Training Update + Fitmixer BOOT CAMP Giveaway!

Good morning, friends Open-mouthed smile

Is anyone else confused as ALL get out as to what day it is today (and all week?) It’s Thursday today, yet it feels like…Tuesday? I’m all sorts of messed up.


Too played out? Winking smile

Whatever day it is, I’m ready for it, since I clocked a solid (well, waking up 3 times throughout it, but ya know) 9 hours of sleep last night. WOOT! And after publishing this post, I think I’m going to head upstairs and get in a good hour of gentle yoga (still  loving it!) before beginning a day chock full of packing. Hopefully it will calm me for what’s to come.

That reminds me. I owe ya a training update!


(picture after my only workout {besides a couple yoga classes} – sprints – in Florida)

Training Update

So yes, I am working out aside from yoga. I just have a very lax plan and expectations for it. Take today, for example. I’d planned on going to the gym and doing some heavy squats and pull up work, followed by sprints. However, my body was still sore from Tuesday’s workout (heavy deadlift work, push ups, and then about 15 minutes of jump rope and farmer’s walk)…so yoga it is.

Here’s roughly what my training plan looks like right now:

Monday: ~15 mins foam rolling + dynamic stretching, Deadlift (usually 5×5) + pull up/chin up work (usually 3×8) (20 mins) with 15-20 minutes of agility/metabolic conditioning drills

Tuesday: yoga

Wednesday: Mobility exercises (work with smith machine, overhead squats, practice on my squats, etc) + easy elliptical (while reading my Kindle, of course!)

Thursday: yoga

Friday: ~15 mins foam rolling + dynamic stretching, squat (5×5) and push up (usually 3×10) with 15-20 minutes of sprints

Saturday: off or yoga

Sunday: off

Not much there to some, plenty there for me. I’m really diggin’ it!

I absolutely love creating my own workout plans. I actually love creating anyone’s workout program (which is a good thing, because almost all of my in person clients are signing on to do virtual training with me! Yay! Open-mouthed smile) However, I also love following someone else’s workout program – as long as it’s a solid one.

Fitmixer Boot Camp Giveaway

The last workout program I followed was the Fitmixer Boot Camp program, and let me tell you, I LOVED it.


I admit that I am awfully critical of others’ workout programs (and have seen an awful amount of awful plans out there Smile with tongue out) but this one is really great.

Here’s why:

1. It’s an 8-week program that keeps you on track.

The amazing people behind the boot camp program put their blood, sweat, and tears into this workout, and have worked on perfecting it more and more with each round. I could tell that Candice and Whitney really cared that the participants were successful and motivated, not only through their messages but also through their actions to keep us on track! They send out email reminders (but not an obnoxious amount,) videos, motivational quotes, to make sure everyone is set up for success.

2. You’re not in it alone.

You might think because it’s virtual, it’s just up to you. Not true. Everyone who participates in the boot camp program is added to that boot camp’s facebook page. The camaraderie and encouragement I saw every day in those Facebook updates and posts was incredible. We were all able to talk about rocking out (or perhaps suffering through! hahaWinking smile) particular workouts and get instant feedback. It also provides an instant Q&A for any questions or problems with the workouts or nutrition plans.

3. It’s FUN.

I always looked forward to watching the next workout for the day – the fitmixer crew put a lot of effort into not only making the workouts effective, but also fun! Complete with a warm up, stretching, and workout, the workout videos are amazing.

4. It’s for everyone, but it’s for the individual, too.

It’s a boot camp, not an individualized personal training program, so everyone gets the same workouts sent to them (but not the same nutrition plan.) However, there are modifications to make the exercises work for you. Additionally, the workouts don’t require a ton of equipment. You don’t even need to belong to a gym! Being in a gym so much for my job, I appreciated being able to take my laptop to my coffee table and get my workout done in my living room Smile

So yeah. Those are the main reason I think the boot camp is completely worth the $149.95 price tag. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the other bonus points:

  • Da loot:


2 6-lb. bags of Fitmixer protein powder, 2 fitmixer aminos (my faaaavorite!!) and a shaker bottle. Win.

  • A personalized nutrition plan from the Registered Dietician at Fitmixer, Candice
  • 40 daily workouts
  • Weekly webcasts
  • Tons of lessons and tips on learning how to make this a lifestyle – healthy eating and living, physical fitness, and mental wellness
  • Direct email contact with your RD, Fitness expert, and Fitmixer staff

The next round of Fitmixer boot camp begins on January 14th, which would be the perfect vehicle for those who are starting or ramping up their fitness goals for the New Year.

