Workout Playlist for June 2012

Morning, morning Open-mouthed smile

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty packed, but great – Saturday involved a lotta (fun!) work, some Mexican, margaritas, and board games, and Sunday we ran a few errands, cleaned, and ended the evening with a little home-cooking:


Shane and I went to Fresh Market as one of our errands yesterday to see that swordfish was on sale! It’s one of Shane’s faves, so we picked it up and cooked it like this:

-brush with extra virgin olive oil

-mix together a rub of salt, pepper, garlic powder, sweet paprika, chili powder, and cayenne; coat both sides

-heat up another tbsp. of olive oil and garlic in a cast iron skillet on medium

-cook fillets for 6 minutes per side in skillet


SO good.


Swordfish has almost a steak-like texture, and an incredibly delicious taste. However, it is a larger fish, so it likely contains more mercury, so it should only be consumed every once in a while. With our swordfish, we had green beans with Kerrygold butter, and Shane had an onion roll. Great Sunday night dinner!

As for this morning, I’m off to train a couple clients, and then planning on staying at the gym afterword to get in an interval workout on the elliptical (running is still on the fritz for now Confused smile)

For the occasion, I thought I’d put together a 40-ish minute playlist of the (my) top workout songs for June 2012. Here’s the playlist I put together:


Most of the songs are current/new for June, but there’s a couple favorite oldies like Slow Jams (I <3 Twista – little factoid Smile) If you’d like to try the playlist, aim for your “speeds” to be about an 8 on the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale and your “recovers” to be around a 5. It’s not HIIT – the intervals will be a little longer, so the “speed” will be a little less intense.

Off to work! Have a great one, guys Open-mouthed smile

Favorite workout song of the moment?

Favorite fish to eat/grill? I probably eat salmon the most, but I’m a big sea bass and tilapia fan, too.

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  1. good stuff! LEVELS! :) I really need to update my summer workout playlist. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I am a huge fan of swordfish on the grill, so good!

  3. You reminded me that I need to update my iPod, right now I really like Whistle by Flo Rida and Back in Time – Pitbull.
    Love salmon grilled on a cedar plank!

  4. I love salmon & tilapia! I’ve never tried swordfish, but it looks really good!

  5. I love the orange and aqua color combo! :)

  6. Love your outfit up there, those orange shorts are too cute! I’ve been looking for some new work out songs too, so I think I’ll be using a few of those :)

    I ate fish last week for the first time since becoming a vegetarian nearly three years ago and it made me so sick! I remember you saying you didn’t have a difficult transition from eating veggie to eating meat, but holy smokes my stomach was not happy with me. The fish you made looks pretty darn good though!

  7. I’m constantly getting into playlist ruts. I’d hate to admit it, but that’s why I like the NOW cd’s, They usually have a pretty good mix on them!

  8. is it wrong that i all i see in that picture is a nice glass of red? haha

  9. Great playlist! I need to update mine really soon, I haven’t done that in months. Yikes. I like your colourful outfit you have going on! :)

  10. LOVE your outfit! Your shorts are so cute :). And swordfish is soooo tasty. The way you prepared it sounds great! I need to listen to that song by B.o.B and T-Swift….I usually like them both!

  11. Milkshake! I love that song, so how is it not on my ipod?!?!

    Also, good choice with “Levels”. I know it’s been around for a bit, but my roommate and I still play it for preparty. :)

  12. I love that you have Milkshake on your playlist- haha, hilarious! The fish looks awesome- it reminds me that I should defrost and cook up the salmon I have in my freezer!

  13. Love your outfit!

  14. I haven’t tried swordfish, but now it’s on my “must try” list!

  15. I had grilled swordfish tacos recently and loved them! Its such a good fish, but I only have it once in a blue moon. Your recipe looks so good!

  16. I love that Milkshake is on your playlist, and I’m so disappointed that it isn’t on mine.

  17. cute orange shorts!

  18. Thanks for the playlist Paige :) I always appreciate when you post these <3 !!!!

    I am so so so so so jealous (I hate the word, but I just need to use it!) about your swordfish dinner! It's my all time favourite fish! Such a good flavour!

  19. Love this workout! Music always makes work outs so much better!


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