Some thoughts and discussions from me.

You know, those facets of a kitchen that you just have no clue what to do with?

Please tell me I’m not alone here Embarrassed smile

I like to think I know my way around a kitchen: I can navigate a coffee maker, microwave, and refrigerator like nobody’s business. Shoot, I can even work an oven, cook some mean 1 skillet-meals, and even man a (George Foreman) grill.


Taco salads (with my new absolute favorite gluten-free beer?) I can manage Winking smile (I’ve also been managing to Instagram most of my meals lately. It’s a fun time!)

But then there’s those perplexing little gadget that I’ve just had no desire to even google how one would use it.

Like the warming drawer. I can count on exactly 0 hands how many times I’ve ever used a warming drawer.


I suppose I see it’s value, but I still don’t trust myself to use it!

Another one for me – although I use the microwave on the daily – is this button right here:


The chicken/fish one, specifically. I mean, who cooks raw chicken or fish…in the microwave?! And I, for one, can’t remember a time when I’ve changed my micro’s power setting. Less power = less time, right? OK, so perhaps my mad microwaving skillz aren’t quite up to par…

Oh, and forget any of the buttons on the dishwasher that aren’t “Normal Load.”


….am I the only one who find it disturbing that there needs to be an “anti bacteria” button?

It’s not that I don’t try new things in the kitchen. Yesterday morning I tried my hand at something I’d never guess I’d do…

make my own sauerkraut.


I currently have a mason jar of massaged cabbage, sea salt, and garlic hanging out in my pantry right now. (And seven cans of salmon, but that’s neither here nor there.) It’s going to stay there for about 2 weeks until it gets funky enough that I can eat it. Until it’s nice and ripe.


As Janeetha would say, hmmm.

I’ve been buying the stuff at $8+ a jar and I just got sick of paying that much for it. So when I went to the store on Friday, I picked up a head of cabbage for about $3. Hopefully it’s a winner!  Now I just need to get on making my own kombucha, right, Lindsay? Baby steps…

This morning no newness was to be tried. In fact, I’m having some old-ness for breakfast, in the form of leftover quiche. Again.


Again, I’m so not crazy about this, but I have a thing for wasting food. And with the right amount of avocado smothered on top, it can be a tasty dish Winking smile

Today I’m up super early – which is typical, since I don’t have to work until this evening. Luckily, I already thought of a bunch of other things I need to do while horizontal trying to fiend sleep at 5:30 a.m. this morning! Off to do them.

Your turn!

What facets of your kitchen do you just not understand – or not care to understand?

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