A Peek into my Canvas Bags

Canvas grocery bags, that is Smile

Although half the time I completely for get them at home…guilty!



Gooood morning, friends.

I don’t know what it is this week, but my sleeps have been worth a crap. I think I’ve been reading so much and taking in so much research and knowledge lately that my mind is on overdrive. I’m a sponge! But my brain keeps buzzing even after I’m asleep, which results in a tough time falling – and staying- asleep. Either way, I’m ready for that day off tomorrow! Open-mouthed smile

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous out. I didn’t really do any formal exercises, save for some stretching and hip mobility work, but I did take Niko for both a morning and and afternoon walk.


She loved it! And  it meant Shane and I didn’t have to play throw the ball a bajillion times over Winking smile

Anyway, when I got back from our second walk, I got started on dinner, which turned out to be delicious!


Spaghetti squash spaghetti – and I even made my own sauce (something I never do.)  I just browned the meat, added half a chopped onion, a can of tomato paste, 2 14-oz cans of diced tomatoes, dried basil, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper, and ~tsp raw honey. Let it boil, and then simmer for about 25 minutes.

A Peak into My Canvas {Grocery} Bags


Since I’ve been following the dietary switches as prescribed via my naturopath (and feeling great! write up on that coming next week,) I’ve found myself looking to other sources of calories to replace grains. I’m not looking to lose weight at all, so I’ve actually been doing a little rough calorie count every day to make sure I’m getting enough calories. Coincidentally, my wallet’s taken a bit of a beating Winking smile Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve admittedly bought a few more specialty items than I usually buy, along with –a few extra- pantry essentials.


Grocery day is some what of an event for me. I don’t do all of my shopping at one store, but rather three or four. Right now the stores in my rotation are: Kroger, Fresh Market, Naturally Yours (a small town version of Whole Foods) and most recently Vitamin Shoppe, only because I can find some of my items for Naturally Yours way cheaper here.

Here’s what I’ve been picking up lately:

1. Eggs, eggs, and more eggs!

I know I’m going to get sick of them sooner or later, and I’m praying it’s later. They’re just the perfect food – yolk and all! A little protein, fat, and nutrient bomb, ready to go for breakfast and for baking.


Plus, you can eat them so many different ways.

2. Sweet potatoes x’s a bajillion.

Although I have limited my grains, I have not limited my carbs. Since my list of “ok” carbs is pretty pathetic, I’ve been eating sweet potatoes like it’s my job. And bananas.

3. Coconut butter.

I bought coconut butter originally on a whim, but it’s freaking delicious. I at first just got a sample packet to see if I ‘d like it, found out I loved it, ordered some, and then went out and bought some because I couldn’t wait for it to get delivered.


I ordered Artisana coconut butter, but I bought this coconut manna from the Vitamin Shoppe, which is the same stuff, just less expensive. I’ve been putting it on Julies noats with some thawed out berries in the morning.


So effing good.

4. Organic butter. I’ll cook savory eggs and veggies in it – Shane loves this Winking smile

5. Coconut oil. I’ll cook things that I don’t mind to have a sweeter taste with this oil – like noats, salmon cakes, pancakes, sweeter veggies etc.

6. Organic peanut butter. I found the jar above (red lid) at Fresh Market and bought it on a whim. I guess I just felt at the moment that my peanut butter needed to be organic. Although it still stands that this generic kind is my favorite!

7. Almond butter. Loving almond butter lately, and I found a hayuge jar of Maranatha’s at Costco for under $7. Score.

8. Frozen berries. I’m obsessed – especially with blackberries. I’ll put them over my sweet eggs or noats above, and in my cottage cheese or Greek yogurt snack I have before bed.

9. Kale. I’m on a kale kick! In soups and salads, and recently I’ve loved sauteeing a bit and throwing it in eggs, or whatever veggie mixture I’m making at the time.


Above, massaged in olive oil, and then topped with grapefruit (the case my mom and aunt sent me from Florida was delivered yesterday!)

10. Coconut milk. I’ve been on a coconut milk kick for a while now, but it’s still going strong! I find I like the taste better than almond milk for smoothies and in tea.

So there you have it. There’s been more, like grass-fed beef, frozen organic meats, raw honey, my favorite cottage cheese (loving it lately,) and some other schtuff – and of course the regular main essentials.

And with that, it’s time to get ready and train my first client of the day!

What was the last “specialty food product” you’ve purchased?

