Group Fitness Week & What Warm Ups Really Do

Morning, friends!

You know, yesterday kind of surprised me. Admittedly, on Monday mornings I typically wake up a little upset the weekend’s over. However, yesterday went surprised me with some of life’s plain old simple pleasures…

…like a free Americano, thanks to a filled up little punch card!

And like breakfast in the most delicious bowl ever:


Dessert last night was pretty epic, too…


Yeah, I caved and bought it. I just didn’t feel like making my own edible cookie dough – so I coughed up the $6.99 and bought a pint. And then I mixed it with a hefty serving of organic vanilla bean ice cream. And swooned.

I suppose it’s a good thing I was able to squeeze in a kick booty spin class that morning Winking smile

which reminds me – this week, I’m resolving to go to a group fitness class every day.

Theodora mentioned on her blog the other day on how it just wasn’t making sense financially to keep paying for her gym membership. I kinda feel the same way – especially since I have a whole other gym (the one I train my clients at) that I get to use for free. The only problem is it doesn’t offer group fitness classes, which is the only reason I pay for a completely separate membership. Anyway, I currently only go there once, maybe twice, a week. It doesn’t make sense when I think about the cost.

So this week, I’m resolving to change that by going to a fitness class every day this week. Of course this is just something I’d like to do for myself, but I encourage anyone who’s a member at a gym that offers group fitness classes to make it your group fitness week, too!


Yesterday was spin, and today is Body Attack. I haven’t been for nearly half a year, so I’ll be sure to let ya’ll know how that turns out Winking smile

I love group fitness classes, and you may remember that I’m studying to become group fitness instructor-certified, so there’s no reason I shouldn’t be going. Plus, I love how group fitness classes cover it ALL – the warm up, workout, cool down, and stretching – in an hour or less.

Tuesday Tip

This brings me to today’s Tuesday Tip, which is all about the warm up. Not too long ago, I dedicated an entire post to dynamic warm ups, why they’re important, and my favorite dynamic warm up exercises.

Part of the reason I encourage dynamic warm ups is to increase core-temperature elevation, which is what I want to discuss today! They don’t call it a “warm” up for nothing! It’s essential that we raise our body temperatures during our warm up for several reasons. warm up

Warming up the body with warm up exercises before a workout has the following physiological effects on the body:

-Achieves a higher metabolism. Did you know that for each degree of temperature elevation, the metabolic rate of cells increases by 13% ?

Increases efficiency in the working muscle groups. This is because at higher body temps, blood flow is shunted away from internal organs and redirected to working muscles.

Releases oxygen to the muscles.

Increases speed and force of muscle contraction.

Increases muscle, tendon, and ligament elasticity.

Decreases post-workout soreness and during-workout burn. This is because of the gradual increase in energy production, which limits lactic-acid buildup.

All of these factors help decrease the chance for injury because they have the potential to increase neuromuscular coordination, delay fatigue, and make the tissues less susceptible to damage.

So, by how much do we need to increase the internal core temperature to reap the above physiological effects?

About 1-2 degrees, or so much that sweating is just beginning to occur.

Of course, don’t forget to cool down after your workout, as that has just as many benefits, but that’s another post for another day 😉

Happy Tuesday, all! Off to Body Attack for this girl Winking smile then it’s client time!

What does your warm up usually consist of?

Do you take any group fitness classes as part of your workout routine?

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  1. I NEVER warmed up. Ever.

    And then I turned 40:-)
    Now I always do.

  2. I love group fitness class, but haven’t been in awhile either. Interesting stuff on warming up….especially, that it increases your metabolic rate. I usually try to do a simple quick warm up.

  3. I usually do 15 minutes of cardio to warm up, but that is it. I used to only take group fitness classes and now I rarely go to any – maybe a few a year.

  4. Often, my warmup consists of a fast-paced walk to the gym. But sometimes, just sometimes, I get some dynamic stretching in there. For good measure. :)

  5. I LOVE gloria jean’s…I used to go there all the time before I moved! And I think this post was specifically for me — I hate warm ups, but I know how important they are! Thanks :)

  6. I dont really warm up… unless I am going to run on the treadmill, then I walk for a few mins. I go to 2 classes at my gym but I use my gym everyday so it is worth the money to me. Plus my gym is pretty cheap

  7. Oh my goodness! I just realized that your blog switched over and I haven’t been reading ever since. For whatever reason it didn’t switch over in my Reader. I need to change that pronto! Love the new look!

    • I know…apparently it was supposed to switch automatically…but it didn’t for quite a few people. Glad you found me!! :)

  8. Well, since my gym closed, I don’t have group class options now. I’m missing spin for sure. I love the environment of group classes – the energy that can help keep you moving.

  9. Totally believe in the warm-up. So glad you posted this! I make sure to do a “warm – up” song in my Zumba class to ease them into the work out. I don’t want to kill them on the first song! Plus, with everything you just mentioned, it does a lot for your body, metabolism, and muscles. Very important! Now I want cookie dough 😉

  10. I’m hit or miss with warming up…mostly misses. Seeing the benefits in black and white is a nice reminder to do them :)

  11. I love this post!!! I am a group fitness instructor myself so it is definitely a part of my weekly routine! You will love instructing when you get certified! When I’m teaching I always include a warm in my class and think it is very important to ease participants into the workout!!! Totally aside from that…gourmet edible cookie dough!! I would like some please!!!

  12. Alexandra says:

    I ALMOST always warm up- but seeing how beneficial it is will ensure I always warm up. Great post! :)

  13. I’ll definitely dedicate more time to warming up now! Also, I totally agree with group fitness classes. I know I’m not using them to the full extent. But sometimes I just get so nervous. I’ll have to get over that.

  14. Great post on the importance of warming up. I used to neglect it until I realized it hindered my growth in fitness. I was getting really sore after workouts and couldn’t get into them as fast. Now I make sure to take at least 5 minutes to warm up a bit.
    Free Americanos always make the day better!

  15. I LOVE group classes. I wish I had more time to take them, but when I’m training for a half marathon (like now), it’s more important to get extra runs in.

  16. i’m so bad about warming up…THANK YOU for the reminder :). And I do enjoy group fitness classes, I just wish they were offered at times that fit with my schedule!

  17. Nothing like a freebie to make Monday morning a little more bearable! I’m interested to see how your goal this week goes and which ones you choose!

  18. Nothing like free coffee!! Woohoo!! That’s an awesome challenge. I just joined a new gym, and I’m always nervous to go to classes a new gym… shy! lol. But once I do I always love them!

  19. I’m bad at warming up! Thanks for the reminder! I LOVE group fitness classes, but I haven’t been able to go to any lately. They haven’t lined up with my schedule. I need to make that happen again soon!

  20. Love the tips about warming up – such great reasons! I always use to poo poo warmups, but I think I need to be doing this ALL the time!

  21. Great post Paige!! Personally it drives me nuts (& makes me worry!!) when friends “warm up” by walking on a treadmill at 2.0 for 3 minutes. Not effective!! ahhhh!

  22. I do warm up when I run. I try to make sure to walk before I run and then the first mile is usually slower than the rest too. I do love a good group fitness class and am excited to go to a new one tonight.

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