Get Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable + Gym Blunders

Oh hey there! Happy Friday – it’s finally here Open-mouthed smile

I don’t know about you all, but I’m beginning Friday with a BIG mug of coffee:


Not sure what’s going on, but my sleeplessness has been acting up. After trying to sleep for a solid two hours, I finally got up around midnight last night, cleaned up the kitchen, did the dishes, and then proceeded to try again. After about an hour, I finally drifted off. But hey, 5 hours + 3 cups of coffee = 8 hours……right? No? Dang….

At least it’s coffee from my most recent Keurig delivery!


Coconut Island is absolutely delicious, you guys!


So, after organizing my email this morning, I had something I wanted to share with you all ready to go – and we’ll get to that in a second. But first, I have to discuss something else.

Last night as I was perusing the On Demand TV shows, I came across the show, Extreme Weight Loss. It’s an ABC show that follows around an obese individual determined to make a lifestyle change and become a healthy weight by hiring Chris Powell as their trainer for the year.


I’d never seen the show before, but last night I watched all four episodes in the queue.

Something thing that Chris said to one of his clients really resonated with me. His client was pouting, after coming home and finding her couch and entertainment system had been replaced with exercise equipment, and her air conditioning been turned off (the body has to regulate it’s temperature, and burns calories while doing it!)

He told her:

Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

I found myself screaming YES! at the TV. It’s easy to do an exercise or our workout until it gets a little uncomfortable.

Of course, I first related this to myself. The other day I was running, and found myself taking a lot more walk breaks than usual. This is fine and all, but the truth is, I just began walking because I was uncomfortable. It was hot, and I’m not used to running in above 85 degrees right now, and when I got uncomfortable, I found a way to comfort through walking.

But it’s OK to feel uncomfortable. (Pain, however, is another issue.)

I tell my clients it’s OK to feel uncomfortable all the time. Push through those last 5 burpees. Hammer out the rest of those pushups. Keep on squatting. Break through that comfort zone.

All right. Enough of the deep stuff. It’s Friiiiiday, and I’ve had quite a week, let me tell you. Let’s get silly. Smile with tongue out

My dad actually sent me this email a while back about treadmill fails, and I found it this morning while cleaning up my inbox and just had to share it with you guys!

I think I said “OHHHH!” with each fall! hahah

And with that, it’s confession time. Although I’ve never fallen off the treadmill, I have had my share of gym blunders.

Most recently, I was showing a client a plyo bench step up, didn’t see that my shoelace was untied, tripped over it, and completely fell over the bench and onto my bright red face. Thank sweet baby Jesus that there were only a couple other people in the gym at the time, but oh lordy was I embarrassed! I quickly told my clients that I was just showing them what not to do Winking smile Pshhh.

Well have a great Friday, all! I’m going to try and get in a little yoga before it’s time to finish up a nutrition plan, and then head to a client’s house. I’ve got a very full day ahead of me for a Friday!

What was your most recent gym blunder?

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  1. I love the saying “get comfortable with the uncomfortable! So very true and awesome! Coconut coffee sounds amazing! I love green mountains caramel vanilla cream flavor myself!

  2. Ooh, you like that Butter Toffee one? I bought that once and thought it tasted, well, like butter!

  3. The title reminds me of Jillian Michael’s DVDs. :)

  4. Ohh so much to say today! First – LOVE the new look of your blog, it’s AWESOME!! Wish you could train me 😉 Second – SO AGREE on the getting uncomfortable thing. That’s what I try to remind clients during class…that it’s one thing to stop and take a break during all the reps we put them through if your form is suffering (or you’re feeling bad pain) but if its simply because it’s getting uncomfortable? Embrace it, push through and reach new ground. It’s amazing when I see them actually listen to me, ha! And third – just showed that video clip to my husband, he was DYING. what a riot. hehe

  5. I tend to always make a fool out of myself at the gym. At least we can laugh it off!

    • That’s an interesting idea, but I don’t think that pepole produce the BTU’s necessary to make any meaningful difference in the weather, even though there are a LOT of us. The science on global warming is questionable and inconclusive at best, though there seems to be good logical sense in drawing the conclusion that putting all these pollutants in the atmosphere is not a good thing. If you have ever been to LA, you can see the evidence of that very clearly in the thick layer of smog covering the city. Maybe we’re nto going to have a melting ice sheet flooding the entire world, but the pollution itself is problematic.

