It’s Calories In Calories Out…or Is it?


Last night was a good night in this household! After finishing up some laundry and cleaning, I got to set on making us one of my absolute favorite dinners: Fish tacos made with a chili-lime rub, with a cilantro lime cream sauce (made with Greek yogurt) and guacamole. I dearly wish I could take credit […]

A Weekend to Remember + Body Weight Circuit Workout


When I was in college, every year at the end of the spring semester, I’d pack up my dorm or apartment and head back to my parents’ house to spend the summer. Undoubtedly, most nights would be spent with girlfriends. Whether we were partying it up or just staying in and watching Sex and the […]

This or That: Health and Fitness Edition


Hey guys! It’s Friday, and I like to keep it pretty light over here on this last day of the work week (even though last week got kinda heavy.) So today I thought we’d play a little game called This or That, or Would You Rather specifically, of the health and fitness realm. You can […]

No Equipment Required At-Home HIIT Workout


If you’re new to Your Trainer Paige and have found me through my guest post over on Meals and Moves, welcome! And if you’re not new…go check out my guest post on Janetha’s blog This morning I woke up extra bright and early. It’s my normal posting time and I’ve already gotten worked on some […]

What I Ate Wednesday–Surrounded by Fitness


Oh coffee, you complete me. I’ve been trying to limit my coffee to one cup, but honestly, ever since Estes Park, I’ve been failing miserably. Just need that one extra cup!! Today I thought I’d participate in the ever popular What I Ate Wednesday. Yesterday was a particularly interesting day of eats, due to my […]

Group Fitness Week & What Warm Ups Really Do


Morning, friends! You know, yesterday kind of surprised me. Admittedly, on Monday mornings I typically wake up a little upset the weekend’s over. However, yesterday went surprised me with some of life’s plain old simple pleasures… …like a free Americano, thanks to a filled up little punch card! And like breakfast in the most delicious […]

Move it Monday: Sexy Back Workout


Hi there, my friends! Back to Monday already. Over the weekend, I took a break from technology, and it was quite wonderful. After a morning of training clients, our friends, Kim and Jason came to stay with us for the weekend. We had SO much fun, starting with some afternoon mimosas. LOVE HER! We played […]

Get Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable + Gym Blunders


Oh hey there! Happy Friday – it’s finally here I don’t know about you all, but I’m beginning Friday with a BIG mug of coffee: Not sure what’s going on, but my sleeplessness has been acting up. After trying to sleep for a solid two hours, I finally got up around midnight last night, cleaned […]

15 Minute Dinners


Good morning! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been counting down the days until Friday this week. It just seems to be dragging a bit more than usual. But good news is that it’s already Thursday Yesterday was one of those days where I ran around feeling like my head was chopped off. I […]

Healthier Zucchini Bread: High Protein, Low Sugar, *and* Low Fat


OK, ok. I teased you yesterday with a picture of this dessert bread – and now it’s time for me to spill it. On Saturday, I headed to the farmer’s market to pick up my CSA, and found that I had more zucchini than I knew what to do with! However, when the farmer told […]

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