Meal Survey


Gooooood morning to ya! Happy Friday, friends Excuse me, I’m a bit all over the place this morning. It’s going to be one busy day. Combine that with a sleepless night’s sleep (I was tossing and turning every hour!) and an early wakeup call (boot camp, whaaat) and like I said – I’m a bit […]

My Run Routine + My Thoughts on Pro-Ana Websites


Small victory today – 5 miles of cool(ish) morning, pain-free street running! I wasn’t sure if this run would happen at all – I ended up modifying yesterday’s workout. My stomach felt off the entire day – I think that Moe’s burrito I got the other night had one too many jalapenos inside. So I […]

Workout Negotiations + PBJ Balls


All day yesterday I kept thinking about how I’d rather just read on the elliptical after training my last client than going to the spin class I’d planned on going to. I don’t have these days often – days where I just don’t wanna do my workout – especially when it’s spin. Usually I’ll take […]

Dear Distractions {Fitmixer Giveaway!}


Ready to get a little deep today? Just a little, I promise. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I signed on board to be a Fitmixer ambassador. As an ambassador, each month I’ll write about a blog post on a health or fitness-related topic chosen by Fitmixer. This month’s topic is “Let’s Break Up” […]

Tennis Ball Workout (video!) & Monday Allergies


Today’s been quite interesting on this Monday…already! Apparently, the clock in our bedroom’s date was off – because overnight, the time on it had “sprung ahead” like it was in March! So, when I woke up at 5:30 a.m., the clock read 6:30 a.m. Naturally, my first thoughts of the day were “HOLYCRAPI’MLATEFORTEACHINGBOOTCAMP!!!” Then I […]

Sunday Snippets


It’s a rainy, dreary Sunday this morning…perfect for staying in the covers and finishing my book: Guys. It’s been a looong time since I’ve read an I-just-cannot-put-this-book-down kinda book. When I’m not reading it, I’m thinking about it. And when I am reading it, I can’t put it down! I’m going to finish it today, […]

Friday Favorites–Food & Fitness


Wow! Did this week speed on by for anyone else? I can’t believe it’s already Friday – and I don’t even have a speculation as to why it slipped right past me for some reason this week. Not that I’m complaining These past couple weeks I’ve been finding (and loving) quite a few new favorite […]

Don’t Bum my Flow, Man!


Yesterday I had an unexpected break in my schedule, so I drove on over to my other gym to make it to the Wednesday morning Power Yoga class. After about 25 minutes of reading on the elliptical (I just started Gone Girl, and it’s can’t-put-it-down good right off the bat) the class was about to […]

What I Ate Wednesday–Feeling Fruity


Last Wednesday instead of playing WIAW, I rambled on about my undying love for RPM and why it sucks to rain on fitness parades. This week, I don’t have anything in particular that I feel the need to rant on about, and I also had a pretty typical day of eats yesterday – including some […]

Sweet & Savory Chopped Kale Salad


Although I claim to be a type A personality, the more and more I meet and get to know actual type A people, the more I realize I’m not that high strung organized. Sure, I like my cups put in the cupboard a certain way, the dishes in the dishwasher going a particular direction, and my […]

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