5 Things Not to do When Moving Across the Country


Hi, guys! Happy New Year’s Eve (pic from last year’s celebrations – this year I won’t have the hangover ) When we last talked, I was still in Normal, packing my life away in a U-haul van.Well, 2 days, 16.5 hours, 5 gas ups, and 8 near-epic fails, and we made it Colorado! The past […]

Far from Normal


Hi guys! No time to chat today. I’m headin’ far from Normal, to the Rocky Mountain state! In the mean time, head over to yesterday’s post and make sure you get a chance to enter my Fitmixer Boot Camp entry giveaway. It ends soons! See ya later, Normal Happy Friday, friends!

Training Update + Fitmixer BOOT CAMP Giveaway!


Good morning, friends Is anyone else confused as ALL get out as to what day it is today (and all week?) It’s Thursday today, yet it feels like…Tuesday? I’m all sorts of messed up. Too played out? Whatever day it is, I’m ready for it, since I clocked a solid (well, waking up 3 times […]

My December 26th Resolutions


Hello there, my friends! If you were celebrating yesterday, I hope you had a very merry Christmas I know Shane and I did back here in Illinois. Yep, we’re back in the 20 degree, snow covered land of Lincoln. Florida was SO much fun (and so much warmer) but we’ve got a LOT to do […]

Every Last Minute


Merry Christmas Eve, friends! It may be December 24th, but my gosh, it does NOT feel like Christmas! today at Siesta Key Beach It may be hard to get in the Christmas spirit when you’re surrounded by palm trees and beaches, but I am not complaining in the least. Especially since now I’ve got my […]

I May Never Step into Another Yoga Studio Again + Manatee Sightings


Another perfect, relaxing day in the books! I was telling my parents yesterday that I feel like this isn’t real life – like I was booted from my current life and sent here to rehab in Florida with them. It’s just so calm and warm and relaxing! Actually…today isn’t that warm. After two days in […]

My Only Goal While Here


Good morning, from sunny Florida! My flight came into Tampa yesterday at 2:00 – a little late, but with no complications, and any time I arrive safely at my destination, I count my blessings (especially after being paranoid from reading one too many Nelson Demille novels! haha) I met my parents in Florida, who are […]

It’s How Easily You Do Something Well Enough


Hi, there! As you read this, there’s a good chance I’m headed south to sunny Florida for Christmas (Last time we were in FL – a couple days before our wedding!) If I ever get sick – ever – it’s when I’m traveling and when I’m stressed (usually a combination of the two.) As you […]

7 Ways to Progressively Advance Your Plank + Life Update/Thoughts


Without making it a 5 minute exercise Good morning! I actually had this post ready to go for yesterday morning, but then on Monday night I received an email from Lindsay. In it she asked me to join her and many other bloggers in a day of blogging silence. To step away from the scheduled […]

Blogging Day of Silence

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 7.41.07 PM

Hi blog friends. I actually had a post on plank progressions all ready to go, when I received an email from dear Lindsay, asking me to join her and many other bloggers in a blogging day of silence, to honor those affected in Friday’s horrible tragedy. I honestly can’t even put my feelings into words […]

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