15 Minute Dinners

Good morning!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been counting down the days until Friday this week. It just seems to be dragging a bit more than usual. But good news is that it’s already Thursday Smile

Yesterday was one of those days where I ran around feeling like my head was chopped off. I missed my window of time to get in a workout yesterday morning, and then couldn’t squeeze one in during the day. Before I knew it, it was time to leave the gym  (work) and get my hairs trimmed.

Cut and styled, which I will promptly ruin with a workout after posting Open-mouthed smile NBD.

Speaking of being busy, let’s talk about busy nights and squeezing in a healthy dinner. It’s possible!

Being a trainer, my schedule is often all over the place. Actually, I try to maintain as much of a regular training schedule to keep  my sanity in check, however, my schedule is more or less at the mercy of my clients’ schedules.

Since most of my clients work a 9-5, that means that I sometimes spend the typical dinner time training clients. But that doesn’t mean I swing through the drive through on my way home.

For those nights when I don’t get home until 7:30 or later, I rely on my secret weapon:

veggies and meat
pre-cooked or prepared proteins and frozen vegetables.

For example, Tuesday night I got home around 8:00 (I packed a larabar as a snack and ate it as a snack around 5:00.) As soon as I walked in the door and put away my things, I got started on one of my dinners:

which was an Applegate Farms turkey burger, half and avocado, and asparagus.


And a slice of healthier zucchini bread.
I simply tossed the frozen turkey burger on the stove, and cooked it 5 minutes ono each side. During the second 5 minutes, I tossed the asparagus (that I steamed the day before) in the pan to heat up. Done and done.

Other go to’s include tempeh salads, scrambled eggs and toast, and this chopped pre-cooked chicken sausages and frozen veggies – which are another staple I rely on for 15 minute dinners.

This cobmo, for example, will be tomorrow’s dinner. I’ll just sautee some frozen, sliced peppers and some onions in olive oil, and then toss in some chopped Applegate chicken sausages in the mix until heated through. Bam – 10 minutes and done.

Of course leftovers are always a good option, as well  Smile

Time for that aforementioned workout! Then I’ve got a morning of working on some personal training programs. Have a fabulous Thursday!

What do you rely on for a healthy dinner when you’re pressed for time?

edited to add: Thanks again to all of your comments on the new blog and new blog design! I also asked Rita to give my facebook page a little face(book) lift. Check it out! (you can also “like” it, if you’d be so obliged Winking smile)

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  1. I no longeram I trainer and I still neeeeeed these tips and ideas.
    My client = child and we frequently lose track of time PLAYING.

  2. great plan! healthy meals that are QUICK and easy :) love it

  3. If pressed for time, I’ll generally make an omelet. Those are easy to prep and toss whatever you want in to it. Great post with some good ideas.

  4. These are great ideas! I usually make a pasta dish with a ton of veggies when I’m pressed for time.

  5. I love this post idea! I am home late a lot of nights too so I rely on quick dinners too! Some of my standbys are a big salad, a green smoothie, or a baked sweet potato with PB protein frosting. On the nights I know I’ll be home later I try to make my lunch my bigger meal of the day too! I also like to cook on Sunday and have a couple meals prepped and ready in the Fridge for leftovers later in the week!

  6. we think alike paige! just bought those applegate sauages! so good in salad and in rice bowls!

  7. RAN Mom says:

    Due to a 5:00-6:00 lap time, I was short on time yesterday also. My hubby begins “starving” at 6:30, so I made scrambled eggs (with fresh spinach and kale for me). You actually gave me that idea a few months ago. Thanks!

  8. Who doesn’t love a quick meal? I swear my dinner start time keeps getting later and later. I am a fan of eggs on nights when I need a quickie bite!

  9. I am having one of those crazy days today! All good crazy (which I needed), but crazy none the less! Eggs are always my go to for quick meals. They always hit the spot and it’s perfect fuel! Your hair looks super cute! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

  10. Well you know I love my naan pizzas and those are super quick when I’m craving something semi-naughty. :) Although, if I’m topping it will veggies and protein and not loading on the cheese, it’s not too bad! Better than ordering a pizza!

  11. I like your ideas. I do a quick taco salad with ground turkey and taco spices, served over lettuce with diced tomato and kidney beans.

  12. I would seriously be lost without pre-cooked protein and frozen veggies! Work has made my life chaotic this past year and I’m always starving by the time I get home so whatever I make has to be quick! I’m big on quick stir-fry’s and making and freezing homemade veggie burgers that can be quickly warmed up.

  13. I am all for trader joe’s prepared chicken, balsamic rosemary flavored. YUM! Veggie burgers and veggies are always quick staples for dinner, too. Also, on nights I teach Zumba, I love me some CEREAL. So quick and easy to put together!


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