Eating is Annoying {WIAW}

Good morning!

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Man, I was in the zone yesterday as far as productivity goes. I trained clients, got in my own workout, did some KIND work, and then got started on a recipe for a (kind of) freelance project. Boom!

It’s days like this, however, when taking time to stop and eat is somewhat of an annoyance. Actually…pretty much any time I break for lunch during the day is more of a necessity than a want. You have to stop what you’re doing, make something or grab something, eat it, and then get back to what you were doing.

I’m not saying I never look forward to eating meals – I do if it’s something particularly tasty, or if we’re going out to a cool restaurant.  Actually, I think if I had a personal chef make all of my meals and set them in front of me, I might look forward to eating.

Anyway, I’ll quit rambling and get to the eats.

(6:45am) I woke up yesterday, and knew I wanted to get my own lifting workout in before my training my clients, since that’d probably be the only time I’d be able to. I didn’t feel like making breakfast (ha) so I just had about a cup’s worth in spoonfuls of cottage cheese—>Kalona is my ultimate favorite brand of cottage cheese.

Then I headed into the gym and just did a full body workout of some of my current favorite exercises. It looked like this:

1a. Deadlifts

1b. Chin ups

2a. Front-loaded reverse lunges

2b. Single-arm dumbbell bench press

3a. Barbell hip thrusts

3b. Medicine ball slams

In and out in less than an hour, and then I was home to take a super quick shower, and mow down on some pancakes.



Pancakes because I asked the birthday boy what he wanted, and he said pancakes, so flapJacked it was! I had four, which proved to be one too many for me, since I spent the next hour uncomfortably full while training a client. I topped it with coconut butter and (unpictured) Justin’s maple almond butter.

After breakfast, I trained a couple clients, and then drove into Denver for KIND to meet up with the marketing peeps from 34 Degrees, a local all-natural cracker company:


Sometime around then, I also sipped on a Bhakti Chai latte…


I don’t really have that gigantic of a hand.

Then I stopped by Lucky’s Market to pick up a few necessities – kale, sausage, cottage cheese (since I polished off the container in the morning,) half and half, and a pecan pie that somehow jumped into my cart.


I really wanted to just continue right on with my day and take Niko for her once-a-day hour walk, but figured I should eat something first (annoying.)


I took some leftover lettuce, and topped it with leftover salmon salad from a sandwich I made the day before, then added some leftover avocado. Crackers on the side|Tessemae’s lemon dressing on top.

Once this meal digested, I took Niko on her walk. We just missed that cold/snow front that hit the majority of the country, and it was another sunny and gorgeous day in Colorado yesterday.

When we got home, I made some pumpkin chai muffins (recipe to come!) and then finally, finally, started studying for my Health Coach certification.  Shane and I broke for a birthday happy hour around 5:00, and had some wine, cheese, and crackers, and then then when our appetites kicked in, got dinner, per request of the birthday boy:


(6:30om) Barbeque! There’s a fantastic bbq place in our neighborhood with THE best ribs around. So delicious. I piled up my plate pretty high with ribs, pulled pork, and ample sides (FYI – this kind of eating is NOT annoying Winking smile)

(8:30pm) I so did not need anything else after this meal, but my sweet tooth was calling me. I answered with this:


Ginger Cream ice cream from the one and only Boulder Homemade Ice Cream. Uh huh – that’s the stuff right there (and this kind of eating is not annoying either, haha…) Great way to end the night!

Do you tend to look forward to all of your meals/snacks? Or like me, sometimes think of them as a nuisance?

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  1. I love eating! Wow, you fit in a lot in a day, especially the hour long walk with Niko. I’m also going to need some of that ice cream – Boulder/Denver have such great companies!
    Julie recently posted..MIMM: Laguna Beach & Casper Wilderness ParkMy Profile

  2. Ginger ice cream? I must try. I always look forward to meals ;). Glad you had a productive day- those always feel awesome

  3. If I’m super busy.. like you were!.. I think of them as annoying, but usually I look forward to the break!
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..WIAW: Life as a Fill-in ProfessorMy Profile

  4. Intrigued by the ginger ice cream! I usually look forward to eating, but I can see it as an annoyance if I’m in the middle of something and I’m just eating something that’s not a favourite.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted..WIAW + A Virtual Surprise Party.My Profile

  5. Hey there! So hopefully this isn’t too nosey(!), but it seems like you have relaxed a bit when it comes to your paleo-ish diet/lifestyle that you had adapted to deal with pcos/blood sugar. Have you (or am I off)? And if so, have you had any new discoveries? Is your body able to maintain cycles with less strict eats? I’m asking because I’m currently trying hard to maintain a no-added sugar diet (not paleo, though) in an effort to regulate my cycle without doc intervention. I’m hungry for knowledge ;) if you’re not comfortable addressing this I totally understand! Thanks :)

    • Totally fine :)
      Yes – I have relaxed for sure. I limited starchy carbs and gluten because of the studies I’ve read that it helps with pcos and blood sugar. However, I’m not so sure gluten was the culprit in the first place. I think it has more to do with eating for balanced blood sugar. Now that my hormones are back to normal and my cycles are super regular, I just make sure I get protein at every meal/snack and try not to have sugar/starchy carbs without having protein with it, too. I think gaining 5-10 pounds had a lot to do with healing it, too.

  6. I love eating! I definitely look forward to my food!
    Jackie recently posted..SURPRISE!!!My Profile

  7. I like to cook and create in my kitchen but when I have to eat out, I kinda find that annoying sometimes.

  8. Since having my baby boy 6 weeks ago, eating has become a pain! My days are so busy trying to learn life with a newborn, so eating is nothing more than something I have to cross off my to-do list so I don’t die of starvation! Ha

    But sometimes at night, I sit to enjoy ice cream or baked goods & that is heavenly!


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