My Fitness Synergy Stew


Morning, morning! I’ve got a WAY busy morning ahead of me, starting in about 15 minutes. I’m talking nonstop client training until about 1:00 this afternoon. Lucky for me I’ve got my breakfast packed an 8 hours of shut eye under my belt. Perhaps I’ll get a workout in afterward. Perhaps not! We’ll see if […]

The Ideal HIIT Formula


Goood morning! I’m feeling particularly refreshed this morning, probably due to a great night sleep and a freaking awesome vinyasa class last night. It was my first time taking a power yoga class at the studio I’m going to, and I just loved the instructor. Actually, I haven’t taken a power yoga type class in […]

WIAW–Before & After


Hellooo It’s been about a month since I’ve implemented some changes to my eating style. Long enough to wear I am most definitely starting to feel the effects, but not yet long enough to where I’ve gotten the hang of it 100%. So I thought it’d be fun to do a little before/after WIAW. Now […]

2fer 2sday–The Advice I’m Following.


Gooood morning! Thanks for all your well wishes for my appointment yesterday. Turns out it was just a consultation, and I don’t get my face hacked on quite yet. Instead, I get that as a New Year’s Eve present, haha. True story. Like wearing sunscreen! I’m also glad you all liked yesterday’s mobility post. Per […]

Reluctantly Festive & Upper Back Mobility Work


Hello, loves! I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend. Before we get into today’s post, I have a couple housekeeping items: *Since so many were on holiday from blog reading as well as work, I decided to let the Black Friday sale for training packages rollover to Cyber Monday! Sign up for discounted  […]

Mountains in Illinois & Tearful Om’s


Good morning, guys Ahhhh. I’m happy to report TWO night’s in a row of pretty good sleep. I’m pretty sure it has to do with having a nighttime snack with both protein and carbs in it. Last night before bed I had a little Greek yogurt with an almond butter pumpkin bar and some berries […]

The One Memory + Black Friday Special for YTP Training Programs


It seems like at every holiday gathering, there’s one thing that stands out from each one that I’ll remember years from the day. Whether it be a small, random memory like helping peel grapes for my aunt’s grape pie, or a memory that the entire family talks about for years, like the dog taking a […]

My Thanksgiving Meal Plan of Attack–and a Thanksgiving Survey


Good morning Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American readers!!! Today is actually going to be super chill for Shane and me. I think we’re just eating the big meal with my parents – just the four of us. I made this brussels sprouts salad as well as a Dr. Bowars-approved pumpkin pie (there will also […]

A Peek into my Canvas Bags


Canvas grocery bags, that is Although half the time I completely for get them at home…guilty!   Gooood morning, friends. I don’t know what it is this week, but my sleeps have been worth a crap. I think I’ve been reading so much and taking in so much research and knowledge lately that my mind […]

“Your Form Looks Horrible!” Or, 5 Ways to a Better Overhead Squat


(oops! I accidentally posted this post last night. This is why I don’t pre-write my posts LOL. Anyway, GOOD morning, friends ) The quote in this post’s title may not be what she told me, but that’s what I heard! The other day I had my friend Michelle, who’s an athletic trainer at Accelerated Physical […]

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