Tuesday Tip: Can Air Conditioning Make You Fat? + A Big Announcement

Hi there, loves! I’m glad you enjoyed yesterday’s workout video. I had a complete blast putting it together Open-mouthed smile

This morning I started out the day with an easy-paced, 3 mile run. I’m still not doing anything super speedy or long – in order to protein my hip area – but I needed to get out an enjoy the gorgeous weather.


Mismatched running ‘fit, per the usual.

After a short Niko walk, I headed back in to make this cold-oats breakfast:


1/3 c. oats mixed with yogurt, milk, and banana chips – with a couple HB eggs on the side.

A/C Adding the L-B’s

Although this week has been glorious outside, last week I did everything in my power to avoid going outdoors. In fact, I was in my cool and comfortable air conditioned office at the gym, while I happened upon this study that claimed air conditioning could be making us fat.

International Journal of Obesity, UAB biostatistician David Allison, says since air conditioning in the summer (and heat in the winter) allows for most environments to be at a pretty constant temperature year round. In turn, our bodies have to work far less (thus, expending less energy and burning less calories) to regulate our own internal temperature.


Interesting, right?

I know many will quip back, saying this study is far-fetched, and while I don’t think the use of air conditioning is responsible for the obesity epidemic in America, I do see this study’s validity. When we’re warm, our bodies have to work to bring our core temperature down, through sweat, releasing heat, etc. When we don’t have to do that, we burn less calories.

Another factor that the study didn’t touch on was heat-related appetite decrease. I don’t know about you, but when I’m hot and sweaty, I don’t crave fatty, heavy, or greasy foods. In fact, my appetite decreases a bit, and I crave fresh, raw, healthy foods like fruits, veggies, and other foods with a high water content.

In fact, I’d probably consider giving up air conditioning for a week or so, just as a little self experiment if it weren’t for that one guy that lives here too Winking smile BUT, if I did live alone and wanted to give A/C the boot, here’s what I’d do:

  • Remember that humans are highly adaptable. Ninety degrees probably wouldn’t feel as miserable on day 5 as it does on day 1. I mean, 50 degrees in the summer is freezing, but in the winter? heat wavvvve!
  • Open all the windows, but draw the shades to keep the sunlight and heat out as much as I can
  • Turn on all fans, and buy a couple more
  • Keep cool rags around to cool off with
  • Drink even more water
  • Wear little clothing
  • Always have a cut up watermelon on hand in the fridge Winking smile
  • Keep physical exercise limited to moderate or only in a gym with a/c

and before I go…

Announcement – New Blog

I’ll keep this part short and sweet, but I wanted to give you all some notice before the big change takes place! I have been working with miss Rita (who is freaking awesome, by the way, and who Lindsay recommended me!) on a big project – a new blog!!


The actual blog will be the exact same as it has been for the past month or so. It’ll still be the main page, and my blogging style will not change. However, I am merging my other website Fitconomy and Running Around Normal into one (hopefully super awesome) blog/website, which will be Your Trainer Paige (yourtrainerpaige.com)

For the past year or so, I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I should change Running Around Normal. I know I’m *NOT* going to live in Normal for the rest of my life, and I’ve just been wanting to change it. After asking the advise of tons of people (and most of them telling me not to change it, actually) I’m going for it!

I went with Your Trainer Paige because, well, it’s already my youtube page name. Plus, I’m a sucker for a play on words… Paige…page…get it? Smile with tongue out Hey, I’ve been teased about having the name Paige all my life. Might as well spin it to my advantage, right?? Smile

I’ll put another post on Running Around Normal, letting you all know to go to YourtrainerPaige.com instead, but it should be live here very, very, soon (like this week!) If you are subscribed via Google Reader, you should be automatically subscribed to Your Trainer Paige instead.

And before I go, thank you SO much for reading my blog, whether here or on Your Trainer Paige…I’m so thankful and happy that you guys enjoy reading my little spiels! Open-mouthed smile

Do you think you could forgo air conditioning during the summer?

What do you think would be the hardest part?

I think the hardest part would be trying to sleep in a warm bedroom!

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  1. So cool! I’m looking forward to seeing the new site.

    Airconditioning might be minor in the scheme of the obesity epidemic, but I guess it’s also symbolic of how we make our lives so easy that we don’t have to work as hard – including calorie burning!

  2. Ugh, when it’s 110 degrees with 90% humidity, Um I’ll keep the AC 😉 We actually keep ours fairly warm. I can’t stand to walk in from the heat and be slapped by the freezing cold air. We did go for 5 summers with no AC downstairs. But our house (built in 1890 long before AC) was designed to keep the downstairs cool so it actually stayed around 85 even at the hottest part of the summer. Now upstairs where the beds are….you better believe there will always be air LOL

  3. Congrats on the new page! You’re my favorite trainer. 😉

  4. Awesome, congrats on the decision! It’s always hard to decide what to do , but if you go with your gut you can never go wrong. Look forward to seeing the new site!

  5. I had my air conditioning break at the end of May, and it was 110 degrees in my apt without it, it was horrible! I now keep it at around 70-73 all day long so it doesn’t overwork to cool it down when I get home at night. The AC man said that keeping it cool all day will not cost you more than when you keep it warmer and then try to cool it down. I agree that I could keep it around 75-79 and get used to it, but I live in hot and humid Alabama and I could not imagine life without some AC! The one time break of the AC and it being 100-110 during that time made me realize that I like it cool! Good luck with your new page, Paige!

