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Good morning! I hope you all had a great Monday Open-mouthed smile Although mine was packed with teaching classes, training clients, and KIND work, it was a really good one! I got a couple great compliments on my work on a couple things, and it just really set the tone for a great day. I’m like a dog. Just pat me on the head and say I did a good job, and I’ll be your friend Winking smile ha! Just kidding. Kind of.

And today’s a good day because I’m starting it off by training clients, including a new one (Open-mouthed smile) and then training myself.

I’m digging the front squats lately. And the deadlift. And chin ups. Basically, right now, when I go into the gym to train, I start off with one or two main lifts, and then 4-6 accessory lifts, which are still compound, multi-joint exercises. On one of the days, I focus on front squats.


(eeek, get those elbows up, Paige!)

But you know what sucks? Sometimes the sole squat rack in the gym is taken, and there’s no hope of “working in.” Just like the deadlift, when this happens, we have to rely on exercise alternatives to the front squat.


1. Goblet Squat

2. Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

3. Dumbbell Front Squat

4. Split Squat

5. Pistol Squat

or you could always do an assisted pistol squatimage

6. Step Ups

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