BUT…before you sign up, WAIT!!

Before you sign up, you get a chance to win a free entrant to the Boot Camp!

To Enter: leave a comment below letting me know your favorite no-equipment exercise!

Bonus Entry: Tweet or Instagram the following:

                  I entered the #Fitmixer Boot Camp giveaway from @TrainerPaige :  Let’s go to boot camp!

This giveaway will end and I will pick a winner on Sunday, December 30th at midnight. GOOD LUCK Open-mouthed smile

(Full disclosure: I am an ambassador for Fitmixer, and was able to participate in the last boot camp for free, but all opinions are my own!)

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  1. I love the good ole push ups. You can do them any where, at any time.
    Allison recently posted..Merry Christmas (1 day late)My Profile

  2. Well, I don’t love burpees but they are one of the best workouts to do to get my heart rate up! I would also say Pilates roll ups… I don’t know why, but I love ’em!

  3. I am a huge fan of squats and burpees! They really get my blood pumping.

  4. My favorite (and least favorite) no-equipment exercise is the burpee. Not only is there so many variations to mix things up, but it’s also a great full body exercise. They are also great for sports training as well and really help with getting that ‘explosion’ that is needed in many sports!

  5. I’ve recently become a fan on jumping lunges. They always seem to leave me sore and get my heart rate up!

  6. I love push-ups!! They make me feel strong!

  7. My favorite NO equipment exercise is my running shoes! :) Or even further than that… I love squats! :)
    Rachel @RunningRachel recently posted..This Mama Will #SleepToPerform With @TechnogelMy Profile

  8. burpees (i have a love/hate relationship with them!)

  9. running outdoors!

  10. Running/walking with the dog.

  11. Squats, squat jumps, and mountain climbers are my favorites!!

  12. Favourite equipment free exercise is pushups! Well, I love to hate them.
    Chelsea recently posted..Productive SaturdayMy Profile

  13. My favorite no-equipment exercise is the plank!

  14. My favorite no equipment exercise is running!

  15. Oh I would love to win this!
    I have grown to love burpees. I love to see how well I improve each time I do them!!

  16. This would be such an amazing thing to win. I love planks, those you can do anywhere anytime.
    Alex @ therunwithin recently posted..Number Me Captain.My Profile

  17. Running for sure!

  18. Thanks for the giveaway, Paige! I’m also skeptical about others’ workout plans but would like to see what this one is like after hearing lots about it! :) My fav bodyweight move? Burpees, hands down. I actually do like them! And I like what they do for your body even more.
    Bonnie recently posted..5 Days for 5 YearsMy Profile

  19. I tweeted! 😀 (@bonnielang)
    Bonnie recently posted..5 Days for 5 YearsMy Profile

  20. I love to run the very most!
    Elle recently posted..Kaizen is My One Word for 2013My Profile

  21. My favorite no equipment exercise is running! Unless you can count hot yoga, but does a mat count as equipment?

  22. I love a good plank!
    Lori recently posted..Merry Christmas from the Little Town of Bethlehem!My Profile

  23. Pushups for sure. Instant confidence booster for me

  24. Love your workout plan! Are you noticing any major differences since adding in more yoga and cutting back on the strength/conditioning. My favorite no equipment exercise is air squats! No question.
    Danielle (@CleanFoodCreativeFitness) recently posted..The time I followed a diet for a day.My Profile

  25. Forgot to add that I tweeted your message!
    Elle recently posted..Kaizen is My One Word for 2013My Profile

  26. I have a love-hate relationship with burpees. They really work but kind of dread them;)

  27. I love plyometrics – jump squats, heel clicks, they always make me hurt so good the next day.

  28. Burpees with a push up. I hate to love them.

  29. I love squats and lunges!

  30. I love running! But I also love squats and planks. Great workout you can do anywhere.

  31. I gotta say the 8 Count Bodybuilder is one of the favs! You have the ever lovin burpee with the push-up along with a plank jack all in one! All over body exercise.

  32. mountain climbers!

