, blogs, and other social media platforms. (Unless it’s work.) This means having variety in my routine, too, and not being an all-or-nothing person. This also means that I have more time for yoga, my pets, my fam, my faith, the great outdoors…basically everything in #5…

5. Do something FUN every day.


The other day after training a client, I headed over to Mount Sanitas to hike – by myself. It was 2 hours of pure enjoyment, complete with awe-inspiring views, burning lungs, and an appreciation for movement. If my knees and schedule would allow, I’d do that every day. But other activities that are pure enjoyment for me are puppy cuddling, spending time with Shane and friends, taking a bath, reading, etc.

How do you make sure a bad attitude doesn’t rob you of life’s joys?

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