Twofer Tuesday–Realizations and Pipedreams

Two Favorite Search Terms That Lead People to my Blog

#1. Treadmill program for Squash


Sorry, no training plans for those of the squash/gord/pumpkin kind here!

#2. Will a tic tac melt if it gets stuck up your nose?

Yes! A raisin, notsomuch.

Two Books I’m Reading

#1. Unglued


I finished this book last night, and if I were one to sit and read for a few hours, am sure I could have read it in a day. It was SO good, and really forced me to sit and think about how it’s awesome that I am able to depend on Scripture to help guide my reactions to less-than-pleasant situations.

#2. After turning the last page in Unglued, I promptly began my next book, Heart of the Matter:


I’m only a few chapters in, but Emily Giffin has never disappointed, and I’m excited for this light and fluffy fictional read. The only one of her books I haven’t read is Baby Proof because I don’t know if I can relate. Has anyone read Baby Proof who doesn’t have a baby/isn’t around babies all the time?

Two Things I Realized This Week

#1. That I don’t have to let my situations define me (see: book I finished this week.) One of the lines that really stuck out to me in Unglued is this one:

I can face things that are out of my control, and not act out of control.

And it shouted to me that I who I am not from my daily situations, or even how I handle those situations, but the fact that I *can* and am able to react positively to those situations.

#2. When in doubt, make a list.


Lists can take a scrambly mess of a day and give it some sense of structure. I like that.

Two Foods I’ve Been Loving

#1. Three words: bacon. wrapped. dates.


I made these as part of our half time spread for game day this past Sunday. They’re SO damn easy to make, too!

#2. Toasted baguette


Shane and I have become obsessed with toasting baguette and dipping it in melted brie cheese. Obsessed!

Two of My Current Pipe Dreams

#1. Million Dollar Rooms (on HGTV)


I’m a big fan of this show, but I would LOVE to have this guy give me his house. Or at lease his guest quarters.

#2. To be an avid skier!


Right now I don’t even like to ski (but I’ve only tried in Wisconsin, lol) so this might not come true Winking smile

Your turn! What’s one of you current pipe dreams?

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  1. I *love* some of the crazy search terms people use to find my site! Yesterday I got “did they serve crumpets at the Boston tea party?”

    Erica { } recently posted..Lightened up Broccoli & Cauliflower CasseroleMy Profile

  2. O
    Gosh. I have to share my child DID stick a tictac up her nose when she was tiny. It didn’t melt:-)
    Miz recently posted..Im the SIXTEEN percent.My Profile

  3. Oh I love that quote! I need to learn how to do that though LOL.

  4. I was watching a few minutes of Million Dollar Rooms with my mom the other night and I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t see that room but I saw the one that where the wine cellar was a huge room with acrylic arches to hold the wine, lights in the acrylic and a ceiling that moves back and forth so you can see the wine from the living room above the cellar. It was INSANE!
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Things I’ve Learned This WeekMy Profile

  5. i need to read that unglued book!!
    Lindsay @ Lindsay’s List recently posted..tuesday trainer – yoga/stretchingMy Profile

  6. On the HGTV subject there is a show called Live Here, Buy This and I want to sign up for it and actually move to one of our places! How fun would that be?! Yes, it is a total pipedream 😉
    Lindsey recently posted..Turkey Day 1My Profile

  7. I’ve read Baby Proof and I’m about as far away from having kids as physically possible. Loved it just as much as her others :)
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen recently posted..Crispy baked butternut squash chipsMy Profile

  8. I need to read that book! And million dollar rooms is so amazing — definitely a pipe dream of mine!
    Laurie @ Love, Laugh, Laurie recently posted..Fall Flavors At Their FinestMy Profile

  9. I’ve been wanting to read Unglued! And I’ve read that Emily Giffin book too!! :) I just read her newest recently, and it wasn’t my fave – but still good!
    Corrie Anne recently posted..Dogs in ShoesMy Profile

  10. Love this so fun! My pipe dream is to move to California (preferably Manhattan Beach), travel to Hawaii, compete in the CrossFit Games, and have a successful nutrition coaching business (the last one is an actual real dream!)
    Danielle (@CleanFoodCreativeFitness) recently posted..Pumpkin Flax Paleo Pancakes!My Profile

  11. hahaha- search terms always crack me up. Good to know about the tic tac. Great dreams. Toasted bread? Always good. Always a pipe dream- opening a bakery :)

  12. hahah treadmill program for squash! Pipe dream to live in San Fran!! and that above pool would not be so bad inside my house!
    Kaitlin @4loveofcarrots recently posted..Sights from Canada (Toronto)My Profile

  13. I’m been ogling over high-fashion fall wardrobes. I’m not even a particularly fashion-forward person, but I fantasize about somebody giving me a shopping spree. If only.
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted..Finding FulfillmentMy Profile

  14. I really want to read Unglued now!!!
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..Fall Fun SurveyMy Profile

  15. hahaha i love those search terms! that is so funny! Lists are always awesome to make!
    Danielle @ Itsaharleyyylife recently posted..Fall Fest and a MovieMy Profile

  16. I’ve read all of Emily Giffin’s books. I obviously don’t have a child, but I really liked Baby Proof. It’s more about adult relationships and the inner workings of them than children. I believe I read that one on audiobook and Cynthia Nixon from Sex and the City read it. That was awesome!
    Alysha @Shesontherun recently posted..Brunch at Blue’s Egg in Milwaukee (and other random events)My Profile

  17. haha! those search terms are hilarious – i love the one about the tictac! its so weird what random things bring people to blogs – mine always have to do with the definition of inner goddess hahahah so weird i know!
    juliegolean recently posted..surprise success, AM pinning & stir-fry loveMy Profile

  18. I’m waiting to read Heart of the Matter. I like her books when I need a light read. Baby Proof was ok, but not my favorite. Maybe because I also didn’t quite relate to the overall subject matter. However, I still say to give it a read. It’s not solely based on babies. Promise. :)
    Amy @ Second City Randomness recently posted..A New England RompMy Profile

  19. Love this post – and your gord pumpkin man! 😀 (October’s my fav month!) A pipe dream of mine? hmm… Probably to live closer to family (in the Bay Area) and work at the TRX Training Center – I think that would be fun for a while (on many levels). Another one? To run a marathon! I don’t think it’s that far out of reach but I’d love to complete one!

    By the way, thanks for the comments on my posts recently – you always encourage me! I always read even though I don’t comment as much – I want to say more to you b/c I appreciate you, Paige! Have a great day,

    Bonnie recently posted..Giving ThanksMy Profile

  20. Oh wow! I love that quote! :)

    I also LOVE lists, hun! They save me
    Meg recently posted..DAVIDsTEA Fall Collection Review: Banana Nut BreadMy Profile

  21. Holy crap that quote is so me right now! I am seriously working hard to not let things get me out of control! Tony and I just had that conversation! I want to live in France some day. Just for a little while. It’s definitely down the road, but it’s there!
    Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) recently posted..Friday Fodder – Enough of the Body Image WarsMy Profile

  22. I love funny search terms! I think my best one so far was something like “I ate an entire cake yesterday why do I feel sick” lol I think the answer is pretty obvious!
    Erica @ For the Sake of Cake recently posted..Chocolate Chip BlondiesMy Profile

  23. My pipe dream is the move to Switzerland :)
    Sana recently posted..Howard County Striders Two Mile RaceMy Profile

  24. hahahaha #1 legit made me laugh out loud so hard.
    janetha {meals & moves} recently posted..tuesday’s entirety, take five.My Profile


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