  6. Most people here do not have AC, it is rare and we do not have it either. I think there might be a week each year its needed – like this week. But between little clothing, fans and a basement we survive just fine without it.
    And yes, sleeping is the hardest part!
    Congrats on the new blog name I think its perfect :)

  7. Goodluck on all the changes! I’m excited to see what you come up with! :)

  8. That is really interesting about the a/c possibly making you fat, it totally makes sense. Congrats on the new website! I am sure it will look great!

  9. Oh wow – I’m looking forward to checking out the new site!

    We don’t have AC, but we have ceiling fans in the living room and bedrooms. It definitely helps, but there are some days where it is really hot and I wish we had AC. My family actually never had it growing up, so we got used to just sleeping naked and with lots of fans. My parents only got it after they got dogs.

  10. so amazing, way to go on making that!

  11. I do agree with that study to some extent, but here in Atlanta, where the heat and humidity are crazy…it just drains you of energy and I swear it’s hard to even breathe! Besides, I’m pretty sure my husband would spontaneously combust if the air was not on.

    Can’t wait to see the new Paige!:)

  12. I grew up with mostly no air conditioning. It was tough, especially on hot summer nights trying to sleep upstairs…but we made survived!
    All the best with the new blog!

  13. Awesome! Looking forward to the new site!

  14. congrats on the big change! can’t wait to see the new site! :)

  15. Can’t wait to see the new blog :)

  16. Congrats on your big change! :) I’ll be looking for it. And also, the A/C thing makes sense. I wish I lived in a well ventilated place and I could try it out. But I think being cranky (and having a cranky guy, too) is NOT worth the experiment right now. 😉

  17. Congrats on the new site! BTW, I love your white hat in the first pic. I’ve been on the lookout for one to wear on my runs. Where did you get yours?

  18. CONGRATS!!! that’s so exciting and i adore the name :) :) you seriously know how to rock a hat haha – i have WAY too oval of a head to make a hat work – it always looks like a tight condom on my head. can’t wait to see the official blog!

  19. Congrats on the ‘new’ blog, so awesome!

  20. Very interesting on the obesity and air conditioning! It sort of make sense, why do you think restaurants and coffee shops are always freezing (at least to me) probably because people consume more when they are cooler!

  21. I’m not sure if I’d say AC MAKES us fat, but I definitely agree that we burn more calories when our body has to regulate our temperatures. I’ve heard being in a colder environment burns the most calories!

  22. i read that same article. I can totally see how it is making our bodies too comfortable, etc. but not a blame for obesity. agreed!


  23. MISS PAIGE!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you! CONGRATS my darling <3 I am so excited and you seem excited for the new blog, too :) What an adventure! <3 <3 <3 !!!! I am so excited to see it!!!!!! I have heard great things about Rita, too. I really want to redesign my blog, so I might have to contact her….??


    Have a great day my friend! :)

    p.s. I love the play on words too 😉 that's great !!

  24. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the new “Paige.”
    I find Amy’s theory interesting about restaurants keeping it cold to improve their patrons’ appetite. Who would want to go eat a big meal in a warm or hot restaurant?
    I also agree with the study about people getting used to certain temperatures. After so many scorching hot days here in Illinois, these 88 and 90 degree days feel wonderful. Also, Dad said he got used to 100’s after a year in Vietnam, but he froze when he returned to Illinois in January.
    Interesting post!!

  25. Exciting for the new page!!! I know I love doing mine that way. :)

  26. Great news! I worked with Rita for my recent blog re-design and she was fab!
    Another reason why air conditioning might contribute to weight gain? Houses and malls and cars are air conditioned. The great out of doors isn’t! Much harder to get in your daily movement if you stick to the air conditioned venues!

  27. ahh! isn’t Rita the best?! such exciting changes!!

  28. Oh man, I swear everything these days “makes you fat” or “gives you cancer”, I just try to be as healthy as I can without over-thinking things like this. I worked with Rita as well! She’s the best!! I can’t wait to see your new page come together!! Congrats!

  29. I can’t wait to see the new site. :)

    The whole air conditioning thing does make sense. I mean, there are obviously a lot more factors when it comes to obesity than just a/c, but I can see their point. I guess we’re just lucky it doesn’t get super hot around here very often. Really, the only places you can expect to have a/c are in business and such. At home, not so much.

  30. So cool!! Looking forward to seeing the new site :) How exciting!

    I’ve heard that before about the AC but didn’t want to believe it haha. I get hot so easily so the AC and I are great friends.

  31. Congrats on the new site! I love the name! :)

    I can agree with a lot of the arguments made in that study – and I totally agree with you on the heat-related appetite decrease. All I crave when the temps soar is fresh, healthy food.

  32. Love the tip about the watermelon! :) Need some in my fridge right now!

  33. No way, Paige! Love the blog name and idea behind it…super excited to see the new revealing of your site! 😀 (and loved the playground workout too – love getting outside & using what’s around for fitness!)

  34. congrats on the new site!! so exciting :)

  35. Paige! This is exciting!! 😀

  36. I’d been suggested this excellent website through my own nephew. My business is not particular whether or not this post is usually created by using your pet since no one understand such particular concerning the trouble. You’re incredible! Appreciate it!


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  2. […] so excited to introduce to you all my new blog. Last week, I mentioned to you all that I had been planning on ending Running Around Normal, and beginning a new blog. For the past few weeks, I’ve been working with the talented Rita, over […]

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