Don’t Bum my Flow, Man!

Yesterday I had an unexpected break in my schedule, so I drove on over to my other gym to make it to the Wednesday morning Power Yoga class. After about 25 minutes of reading on the elliptical (I just started Gone Girl, and it’s can’t-put-it-down good right off the bat) the class was about to start, so I grabbed my mat and headed to class.


I was really excited for this class…until it started. As soon as it started, I wanted it to be over. But, I stuck it through and gave it my best…for a good 30 minutes. Then I called it a day, wrapped up my mat, and said “see ya!”

I could have (and did, in the moment) blame this on a number of things:

  • The instructor was late and it felt rushed
  • She pushes us too hard and those few extra chaturrangas made my low back hurt
  • I was hungry
  • I had to be back at my gym in an hour

And so on. But really, I just wasn’t feeling it. And I didn’t want to be there and have a bad attitude that might rub off on someone else and lessen their power yoga experience. I didn’t want to bum anyone else’s flow.

Last week at a spin class, my regular bike was taken, so I headed to the back of the room, next to the girl who always chooses a bike at the back of the room. She instantly started chatting me up, which was fine! I love to chat – chatting during the warm up song is fine. But way too soon the conversation took a sharp turn for “womp womp-ville.”

“I hate this class. I only take it once a week.” womp womp

“I’d quit right now, honestly.” womp womp

“UGH I hate this song.” womp WOMP.

Finally, she noticed I was ignoring her, and said something to the effect of “oh, you’re serious about this class. Sorry – I’ll stop talking.”

But she’s already bummed my flow. Her attitude kinda rubbed off on me. My thoughts:

SO. Smile! Be a cheerful ray of sunshine and make a couple people smile today Open-mouthed smile

Something that made me smile today? Getting out in the nice cool morning for a 4-ish mile run!


Run + post-workout caffeine in the form of fitmixer aminos (aka kool-aid for adults Smile with tongue out) I recently decreased my running down to two or less times a week – just a personal decision for me and my body – and it’s been going great. I’ve also made sure to foam roll right after each run – before doing anything else, so that I don’t put it off.


No, I don’t usually foam roll with a huge grin on my face (do you?) Niko just happened to pop in the picture just as it was being taken! What a ham Winking smile Anyway, I have trouble with my right hip, so I really take the time to focus on those glutes – especially the glute medius.

Post-foam rollin’ breakfast featured some overnight oats – made with this mix, but instead of a 1/4 cup of everything, I did a 1/3, then I also added in cocoa powder and put it in an Oikos container – since it had about a 1/3 c. yogurt remaining.


I ran out of melon (sad face!) so I just threw a few extra dried bing cherries in the mix this time – the same mix as a couple days ago.


Not pretty, but deeeelish!

All right. Time for work. Have a happy Thursday, my dears Open-mouthed smile

When was the last time someone bummed your flow?

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  1. Oh there was this one chick in spin that would constantly talk talk talk and complain she was hot, that it was hard, that the seat wasn’t adjusted right. She spent half the class off the bike and it was always so disrupting.

  2. Good on you for leaving the yoga class! I used to fill in teaching for an indoor weights/ aerobics class at 5 am. It was seriously the worst class I ever taught. I had people constantly interrupting to ask to turn the aircon down or up, music down or up, they would complain about my accent or compliment me on it! Ugh it totally disrupted by flow and I ended up just not teaching that class anymore!
    Jess recently posted..How to Manage StressMy Profile

  3. ugh I get annoyed by people like that, why are you taking the class if you dislike it so much!? I often feel that way about yoga, It bores me at times so I usually only do it if I am craving it.
    Kaitlin @4loveofcarrots recently posted..Final HLS recapMy Profile

  4. This is so right on! Your attitude can definitely rub off on others. I’m definitely the one that comes into the gym with a good attitude even if it is 5am and I haven’t had coffee. Good vibes bring good motivation and can really bring someone else out of a funk. Love this!
    Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) recently posted..Cupcakes For My Birthday Boy!My Profile

  5. Ugh…I hate when classes are the pits. Really makes it hard to stay motivated. 😉

    I haven’t quite got the foam roller thing figured out. I’d love to see a video of me doing it…I bet it’s hilarious!!
    Shannon ~ My Place In The Race recently posted..Officially TrainingMy Profile

  6. HA! I love how you look so excited to be foam rolling in that pic. 😉 are you SURE you really don’t love to foam roll and don’t wanna tell us? hehe

    PS. I can’t stand debbie downers in workout classes!! If you don’t want to be there, don’t GO!!
    Jess recently posted..On letting faith be bigger than your fearsMy Profile

  7. I saw a sign that I love it said “Please be responsible for the energy you bring into this space.” I think they hang one of these in every gym!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Thursday Thoughts: More hills, Mocktails and Pre-Run FoodMy Profile

  8. Negative people are the worst! It’s such a downer to have someone next to you while you work out complaining or a blah instructor! Motivation is key in my workouts and if I’m not motivated I’m not pushing! I can’t believe that girl in your spin class…I would have went crazy!
    Danielle (@CleanFoodCreativeFitness) recently posted..Sharing Some Link Love!My Profile

  9. Ugh! I hate people who have negative thoughts throughout the entire workout. I get it: Some people complain to get through a workout. But please, people, let’s keep it to ourselves : ).
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted..Go Big or Go HomeMy Profile

  10. I can not stand people talking to me when I’m working out. I think that is why I keep headphones on when I’m at the gym. I don’t mind minor chit chat but I agree – don’t burn my flow!
    Happy Fit Mama (@happyfitmama) recently posted..Rehab for Runner’s KneeMy Profile

  11. love the hippy vibe. :0 and completely agree- smile people!!

  12. I think its great you left the class! You never want to bum anyone’s flow! Totally agree. I just think put a smile on your face, be positive and classy at all times, and fake it til you make it! Just the way people’s bad attitudes can rub off on people, positive attitudes can do the same!
    I don’t want to say negative people awful, because hey that’s pretty negative right;)
    but just because we’re in a bad mood doesn’t mean we need to take the light away from other people’s happy mood!
    Loving you happy faces in these photos! I’m loving this post
    Lisa recently posted..Healthy Living Summit ReflectionsMy Profile

  13. My favorite instructor’s comment to a talk fest couple was, “Oh, is my teaching disturbing your conversation guys?” It was actually two guys, and they stopped right away. Thankfully, because they were right next to me.
    The last time I was a bit bummed and others in the class were VERY bummed was when a woman let her little girl sit against the wall during spin…no problem, right? However, the girl, about ten, ran in and out about six or seven times during the class getting snacks, drinks etc. The instructor in that class allowed it because she is good friends with that woman! My old dog would have been a better behaved guest in that class.

  14. It is amazing how our attitudes (and others) rub off on people! I think you might be the only person ever to smile with a foam roller! :)
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..Three Favorite Time SavorsMy Profile


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