Some thoughts and discussions from me.

Anything sounds weird if you say it a hundred times.


How I Met Your Mother, anyone? Smile

It’s true, though. Try it. Pick a word, and say it over and over again. Eventually it starts to sound weird and lose its meaning. It takes on an entirely new connotation, and eludes its original definition.

I think the same thing happens with life. Have you ever had something happen to you, and you think about and think about it, overanalyzing every single detail, so the thing that happened has completely transformed? It’s as if what actually happened is now a completely different event than what happened in your imagination.

If you tend to be an over thinker, like I sometimes tend do be, then of course you have. It’s something I’m working on – overthinking things. I think it’s extremely important to let negative, worrisome, or anxiety-producing thoughts to roll off my back like water on a duck.


For me, it’s important and as simple as staying healthy. Stress most definitely affects us in a physiological way.

My overthinking word right now? Deadlift. deadlift. deadlift. deaaad liiiiiift. See? such a funny word.


Not so funny of an action.

For the past three months in the gym, my goal has been to get as strong as eff, by increasing my deadlift, front squat, and chin up. I had a great thing going during my workouts, and built myself a solid plan. But after 12 weeks of the same thing, and my deadlift now stalling out, I need to stop, and change my views.

I didn’t come to this decision easily. At first, I was annoyed, and just a little obsessed with getting stronger and better. But then after realizing I was getting burnt out, a little achy, and not excited for my workouts anymore, I decided it was time for a change. Besides, just like I change up my clients programs to get results, I usually change up programs at least every 12 weeks anyway. And although I gained a few pounds while lifting heavier, I’m mostly definitely not changing because of striving for leanness or getting bulky.

So what am I doing now? Every now and then I like to just go back to the basics – just to make sure my form is still great and I don’t have any imbalances – and if I do, correct it. That means a lot of alternatives to the deadlift, as well as bodyweight, bodyweight, bodyweight. Get ready to see a lot more at-home workouts coming up Open-mouthed smile

Do you tend to be an over-analyzer?

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