What I Eat on Rest Days {WIAW}


Good morning! I’m so glad you  enjoyed or appreciated yesterday’s post. I truly appreciate every single person who reads what I have to say (or not  say) on this blog And I’m glad that even though I didn’t mention it, you guys are OK with my appreciation of a quality (or even not very quality, […]

6 Reasons Why You Might Not Want to Read My Blog


…and 6 reasons why you’ll hopefully keep on reading Good morning, friends! I’m about to head upstairs and do some much overdue yoga. I hope this morning you’re reading my blog because it brings you joy. The other weekend when I went up to Chicago for a girls’ weekend, my girl Destiny, who also happens […]

Confusion with Growing the Muscles


Happy Monday! I hope you’re all rested and rejuvenated from the weekend Did you catch my unicorn post? I posted on a Saturday – which I thought had become a mythical legend before this weekend. Check it out for some beat around the bush fitspiration – and a chance to win some Fitmixer ! Aside […]

Don’t Quote Me {Fitmixer Giveaway!}


Morning Whoa! I’m posting on a Saturday!! What’s going on?!? Well, I’ll tell ya As a Fitmixer ambassador, each month I receive an email from the lovely Whitney, letting me know of this month’s ambassador blogging topic. I usually look forward to the next topic on deck, and spend the month thinking about what I’ll […]

One of The Best Feelings


Whoa! What happened?! Yesterday when I woke up it was in the 60’s here in central Illinois, and this morning it’s in the 30’s!! Brr. I’m currently all bundled up in my jammies with a hot cup of coffee – one of the best feelings. Another one of the best feeling ever?  the feeling you […]

My Cuppa Tea {Nevella to Go}


Hi everyone! Guess what I’m about to go do for the first time in more than a week… Run! Although I kinda feel guilty because it’s unseasonably warm (like, 65 degrees, at 6:00 in the morning) and I’m heading to the treadmills. Along with those fabulous temps are also 20 mph winds. With those winds […]

WIAW: Changing My Eating to Focus on Building Strength


And tasties. Tasties are always good. Good morning Actually, it’s good night for me. My Wednesday morning is abnormally packed today due to some new clients at the gym (yay!) so I’m actually writing this post on Tuesday night, right before bed, to save some time in the morning. So bear with me if I […]

Ketchup Talk


“One day there were three tomatoes walking down the street, a mama tomato, a daddy tomato, and a baby tomato. Baby tomato is walking too slowly, so the daddy tomato goes back, steps on him and says, "ketchup!" This post has nothing to do with ketchup. Nor does is have anything to do with Pulp […]

Outsmarting Hunger with The Protein Effect


Hey guys! Did everyone have a great weekend? I had a complete blast, as expected. I know I really never post on the weekends anymore, but this weekend I didn’t even touch my lap top. I was in Chicago visiting a couple besties, and didn’t even take my lap top. Luckily, my iPhone served as […]

10 Running Tidbits


Hi guys – It’s finally Friday!! Thanks for all your kind words yesterday. It sounds like most of us could use a big, virtual, wine glass *cheers* and have a little de-stress I am happy to say that yesterday went a LOT better than Wednesday, and I have a feeling today’s going to be even […]

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