I’m not sure of the definition of specialty product, but I consider any almond butter more than $6 to be included! haha

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  1. Good luck on the sleep factor tonight. Last night was horrible for me… all I could do was lay awake and think of all the things I have outstanding at work that need to be done before the holiday…
    Amy B @ Second City Randomness recently posted..On Being Thankful…My Profile

  2. A while ago, when I stopped buying grains (not because of health issues – I just wanted to test out how I felt when I omitted them – it was great by the way), all I was eating was sweet potatoes. At least one a day. I usually purchase them every week. Anyway, I still eat them like its my job, too!
    Jillian @ Sprinkle Massacre recently posted..Excited for HomeMy Profile

  3. Those are some of my favorites too! Especially the coconut butter. I definitely spend a bit more on my groceries too ever since going gluten free and it’s definitely a challenge to keep things on a budget!
    Danielle (@CleanFoodCreativeFitness) recently posted..What I Ate WednesdayMy Profile

  4. In gearing up for my test, I’ve noticed that I wake up THINKING about muscles, their location, and their isolated functions! (<-WHAT?!) No wonder my sleep has also been a bit on the wonky side this week… 😉 Looks like we both definitely need tomorrow OFF!
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..What I Ate – And Sleep!!My Profile

  5. Full fat organic milk! I consider it to be speciality since it is pricey!
    Lindsey recently posted..A Date NightMy Profile

  6. Looks like a great round-up of grocery store finds, although I have to admit I’m totally jealous you manage to get to four different grocery stores to get everything! The last specialty food item I bought was Justin almond butter packets, vanilla almond butter and chocolate hazelnut. They’re so good, but definitely pricey. I was eating them twice a week, on-the-go at school so I figured two a week wouldn’t hurt the budget too much!
    Meghan @ After the Ivy League recently posted..WIAW #12: I Have No Food, Don’t Judge MeMy Profile

  7. I’ve never even heard of Coconut Butter! I’m definitely intrigued now 😉 I’m sure you’ve heard of it or tried it already, but if not, grab some Justin’s Almond Butter. I’m seriously obsessed…soooooo good!

  8. Yes yes YES! I’m so happy to hear that you liked the coconut butter packet! I secretly knew that you would 😉

    Have you tried cooking the eggs in coconut oil yet? Talk about flavor BOMB!
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..A Broski Birthday & WIAWMy Profile

  9. Mmmmm, that coconut butter looks & sounds delish, I’ve been meaning to pick some up for awhile. I just snagged some Fig Butter from Trader Joe’s the other day & have been putting it on anything, yum!
    Katie @ KatieEnPursuit recently posted..Skanksgiving…We Meet Again…My Profile

  10. That is totally how I eat! Well, along with my gluten free flatbread that I eat daily. I am so freakin’ obsessed with it! I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I try to deal with my issues through diet too! Honestly, this is the best I’ve ever felt. Eggs are my favorite food now. I used to be all about the oats, which I still love, but eggs are so versatile and provide me with such perfect nutrition!

    I bought coconut oil from Costco two days ago! I love the stuff! Have a great Thanksgiving Paige!
    Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) recently posted..Friday Food FodderMy Profile

  11. You just listed basially all my favorite foods, besides butter. I don’t know what it is about butter, it tastes almost hmm..can’t describe it. Ha ha. Maybe I just buy bad brands. I think I eat coconut butter everyday, I’m obsessed with that deliciousness. Hope you get some more sleep tonight!!
    Lisa recently posted..What I Ate WednesdayMy Profile

  12. I could honestly eat eggs at every meal…so versatile!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted..WIAW #11: Chicago Eats.My Profile

  13. i hate how all the tasty nut butters and coconut butters are so expensive!! trader joe’s has the cheapest nut butters for sure… i love almond and sunflower seed butter best!! i really love coconut butter but it’s so dang expensive! ah!!! artisana is definitely the best though! :)
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Basic Leg WorkoutMy Profile

  14. we have been picking up a lot of the same foods! (: I need to get like 5 sweet potatoes a week to live lol!
    Danielle @ itsaharleyyylife recently posted..Just Dance 4 ReviewMy Profile

  15. I hope your sleep gets better girl! I can’t wait to hear more about the diet update!! My food budget has been crazy since I’ve had to change my diet too. Sunflower butter was my last big specialty purchase, and it was so worth it!
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..WIAW #26 On The RoadMy Profile

  16. that looks like mine! we should trade off shopping days. Oh wait, we’re not neighbors. darn.

    glad you are feeling better. Now, get some sleep!
    cottercrunch recently posted..Let the Holidays Come…to YOUMy Profile

  17. Marie-Sophie says:

    Yup, totally can relate to all your favourite foods ! :-) Cooking eggs in butter is THE BEST! I alway buy Kerrygold butter (grassfed) and even before I found out it was grassfed it was my favourite since it tastes just so good!! (Lisa@lisalately, you should try it!)
    Since I eat so much almond butter, I’ve been making my own if I can manage time-wise. And I also try to shop in several stores but it can be tricky since our stores in Germany aren’t open on Sundays and I work way too long during the week. And my last special item was hazelnut milk! SO.GOOD. and it tastes amazing in (decaf) coffee and tea (and muesli and baked items, oatmeal ….)

  18. Nice website! Full of good info.
    What are noats?
    I’m thinking they are Not Oats….?

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