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Good morning! Thank you guys so much for such the positive response on the “new” blog. Ya’ll are so dang encouraging Flirt male I’m super pumped!

(also, I meant to type I’m NOT going to live in Normal for the rest of my life – in that post, fyi Winking smile)

I haven’t participated in What I Ate Wednesday in a few weeks, and when I saw this month’s theme was fitness, I knew I had to jump back on board.

Because – one of the main reasons I eat the way I do is because of fitness! From the timing of (some of) my meals to what they contain, I try to fuel my workouts the right way for me.

Take yesterday, for example!

6:30 AM – Pre-Run Snack:


I grabbed two brown rice cakes and topped them both with smashed banana, and then added strawberry jelly to one of them. I knew I needed a little something in my stomach before running, but I didn’t want it to be too much. I usually grab a banana, but the only one I had was practically brown (hence the smashed banana topping.) I ended up only eating the one with strawberry jelly on it.

7:30 AM – Post run breakfast, with coffee:


You guys saw this one yesterday – 1/4 c. oats mixed with some yogurt, chia seeds, honey, banana chips, and milk, alongside two hard boiled eggs.

10:30 AM – Mid Morning Snack:


Mango! And since my mom and dad told me that they’d never had a mango, nor did they know how to eat one, I took a couple extra pictures.

Stand the mango up, and slide it length-wise, on all four sides, as close to the pit as possible. With a knife, cube the two big pieces, and eat the others like a savage.


Then grab the pit and gnaw off the rest of the fruit like a savage, because any mango that goes to waste is just blasphemous Winking smile



Just be careful! The insides of mangos are super slippery!

Lunch – 12:30 PM



Stuffed summer squash – to make this I just sliced the squash in half length-wise, hollowed it out, and then stuffed it with this quinoa salad. Then I popped it in the grill for about 10 minutes.


It was delicious! And it didn’t heat up the kitchen Smile

3:30 PM – Snack/Pre-cardio snack

Unpictured, but I had this:


A Luna bar, which I actually haven’t had in a really long time! I forgot how much they resemble candy bars Winking smile I had this about a half hour before heading to the gym. I had to train a few clients last night, so I got there about a half hour early to pedal along on the elliptical while watching Jeopardy. Good times.

7:30 – Dinner

After training, I was super hungry – and thankful that I did some dinner prep a little earlier that morning – which was healthified green bean casserole (made with  a natural brand onions, organic cream of chicken, and farmer’s market green beans,) and baked chicken, with a side salad of mixed greens, slivered almonds, blueberries, and green tomatoes (which I later drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette:)





Hit the spot! I just seasoned the chicken with a little Mrs. Dash and some cayenne for a kick.

And I followed it up with a couple of these cookies:


They may not have turned out like they were supposed to, but they’re definitely tasty enough to keep around Winking smile

And with that, it’s time to whip up a post-workout smoothie and train some clients! Have a great Wednesday, friends.

What’s your go-to pre and post-workout snacks?

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  1. Oh like the idea of smashed bananas on the rice cakes. I usually just smear PB on the banana if I am working out super early and don’t have time to let breakfast really settle.

    • Amazing shape Kev! U r surprising us each week of ur trotfsormanian! =)Heh, the end of trotfsormanian experiment is very close, but I cant realy imagine, what will be in the end of it. Hmmm But in one I’m assured precisely it will be awesome end, of awesome experiment Keep it going, Kev, keep it going bro! =)We r all like what’s happening with ur shape from week to week, all supporting u, and waiting for new posts, for new awesome progress! =)ArseniyRussia, West Siberia, Kurgan

  2. I need to learn how to pick a ripe mango…. I never get good ones :(

  3. I need to learn how to pick ripe mangoes, I never pick good ones :(

    • With your freakish geneitcs you could probably eat Junk food and still look better then most people who have strict diets, LOL! I only wish I could grow like you do, but my family’s geneitcs suck bigtime. However I dont let it get me down, I still lift like there is no tomorrow. YOu are definitely a gifted man Kev. Keep going full throttle man!

  4. Pre-workout is a banana 90% of the time. Longer runs or workouts I might have PB toast before.
    Post-workout is usually a protein shake or smoothie. But usually I am working out in the am or right after work so then I eat breakfast or supper aster.

  5. that fruit look sso good, I LOVE fresh fruit in the summer!

  6. The mango makes me want one now! And, wow, those cookies look divine!

  7. I guess that really depends on when I workout. If it’s at 6am, then nothing, but later either some oats with protein powder/peanut flour or fruit and some sort of protein. Looks like a tasty day to me!

  8. i LOVE mango! i haven’t had one in wayyy too long though. that needs to change! i think the slicing it all up is what discourages me from buying them, but it’s always worth it in the end.

  9. I don’t ALWAYS eat before a workout, but if I do I’ll usually have a banana or something equally as simple! Depending on the time of my workout, it’s usually followed by breakfast or dinner!

  10. All the pics on this post are mouth-watering! I feel like I have to whip up that green bean salad soon! Do you have any bok choy recipes you want to share? I’ve always wanted to cook it and found some online but I wanted to hear your thoughts too!

  11. Yum! Everything you ate looks so good. Lately my go-to snack before a run has been a few of the mini whole grain blueberry rice cakes with some TJ’s cookie butter. Quick energy and it’s SOOOO good :)

  12. Green bean casserole! Such a beautiful thing. My roommate would live off of it if she could.

  13. I pretty much always eat a piece of toast before a workout. Then, I usually time it so I can have a meal afterward. Gives me something to look forward to. :)

  14. That stuffed zucchini looks amazing. I love to stuff my veggies with other veggies:) All your eats look awesome. I actually never eat before I workout, probably bad but I can’t eat that early and then usually just have breakfast after. I guess it works for me, but might not be the best


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