Thursday Things: I Realized…

Hi guys! Happy Thursday. I hope it’s off to a good start Smile

Last night after dinner (taco salads with fiesta grilled veggies – yum!) Shane and I kicked back and – and realized we were out of shows to watch! Our favorite thing to do is retreat to the television around 8:00 and watch a show in the series we’re currently watching. So far, we’ve knocked out:

  • Dexter (3rd favorite show, ever)
  • Breaking Bad (1st favorite show, ever)
  • Sons of Anarchy (2nd favorite show, ever)
  • Entourage
  • True Blood
  • Community
  • Modern Family
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Big Bang Theory

And many more. Well, a while back, a friend loaned me the series Californication, and I’d heard it’d been a pretty good show from multiple people.


And last night, after two episodes, I realized why those few people were all men. ‘Nuff said.

During the episode, I realized I’ve come to hate the “red ball.”


Hey, mom! Let’s play you throw this thing and I bring it back, overandoverandoverandoveragain. K?!?

This morning, it took me a little more to wake up. I realized my post-run cup of coffee would come pre-run this morning. While sipping, I realized my hair could use a little deep conditioning treatment.

So, before heading out for my run this morning, I realized how long it’d been since I’d done a little deep conditioning trick! – deep condition it while running!


Or in this case, deep coconut oil it while running Winking smile Before threading my ponytail through my hat, I coated it with about a tbsp. of coconut oil. That way, the heat that my body (and scalp) produces from my workout make the coconut oil penetrate the strands even more! I used to do this a lot with deep conditioner, but haven’t done since I made this post! (throw back from March 2011, what what!)

Pre-run (easy-paced 3 miler) breakfast was a dry brown rice cake. When I came back inside, it was pancake time!


Speaking of pancakes, I tried out a new topping this morning, which incorporates Chocolate PB2.

I tried the regular version over two years ago (hello flashback post!) and was seriously unimpressed. However, I picked up the Chocolate PB2 the other day on a whim, and I realized Iseriously love it. I’ve been whipping up the tastiest PB chocolate protein shakes, sprinkling it in my nighttime snack of Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, and now in/on my pancakes!


For this topping I used a little almond milk + honey + Choco PB2. Super tasty.

As I was simultaneously eating my pancake this morning and watching GMA (totally wins over the Today Show if you ask me, btw) I started thinking about my day. Thursdays are a busy one for me, but I can always assume I have a few clients to train on any given day.

Lately I realized I’ve been totally into the triple threat method of training:

  • strength
  • cardio
  • abs

What I’ll do is structure the workout with a little strength circuit (3-4 exercises) followed by a littler cardio circuit (2-3 exercises) followed by an even littler abs circuit (1-2 exercises.) Lather, rinse, repeat! It usually winds up to be about two or three rounds of this trifecta, but it makes the hour go SUPER fast, and clients seem to love it.

Here’s one I did from one of yesterday’s sessions:


Other times I’ll do a couple strength circuit, followed by some cardio, usually in the form of tabata, and then end with about 10 minutes of ab work Smile

Now where was I… talk about a random post, right?

Oh, right! Realizations. Aaaand I just realized I’m running late for my first client of the day Winking smile Happy Thursday, everyone!

Today Show or Good Morning America?

Any series recommendations for me? Smile

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  1. I like trashy CW series – Gossip Girl, 90210, and most recently the LA one (I forget the title). #notashamed

    • ha! I love these, too. I haven’t watched 90210, but watch GG and loved OTH. Shane watched OTH with me, but doesn’t generally go for these types 😉

  2. Friday Night Lights!! Seriously I can’t get enough of it, and you will develop a crush on Matt Saracen, I would leave my boyfriend for him haha!

    • Thanks for the rec! And since we both share a love for BB, maybe we have similar TV preferences 😉

  3. My latest obsession is The Newsroom on HBO. They’re only 3 episodes in, so it’s easy to catch up. I can’t say enough good things about it! I also love Suits on USA!

  4. My husband and I are currently working on “How I Met Your Mother” and we recently finished “My Boys” (which I highly recommend). Another one of our favorite series was “Sports Night”.

    Also, I am a die-hard Today Show fan. I love Ann Curry, but I think Savannah is a great co-anchor.

  5. I have hulu plus and am almost done with desperate housewives and up all night, both great ones!

  6. Breamimg Bad season 5 starts on Sunday ya know! And I would recommend the show Arrested Development. It is one of my favs and so funny!

  7. TODAY SHOW!!! I am watching it right now :-)
    And love that workout!

  8. we are almost done with “Weeds”… it’s pretty crude and inappropriate at times, but it’s hilarious and i love it. i’ll be sad when we finish all the seasons.
    great idea with the coconut oil! i have a ton, and i’ve been looking for ways to use it!

  9. I love these types of workouts! As for the shows, I’ve just recently gotten into Downton Abbey. It’s a period piece, but everything from the story, the costumes to the music has me hooked! The first season is on Netflix and we had to go right out and buy the 2nd one when we were done. As for Californication, I like that show…I guess that speaks volumes about me.

    • This actually gives me hope! We’ve only watched two episodes so far and I think I saw 10 pairs of boobs LOL

  10. White Collar! Best show. So good. New season just started too. So-you could DVR the current season while catching up with the old ones. That pancake looks delicious. The red ball- love it 😉 Frank isn’t much for chasing toys…but he does like to chew!

  11. I like just about all the same shows you do! I especially love all the Housewives series. And I love pretty little liars hah, no shame. And Today show all the way! I do that with my coconut oil too! Sometimes I hate wasting it on my hair though, since its so delicious. And that workout looks great! I definitely love those type of workout routines, they go by much quicker.

  12. I think I watched two episodes of Californication. Then I was just bored. I feel like the whole “idea” has been played out before. If that makes any sense? Next, please…

  13. Today show!

  14. I definitely have to 2nd ‘Friday Night Lights’ with one exception… I have a serious (but weird, ’cause the character is in high school) crush on Tim Riggins! Just watch! :)

  15. RAN Mom says:

    Are Dad and I the only ones who love Dogs in the City? Justin Silver, once a PT, is now a very good looking, dog-trainer-king ! It’s on Wednesday night, and anyone who has a dog or loves dogs should give it a try.
    And…I think Ann Curry got a raw deal; they should have dumped Matt Lauer. I now refuse to watch the Today Show because of the way they treated Ann.

  16. Hi Paige, thanks for visiting my blog today. I’m looking forward to picking up some fitness tips from you. :) And I love the deep conditioning tip, will have to try that! GMA all the way!

  17. We loved Party Down. It’s only two seasons (because then the cast got other shows) but it’s hilarious! And on netflix streaming (or at least it was, but I bet it still is).

  18. LOVE Sons of Anarachy! It’s one, if not our favorite over here :) Cannot wait for the new season to start already!!!

    Thanks for sharing that cardio/arms/core workout! :)

  19. Lori and I are today show girls! we love watching it every morning :)

  20. I’m about to go out for an intense mid-afternoon walk with Popcorn, and I will absolutely be using your coconut oil trick. I’m ALWAYS down for softer hair!

    Now as far as the red ball goes.. I don’t think that will be making the cut for trip packing haha 😉


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