Some thoughts and discussions from me.

Sometimes, after a particularly trying day (or night) like…say… moving way too much furniture after way too tough of a workout after way too long of a day…ahem… I have trouble stringing my random thoughts into coherent sentences. Case in point: the run on in the sentence preceding this one.


Pretty much.

During such circumstances, Ilike to organize my thoughts into lists. So today, you’re getting 5 thoughts in list form. (Note that I really wanted to add two more points, but apparently my love for alliteration surpasses my love for rambling on and on. You guys win on this one, trust.)

1. I recognized the other night what was my first twinge of homesickness. Shane and I were driving home from IKEA, talking about our old house and how Niko would always jump from the chair to the couch like a crazed animal.


(our old couch)

All of the sudden, it hit me – a pang of homesickness. Aww, our old house! The feeling was fleeting, but it was still there. I was just surprised that it took me a month to feel homesick. I would have thought I’d have had a break down by now. Want to know what I think the reason is for that?



Sweet, glorious sunlight! Guys. It was 65 on Wednesday, 64 yesterday, and 60 today. I walked to yoga in stinking sandals today, walked Niko in a T-shirt yesterday, and ran outside in short sleeves on Wednesday


Check out that high!

Seriously, though. I’ve been getting more than my share of vitamin D, and I can honestly tell that it’s positively affecting my mood. I can get pretty SAD in the winter, but not when there’s sunshine 300 + days a year. I love Colorado weather.

3. However, unlike Illinois, in Colorado winter is not synonymous with 3 months of ick and grey. This means that I have to wash my car in January!


I’m used to the inch thick of ick on my car fitting in with the rest of the cars in the lot. Notsomuch here!

4. After a trip down to Centennial to IKEA earlier this week, I am now 100% convinced that IKEA and Target are conspiring against Americans as consumers and have magical powers to get us to spend at least $100 more than we originally planned on spending. Right, Jillian?


Alas, I’m happy with my purchases.  I’m happy to say that if you come visit me, you’ll not only have a place to put your shoes in our mudroom, but you’ll have a place to sleep, complete with pillows and blankets!


Niko approves Winking smile


5. Speaking of IKEA, I had a big girl moment yesterday when I went to put together what else but a laundry basket we also bought there:


I know what you’re thinking: Paige, a laundry basket?! Well yes, a laundry basket. A laundry basket that was way too complicated than one should ever be. One that came with 12 parts, 4 screws, 2 bolts, and a screw driver.


But I prevailed! Now I just need to learn how to hang shelves. Baby steps, people, baby steps Winking smile

That’s all for today, folks!

How often do you wash your car?

I have to admit, I probably could have gone all winter in Illinois without washing it. But in my defense it’s just not worth it to wash your car when the snow never melts – only turns an icky shade of gray that gets pushed around until more snow comes!

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