  33. For sure burpees and planks…it’s a love/hate relationship :)

  34. squats, push ups, sit-ups

  35. My favorite no equipment exercise is planks! And all variations! They work your WHOLE body and you know it quickly! Love-hate-love!
    Jennifer Dunham recently posted..Never KnowMy Profile

  36. I would say push-ups and burpees. Although I don’t have as much “love” for burpees :)

  37. Emily Blessing says:

    Planks and lunges!

    This package looks awesome! I’ve never tried aminos!

  38. The burpee is probably the most dreaded no-equipment exercise, but it’s for a reason…..and that’s because it WORKS! Darn those burpees, I love to hate them :-)

  39. squats and squat jumps! The occassional wall sit feels good too :)

  40. I like burpees and rock climbers :) Thank you for the giveaway!

  41. That song gets into my head literally every week!

    I like squats and lunges for no equipment exercises.
    Lee recently posted..Quiet ChristmasMy Profile

  42. burpees and alternating jump lunges!

  43. I like doing squats! I also have a love hate relationship with lunges :)

  44. Walking lunges have got to be it. I love a ton of no-weight workouts though. :)
    Julie recently posted..WIAW: Another phase of recovery? + paleo chocolate chip cookiesMy Profile

  45. The best exercise that requires no equipment would have to be a lunge!! They burn so gooooood!

  46. I got to say lunges! Hurt so good!

  47. My favorite no equipment necessary workout move is a classic: the plank!

  48. Jump Squats!

  49. I need to learn how to do exercises with no equipment…lol. I seriously need to sign up for this bootcamp!
    Jenn recently posted..#Giving TuesdayMy Profile

  50. Hi Paige,

    My favorite no-equipment exercise is running. All of my life, I HATED running even though I really wanted to be a runner. Crazy, I know. Ha. Anyways, when I started losing weight in June 2012, I began walking every day and slowly that walk became a run. I completed my first 5K in October, and I am doing another tomorrow morning (Saturday). I still can’t believe that I am a runner!

    Thanks for posting every day. I love reading your posts!

    P.S. I also tweeted. :)

  51. LOVE box jump burpees – hurt so good!

  52. And I tweeted! @binthererunthat
    Kristen L. recently posted..Fitness Friday + Kitty & Canine Holiday ExchangeMy Profile

  53. My favorite inside no equipment workout includes burpees, squats and pushups! If I were able to go outside, I’d say running!

  54. Just tweeted!!

  55. This sounds perfect for me! I want to try to do “no gym January” because mine is a disaster in January!

  56. I tweeted!
    Kristin miller recently posted..Christmas 2012 StatsMy Profile

  57. Burpees!!!

  58. I love to hate frog jumps :) they are simple, and after doing them down and back, my legs and bootie feel them for days!

  59. I love burpees! They’re a cardio, core, arm and leg workout all in one!

  60. My favorite no-equipment exercise is push-up!!

  61. Sit ups or push ups

  62. I love doing squats and planks!!

  63. I love plank exercises! They work everything! I always feel so strong when I finish a routine with lots of planks 😉

  64. I don’t think it’s quite what you mean, but my most favorite no equipment exercise is walking.

  65. I tweeted about the giveaway here:

  66. My favorite no-equipment exercises are cardio (burpees, mountain climbers) or good ol’ planks!
    Meghan @ After the Ivy League recently posted..I Got SpoiledMy Profile

  67. BURPEES!!!

    Hands down the best, no equipment exercise!

  68. Can’t go wrong with a good ole plank :) feel the burn in no time at all!

  69. I actually have A LOT of favourite equipmentless exercises. I am partial to box jumps( they are 1st place), planks( plank jacks!), frog jumps, tuck jumps…they are all super fun to me.

  70. I have no gym and no equipment and its too cold outside to jog even 5 mins (cant jog anyway), so this seems interesting. I say …pushups?

  71. Definitely a tie between body squats and push ups.

  72. Pushups!

  73. I tweeted!

  74. Adela Prinz says:

    My favorite no equipment exercise would have to be burpees! Thanks for a chance to win the Bootcamp giveaway!

  75. My fave is pushups.

  76. I am also about to tweet for the extra entry

  77. I ‘d have to say planks or pushups. Always hard.

  78. I tweeted for an extra entry

  79. Mine would be squats or squat jumps

  80. I love to hate some good ‘ol burpees!

  81. Plank dips are a new-to-me exercise, but they are quickly becoming my favorite! It’s amazing how they can improve your strength.

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