  6. haha i trip and fall ALL THE TIME. seriously. it’s ridiculous :)

  7. Ok, so I’ve been wondering why I haven’t seen any of your posts pop up in my reader. I’ve seen your comments on mine and noticed the new name but it never clicked so then I hop over here manually (ha! imagine life without our readers?) and BAM! haha love the new site and layout!
    anyway…that saying…I love it. Jillian says it in her Yoga Meltdown DVD and I find myself saying it out loud with her when it gets to that part. It’s so true and for so many things in life, not just exercise.

  8. TGIF Paige! You and me both! Oh good grief, thank sweet baby Jesus that I haven’t had a blunder yet. I know it’s happening soon though…it’s the law of the gym! That video is crazy town! Have mercy those people need to learn a few things about the treadmill. I swear I fear having a blunder on that thing every time I get on it. Have a great weekend my friend!

  9. I love this – “get comfortable with the uncomfortable”.. so freakin’ true. I will tell this to my Zumba class tomorrow morning because a lot of people tell me they are embarassed when trying to shake it like me.. well GET OVER IT, haha. It burns calories and tones your body! 😉 I think it’s funny when us fitness instructors have blunders… I once completely tripped over my pants during a routine.. the salsa should not look like me falling over myself, haha… and then another time the floor was wet from the condensation, I think, and I completely slipped during another routine..I didn’t fall, but almost..and my whole class gave me “ARE YOU OK” look. Oh well, sh*t happens!

  10. Yes, yes, yes! Love this! So true – “get comfortable with being uncomfortable”. It’s definitely something I struggle with sometimes, especially with weight training. If I don’t push myself to the point of really feeling it, I’m not going to benefit. It’s also very true with running and racing. Half marathons hurt, marathons hurt, 5k’s hurt — you just have to embrace it and recognize the difference between uncomfortable-hurt, and injury-hurt.

  11. Can’t think of a recent gym blunder, but I sure have fallen while running outside too many times to count. My most embarrassing moment happened eons ago when I lost the top of my swimsuit after diving into a outdoor pool. Luckily, it was at a motel pool, during a one day stop on the way to Vegas, and I didn’t ever have to see any of those people .

  12. There’s so much to be said about being out of ones comfort zone! Knock wood, I cant think of any gym blunders but the time my black toenail came off in pilates comes to mind. I had nowhere to put it so it sat next to my mat til the end of class, but then somebody kicked it across the floor. Groosssss!

  13. I love Extreme Weight Loss, it is such a motivating show!!
    Definitely agree with the big cup off coffee on a Friday morning, much needed.
    I had the same sleep problem last night! I was up at 3 AM. Not cool.
    Yesss, definitely agree with getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, I just wrote a post similar to that and it is so important, its the only way we can make positive changes in our lives!
    Have a great Friday pretty lady!xo

  14. I seriously died watching this video! SO FUNNY! I actually fell off a treadmill at the gym once– i saw a friend walk in and I just “forgot” what I was doing and stopped to say hi. Duh. Flew right off!

  15. I admit – i laughed at the video and at the fact that your dad sent it to you. I did feel the pain of the people, but come on, that was funny! So I’d say – be uncomfortable, but not in pain!

  16. Love the new layout! And the video is GREAT! LOL!

  17. I fell on a treadmill! It was awful!!! I stubbed my foot, fell on my knee and kept bouncing on it because I didn’t want to let go of the rail and fall on my face! Hahaha

  18. oh I have fallen off the treadmill before….definitely an embarrassment. I dropped my phone and thought I’d hit the emergency stop button but apparently I hadn’t. I slowed my pace so I could bend down and get it but the treadmill kept going. ooph. I still have a scar from it!

  19. Love that show! I always get so motivated watching it.


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