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Good morning and happy Wednesday Open-mouthed smile


Isn’t this purple sweet potato a beauty? I had it yesterday with my second lunch. It tastes like a Japanese sweet potato, which is my absolute favorite kind.

This whole week I’ve felt like such a scatter brain. Not the type where you keep forgetting things or losing place, but the kind where your brain is literally in a million places at once. I just haven’t felt like I’ve been able to focus! I don’t have much of a schedule right now, and it messes with my brain.

This is where yoga comes in handy for me. I’ve focused on more restorative practices this week so far, and it’s helping somewhat. Then last night I was reading Shane’s Men’s Health magazine, and came across some of their tips to think more clearly.


1. Revive your sprit – have something close by that reminds you of happiness that you can look at throughout the day

2. Hit reboot – make a list of your priorities and commitments in your life, then write out how you’re feeling about each of them. Any of them you’re not feeling great about, shift them to the top to work on them.

3. Nap on the job – If you didn’t sleep well the night before, a 15-30 minute power nap can refresh your energy levels!

4. Breathe deeply – inhale for 5 counts through the nose, hold at the top, and then exhale for 5 counts through the nose, hold at the bottom – for a clearer and calmer mind.

5. Make more friends – Humans are meant for group interaction. Hang out with your friends to blow off some steam – or meet some new friends by joining a meet up group, a new fitness class, or a book club.

6. Don’t grow old – this one confused me at first, but kind of makes sense! The article said to pick an age where you felt your best, and focus on how you felt them to apply to your life today. Sure, why not?

I need to apply these to my life today.

In addition to the Men’s Health tips (I especially love the friends one – blowing off steam with friends is so helpful!) – here are some of my tips on what to do when your brain feels like a scrambled egg:

  • I mentioned it before, but yoga yoga yoga! Sometimes just moving around on a mat thinking about NOTHING can help me think a lot more clearly throughout the rest of my day.


  • Making a list. Ahhh, Informant Pro, how you’ve made my life easier. To me, Informant Pro is the best calendar/scheduler/day planner ever. It has a great view for the calendar (monthly, weekly, daily, today,) allows you to make lists and assign them, and syncs up with Google calendar. I take my iPad mini with me everywhere!


  • Accomplish something – anything! Sometimes just getting something done and moving on to the next thing can help me set the motion of “doing,” rather than sitting around thinking of what might need to be done.

And with that, I’m off to tackle my list  for the day Winking smile I don’t have to teach until way later today, so I’m using the daylight hours to get some lingering errands out of the way.

What do you do when you need to clear your head?

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