Cool Cucumber-Berry Summer Salad

Morning, all Open-mouthed smile

Have a good weekend? I had so much fun I didn’t have time to blog! Well, I suppose half of it was work, but….work hard, play hard, right? Winking smile

As far as playing went, Friday night I went out with a group of girlfriends (as did the rest of the town of Normal) and saw Magic Mike (ah.mazing, by the way. Ohhh Channing Tatum’s hips…) And on Saturday, I took the train up to Chicago to see the Cubs play!


Me and big bro, Mike

Our train was late TWO hours on the way up, but we still made the most of it and had a great time. Thankfully, it was on time on the way back home.


Also, thankfully my dad, who’s birthday we were celebrating, had a great time, too Open-mouthed smile

Since my parents are usually Niko’s puppysitters, I had to look elsewhere. Luckily my friend Missy, who has a dog who is actually smaller than Niko, volunteered to help me out.


Mid-game (Cubs won, btw!) I got a text message with this picture. In her message, she wrote “they are FINALLY laying down.” I guess two pint-sized pups are a lot to handle Winking smile I owe ya, Missy!

And yesterday, involved mostly work, but part of it was fun work, which I will tell you about as soon as I can!

Meanwhile…this happened.


Seriously?! It’s July?! When did that happen? Oh, right. Yesterday. Anyway, since it’s a new summer month and all, I thought I’d check in with how I’m doing with my SUMMER Bucket List:

Join a CSA and experience new vegetables (donezo!)

Go boating. I think it’s been since I got married since I’ve been on a boat! (soon I hope?)

Visit a zoo (ditto!)

Throw a backyard barbeque with all of my friends (need to get on this)

Take at least 4 weekend trips (uhh, 0/4)

Go to a concert (nope, but I will come tomorrow night!)

Have a picnic on a lake with Shane (done, but still more to come)

Dine outdoors more often (ditto)

Bike to uptown Normal for lunch or ice cream more often (dittttto)

Start (and carry through and finish!) a craft or two (oh yeah, this one..)

Read as many books as I can (slacking)

I’m slackin’! Looks I need to book some weekends away pretty soon here. Good thing I’ve got one crazy bachelorette part to attend (and help plan!) for one crazy BFF Open-mouthed smile


I think July’s going to be one fun summer month!

Another thing I did this weekend was run to the farmer’s market to pick up this week’s CSA stash, ala item #1. In the bundle:

-turnips (a first for me!)

-baby lettuce and greens (a fave)

-a long cucumber

-summer squash

-green onions

Of course, I had to use something to try out a new recipe right away. With that many fresh veggies in the house, I have to start eating them right away before they go bad! And since it’s Africa hot basically everywhere in the US right now, I opted for the cucumber to make a cool cucumber salad.

cool cucumber

Cool Cucumber-Berry Salad

1 cucumber, chopped

3 tbsp. Greek yogurt

1 tbsp. honey

Juice from 1/4 lime (~2 tbsp.)

2 tbsp. shredded coconut

1/2 c. blueberries

Mix together the yogurt, honey, and lime juice. Stir in the coconut and fruit. Sprinkle and mix in the coconut. Eat like a salad!

cool cuke

I ate this along side my meal of mashed turnip (from this recipe,)and a grass-fed angus burger on a lettuce bun.

cool dinner

So refreshing!

What a way to cap off a Sunday Smile

Have a fab day, loves! I’m off to spin class, then working the day away.

What’s still on your list of “must-do’s” this summer?

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  1. Looks good. I am a big cucumber fan so I will have to try this out. So many great summer salad recipes being posted. With july 4th coming up that is very good timing!!

  2. Sounds like you had an incredible weekend! I want to spend time at the lake, but I’m not sure that will happen this week, but it will definitely happen soon! I hope you have an incredible week!

  3. We still have lots and better get moving since time is flying! Still on our list – go to the fair, eat ice cream sandwiches, play mini golf and go to a drive in movie – plus more.
    The salad looks awesome, I will have to try it for lunch one day this week.

  4. I love the cubs! The Brewers are my second favorite team, but if they are playing each other, I’m a cubs girl.

  5. This looks like such a refreshing summer salad! I am big on cucumbers right now, so this is so my thing. And its amazing with fruit, I’ve been eating strawberry and cucumber salads, but I’m going to try out blueberry for sure!

  6. cucumbers and berries, what a dynamite idea, and so refreshing for summer! i think i told you this on twitter or instagram already but love your fedora, you rock it!

  7. Love the cucumber salad idea! I still have yet to cross off hiking from my summer must-do list.

  8. I have to keep up my training for my first half marathon this summer (and it is way hot so I am going at 5am now). I still need to do one Thursday on the Rooftop Terrace (at our museum for happy hour) and I still need to go to the pool (which will occur mid-month hopefully). Yum to the salad BTW- cucumbers are my favorite!

  9. I definitely need to get on my summer bucket list, too! I can’t believe it’s July already! Love your cucumber and berry combo! My veggie drawer is full of cucumbers and I need something new to do with them.

  10. Cucumber anything sounds delicious to me right now with all this heat! :) sounds cooling and refreshing. I still have a few things to get done this summer, hard to believe it is already July! YIKES

  11. Your hat is SO cute!

  12. i haven’t been to a baseball game yet this season! i need to get to a yanks game asap! happy birthday to your dad – a baseball game is the perfect way to celebrate!

  13. I have a summer bucket list too — it’s not going so well so far…oops :)


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