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Good morning Sun

Allow me a moment to indulge in my trash-tv loving ways for a minute. Last night I caught up on the Bachelor, and oh. my. lanta. I know the show just sets us up to hate on Tierra, but that do a darn good job of it. Ohhh that conniving little cackle she does makes my skin crawl.


Can we talk favorites? My vote goes to Ashlee.

Ohh, guilty pleasures.

Another (not so) guilty pleasure? What I Ate Wednesday! This is my 3rd week in a row participating, which I think might be a record. I thought about skipping out, because I have another exciting topic to talk to ya’ll about. Alas, that can await for another day, because I had some darn delicious eats that I want to share with you guys.

So without further ado!

Breakfast: 8:00 A.M.

To refuel from a morning strength workout (front squat, chest press, and a few supporting exercises,) yesterday started off with the same ol’ boring quiche of le mediocrity as the past few breakfasts have:


However, if you add a bunch of avocado, and enough celtic sea salt, you can reach the brim of deliciousness with this dish. With a side of sauerkraut. Bor-ring.

Boring eats aren’t so bad, though. I like me some consistency. I like it so much that I often overdo it with foods *cough*coconutbutter*cough* and then I just know it’s time to switch it up.

Lunch: 1:30 P.M.

Lunch was another consistent meal around these parts. Unless I have leftovers, you can pretty much garuntee lunch will be greens + some kind of fish + vinegar/oil + nuts/seeds.


I’ve been obsessed with eating said salad out of mason jars, lately, too. I had this one after doing a first workout with a new member. Layers: balasamic>EVOO>greens>tin of sardines>sesame seeds>lemon juice


And then spoon forkfuls of coconut butter to face:


Delicious. Consistent (not boring.) Don’t worry, I break out the excitement later with my nighttime snack Winking smile

Dinner: 8:00 P.M.

Dinner was pretty late last night, since I didn’t get home until about 7:00 and this meal took around 45 minutes to cook:


Herb-roasted chicken thighs, asparagus w/ balsamic reduction, and a sweet potato w/ buttah, salt, and cinnamon. I’ve recently learned that I love chicken thighs way more than I do chicken breasts. This is a double win, because they’re about half the price at Whole Foods.


Shane and I both loved this meal. I’m so happy there will be leftovers Open-mouthed smile

Snack: 9:00 P.M.

Although this meal filled me up, I wanted a little more, and knew I should probably get in a few more calories, so I had a snack.


This is my most recent nighttime snack obsession – a chopped banana + a glob of NuttZo + a couple bits of dark chocolate:


‘Freals, you guys. I’d actually never tried NuttZo before, and was super stoked when the company sent me a jar to review through FitFluential. It was love at first spoonful to face, and all the better since it contains SEVEN nuts and seeds, 50% of my omega 3’s, and is 100% organic. I’ve actually been using it in place of my almond butter for most of my snacks this week. I’ll be sad when this jar’s empty!

And that concludes this week’s What I Ate Wednesday. Thanks, Jenn, for hosting this blog par-tay!

Your turn:

What’s one of your consistent (not boring!) meals or snacks lately?

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