Move it Monday: Sexy Back Workout

Hi there, my friends! Back to Monday already.

Over the weekend, I took a break from technology, and it was quite wonderful. After a morning of training clients, our friends, Kim and Jason came to stay with us for the weekend.


We had SO much fun, starting with some afternoon mimosas.




We played a couple rounds of euchre, and then headed out for dinner, before going to a comedy club for the night. The show wasn’t rolling on the floor laughing, but it was pretty funny. I’d say our company was better Winking smile We all got home before 10, and passed out before midnight. We’re a rowdy bunch.

The next day, after slowly waking up, Kim and I camped out at the kitchen table for a couple hours to get some work done (I wish I had her as my “office mate” every day!) and then finally headed out for some lunch and afterward, bypassing the self serve froyo shop, went for some ice cream.

Such a fun time with Kim and Jason Smile

The rest of the day was spent catching up on training plans, cleaning, and eating one delicious “spaghetti” dinner:


Underneath that meat sauce and Italian cheese, aren’t your typical noodles, however…


For spaghetti, I usually eat the Quinoa/corn blend (so good!) noodles, but tonight, since I have a boatload of zucchini from my CSA, I opted for zucchini noodles instead. I just ran half a large zucchini through the food processor grater attachment, sautéed it in some olive oil, salt, and pepper, and then topped it with the good stuff! Pretty tasty Smile

And now it’s Monday morning, and that means it’s time for Move it Monday’s Workout of the Week!

In the past, I’ve shared with you guys a boredom busters biceps workout and a ten minute triceps workout, so it’s about time we give the back some lovin’ Red heart


After warming up, complete 3 sets of 10 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next. Rest about 30 seconds in between sets. As always, make sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

sexy back collage

Don’t forget to stretch! Now go find a cute tank and show off that sexy back! Winking smile

Have a good Monday, guys! I’m off to train my first client of the day, and then taking a mid morning spin class during a break (woooop!!! Open-mouthed smile)

Frozen yogurt or ice cream?

I have to admit, I’m an ice cream girl through and through. I try not to eat it too often, so when I do indulge, I go big or home.

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  1. i’m probably the only one that will say this, but GELATO!! not a froyo fan much. or shall i say my stomach is not a fan. haha

  2. Tough one… I will say fro-yo, since we just got a serve serve place here I am still slightly obsessed!

  3. i like them both, but i’m a sucker for froyo because i can add my own toppings!

  4. Mmm mimosas. I had my fair share of those yesterday :)

  5. Those zucchini noodles look delicious! Frozen yogurt all the way!!!

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend! I’m glad you got to enjoy some down time! Love the back workout! I LOVE working on the back muscles!

    When I could eat it, it was frozen yogurt all the way!

  7. Love your back workout! I have to say I can totally do either yogurt or ice cream. I’m pretty much addicted to the froyo shops… sampling all of the choices and adding my own toppings.

  8. We both had faux spaghetti for dinner last night! Twins?
    How can you not have fun with mimosas, sounds wonderful!
    Oh man, comedy clubs are the best! I absolutely love going to those things.
    Like Lindsay said above, I prefer gelato. I’m not a fan of fro yo and don’t like how ice cream tastes like milk!

  9. I’m a fro yo kind of girl. I have a massive sweet tooth, but, surprisingly, ice cream is just tooooo sweet for me!

  10. Looks like a fab weekend! Mimosa’s? YUM! I am such a frozen yogurt girl.. love me some Red Mango (kind of like Pinkberry) but you can put your own toppings on yourself and they determine the price by weight. I guess I just like doing things myself 😉 and who doens’t love a sexy back? Thanks for posting that work out!

  11. such a fun weekend and you looked fantastic in that maxi dress :)

  12. Love that dress! And thanks for a great back workout! That will be the first body part I train when I’m cleared to lift weights again! (P.S. When did your new header appear? Just noticed it today and it looks great!)

  13. I LOVE coconut milk ice cream. I so wish I could have dairy!! Love the sexy back workout girl!

  14. I’m an ice cream girl! We don’t have any fro yo options around here so I’m stuck with it. Not that I’m complaining. :)

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog today Paige! I love frozen yogurt but against my better judgement, I’m gonna pick ice cream. And, then sign up for a personal trainer 😉

  16. I’m a froyo girl for sure, with some fresh fruit on top!

  17. Sounds like you had such a fun and relaxed weekend :) Those zucchini noodles look delicious too btw!

    **I’m all about the frozen yogurt. The stomach can’t handle ice cream :(.

  18. Zucchini noodles are such a clever idea! Looks like an awesome weekend. Nothing like catching up with great friends!

  19. You have such a beautiful shape, upper body looks great in that dress:)


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