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Happy Friday!

Man, did I have a blast reading through your creative chip ideas yesterday!! Popchips should have plenty good ideas for its next new flavor Winking smile haha

So I figured today would be a good time to give ya’ll an update on my health. I alluded to it in this post, but lately I’ve been incredibly frustrated with my progress in dealing with PCOS.

Before this week, this is what I’ve done to remedy it:

  • switched to a grain-free (close to paleo) diet
  • limited caffeine
  • decreased alcohol consumption
  • started seeing a naturopath and taking these supplements and following this regimen
  • eased off about half of that, because it was way too much

Up to 80% of women with PCOS have some sort of insulin resistance. Because I’m thin, not obese, I figured I was in the 20% who doesn’t have insulin resistance. Turns out, I was wrong. For the past year, I’ve had sporadic episodes of not feeling quite right in the middle of cardio. I’d feel shaky, weak, faint, and sweaty about 20 minutes in. I’d usually brush it off as I didn’t eat enough beforehand, or ate too much – like I  here after a run, and here after eating froyo on an empty stomach.


Yep. I’ve got blood sugar issues. But here’s the thing – I just figured if I had blood sugar issues, than it was high blood sugar I’d have to combat. Turns out I have the exact opposite problem – low blood sugar.

Last week I had a banana with a little almond butter for a snack, and then took Niko on a walk. Well, about 45 minutes into the walk, I started experiencing the shakes, weakness, dizziness, and sweating. I even had to slow down to a really slow stroll. When I got home, I called my dad and told him about my experience, and told him I really think that I have some high blood sugar issues going on. He said it sounds like low blood sugar – hypoglycemia- and to take my blood sugar levels with a glucometer.


I bought this early last week, and have been doing several tests with it. The first one was about 2 hours after I experienced that episode, and it was in the high 70’s, which is pretty low. Over the next few days, I made the following recordings, 2 days in a row:

  • fasting blood glucose
  • BG 1 hour post-meal
  • BG 2 hours post-meal
  • BG 3 hours post-meal

Then I made a doctor’s appointment – with an MD with a specialty in diabetes and insulin problems – for this week and brought in my readings.


The doctor said that although my numbers aren’t super low, they were on the low side of what they should be, and the symptoms I described fit the bill for hypoglycemia. I told him the last thing I wanted to do was go on medication, and I also briefly told him about my history being diagnosed with PCOS. He said the two could go hand in hand, and told me to do the following:

  • Eat smaller meals spread throughout the day instead of 3 main meals (bummer – I like 3 main meals better, but have been doing the 5-6 smaller meals this week)
  • Eat lower carb – about 30% carbs
  • Try gaining a few pounds – He said although my BMI was in a healthy range (22) I was pretty lean, and hypoglycemics tend to have lower body fat. He said not to gain too much – but a few pounds could help.


If you haven’t already noticed, I’m not really following a paleo diet anymore. sI’m still eating gluten-free, but I feel like eating paleo – and to no avail – is stressing me out a bit, which is counterproductive to getting results.







..and pizza, oh my!

So that’s where I’m at now, summed up in one post.

Have a good Friday, all! Today’s actually a very happy Friday for me – starting with a power yoga class, 3 quick clients in the mid day,  hike with Shane at RMNP, and then dinner at my favorite restaurant!

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Have you ever had blood sugar issues? What did/do you do to remedy it?

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