30 Minute Boot Camp Workout

Hi, friends!

I couldn’t wait to get out of work yesterday, because as soon as I did, I picked up this pretty lil’ thing at the train station!


My long lost love, Destiny!

Destiny is staying with us for the night while she’s in town from Chicago, and I am always SO happy to have her over. To make things fun, we headed out to Desthil, one of my favorite restaurants in Normal, for dinner (the last time I went, I had the bison burger!)

We had a great time trying out a few beers from the microbrewery and eating some dinner. I had the warm salmon and potato salad, which is actually fabulous. It’s salmon, bell pepper, and potatoes with a honey mustard type dressing.


So yummy, with fresh ingredients to boot Smile

This morning I have a challenge for you guys – a boot camp challenge!

Equipment: yourself and a medicine ball

Instructions: Complete the above four exercise circuit-style, one after another, each for 25 reps. Then repeat FOUR more times for a total of FIVE times total. Altogether it takes about 30 minutes. Don’t forget to warm up, cool down, and streeeettttch!

As always, check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise plan.

boot camp2


1. Corner to corner slammin’ burpees: With a medicine ball overhead, slam down on the ground, catch it, and carefully bring it down to the ground to support your weight as you go back into a burpee (jump the feet out to a plank position, jump them back in, and stand up.) Turn to the opposite corner and repeat. That’s one rep.

2. Medicine ball speed slams: With a medicine ball over head, brace the abs and slam it down to the ground. As quickly as possible, pick the ball up and repeat.

3. Medicine ball chops w/ a jump: In a sumo squat position, bring the medicine ball to the ground with straight arms. Lift (not swing) the ball up overhead, adding a jump when you’re almost to the top. Repeat for a total of 20 times.

4. Tuck jumps: With hands held in front of you, jump up and bring the knees to the chest. Land softly on your feet and repeat.

All right – I’m out of here. It’s time to hop on the elliptical for some cardio, and then make breakfast for the house Smile Later, Shane and I are headed to a concert on the river in Peoria to watch the fireworks. It should be so much fun – plus, I can check another item off of my bucket list Winking smile

Have a good one!!

What’s your workout for today?

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  1. that looks like a great workout, I need to get a buddy to do it with me asap!

  2. Great workout! I am on a rest day today, two days in a row of LiveFit and I am spent! haha

  3. i LOVE bootcamp style workouts. they are quite possibly my favorite style of workouts. this looks like a great one! pinning it! :)

  4. I did a full body strength training workout today, using machines! It’s one of my favorite kinds of workouts because i love to get creative with which weights and I do and supersets.

  5. <3 bootcamp style workouts! I've been having some random knee pain, so I ellipticalled my life away this morning and did some upper body weights. Gotta get those muscles moving!

  6. Nice workout! Sounds like a great time at dinner! I love catching up with great friends over a nice meal! I hope you have a blast at the concert!

  7. Great workout Paige! I love tuck jumps and burpees:) Bootcamp style workouts are definitely the most fun. Your dinner with your friend sounds great too! It’s so lovely to catch up with friends. I had spin class this morning!

  8. Looks like a great workout! I’m mentally planning for my upcoming cross country season (I coach it, not run it), and this looks like a perfect workout that will kick their butts!

  9. That picture of your dinner looks soo good.. like drooling good!!! As for that boot camp style workout– it is now written down, and I can’t wait to try it out here soon! Thanks :)

    **Also, i just started my own blog today. Check it out please!

  10. Love the workout and the photos. I’m a visual learner so its easier if I see what I need to do. Great exercises!

  11. I wish I could get Weston to go to Destil more.

    Yesterday I went rollerblading on the trail and encountered a person about every ten minutes. I took it as a subtle hint that I’m crazy to be running in the heat but I may do your 30 minute bootcamp today because the trail is beastly HOT and I need an inside workout.

    Have a great forth of July Paige!

    • I know! Shane and I always bike over to Uptown Normal for lunch and ice cream on the 4th of July…not today!!!


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