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As I sit here and write this post, it absolutely blows my mind that Christmas is one week from today. Last night, as I realized this, I quickly grabbed my husband, turned on the Christmas tree lights and some Christmas music, and poured a glass of egg nog.


I need to feel the Christmas spirit! It’s kind of hard to do, though, when it’s sunny and in the 60’s, as it was on Monday here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m most certainly not complaining about that Winking smile

I’m also not complaining about the fact that on Christmas morning, we’ll be jetting down to Florida to spend the holiday with my family on the beach where Shane and I got married!


Oh, what a great day that was

It’s so great to be able to travel to see your loved ones, but one thing that might slack during this time away is in the workout department. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with taking a few days off. But sometimes I actually enjoy busting out a workout while traveling. There’s just a few factors that have to be included in order to make workouts away (or right at home) happen:

1. They need to be quick

2. They need to involve minimal, if any, equipment

3. They need to be FUN!

If you happen to be traveling – or just at home, I’ve created a workout that will only take 30 minutes max, zero equipment, and yes, fun, too! Smile The exercises also get progressively more difficult as you go down the circuit, so you’re wiped by the time you finish! That’s ok, though, you get 1-2 minutes to recover before you do it again 2-4 more times Winking smile


lateral lunge

pike press

single leg squat

plyo lunges

This is actually one of the workouts I sent to a client of mine who will be gone over Christmas, and I think I just might do this workout while I’m in Florida on the beach! For workouts like this, where it’s time-based and quick-paced (hey, that rhymed!) I usually use my Gymboss timer:


I just set it to 9 rounds (since there’s 9 exercises) with intervals of 30 and 15.GIVEAWAY ALERT: And if you don’t have a Gymboss timer, you should get on that, by entering my giveaway I’m hosting on Instagram!

Do you work out when traveling? If so, what kind of workouts do you do?

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