Wild Basin Trails – Water Falling in Love

I may have lied to you all when I said I wasn’t going to work out this entire vacation. I’ve worked out more than ever.

Well, I take that back – I haven’t stepped foot in a gym, running shoes, or any other formal exercise, but my heart rates been up, my muscles burning, and my hamstrings and calves are screaming at me today!


Can I bring the mountains back to Illinois with me? I’m convinced working out would be a lot more fun. Plus I’d have killer legs Winking smile

On our second to last day of hiking, per the recommendation of one of the rangers, we took the morning and part of the afternoon to head down to Wild Basin Trails, . There were three waterfalls we wanted to see, and that meant about four miles of hiking.


The entire trip Shane and I had wanted to see a bear, and we got really excited when we saw this sign upon starting up the trail.


We’ve seen deer, elk, squirrels, and coyotes, but not bear or big horned sheep.

The trail terrain itself was fairly easy – they were improved trails, which means they had steps or rock to guide you. However, it was moderate-difficult in the sense that we climbed pretty high up, so we were using those steps!


We hiked to three different falls – Copeland, Calypso, and Ouzel – and each one was more impressive than the next.

Copeland Falls:


Calypso Cascades:


And the farthest one with the toughest (but totally doable) hike, yet the most rewarding view – Ouzel Falls:


OUzel 2

We’ve lucked out as far as the weather goes. Each day has reached upper 70’s with a brief rain/thunder shower around 1:30. This has allowed us some absolutely gorgeous picnics and rest stops along the way.

Basin Trails Collage

(God bless Camelbaks!!!!!)

Although we’ve been packing sandwiches and trail mix to eat on the trails, we’ve both agreed that our appetites have been off. For some reason, mine is less than usual. I’ll go like 6 hours before I realized I haven’t eaten – which isn’t good with this much physical activity. Then, we’ll sit down for lunch and hunger will just take over me…until about half way through my meal when it vanishes again. I’m blaming it on the altitude!

Wild Basin was a gorgeous hike, but later I’m going to tell you all about Bear Lake…which was a, erm, bear. Let’s just say it was one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, physical experiences of my life.

HAPPY FRIDAY Open-mouthed smile

What’s your favorite non-traditional way to “work out”?

I also love to walk Niko – not a huge workout, but it does get the heart rate up at times Smile

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  1. We love to golf and go on bike rides in the summer, and this year we are going to hike! I am really excited to do more non-traditional forms of working out this summer and spending more time outside versus in the gym.

  2. Love the pics yet again! It’s so great when you can get in a good workout without trying…and with beautiful scenery! Does laying out count as a non-traditional workout…it makes me sweat? :)

  3. I love hiking, it is a workout but never feels like a workout. well at least not in the formal sense but in your body whoa!

  4. I LOVE that you’re getting in workouts but in such a non-traditional way on this vaca. SO COOL!!

  5. I friggin’ love those pictures. And my absolute favorite type of working out is hiking in the mountains. Yellowstone, Death Valley, Badlands, part of the Appalachian trail…it’s so flat in OK you can see the curvature of the Earth.

  6. Walking the dog (when he’s not pulling!)

  7. I *think* that’s where Bluebird Lake? is? I can’t remember, but I’ve done this very hike before – you’re making me sad with all these Colorado tales. :(

  8. What beautiful views! Looks like a really fun hike. I love hiking, but yeah…it can be pretty boring here in IL. :)

  9. I love hiking! i went to school in the Pocono mountains so it was always my favorite way to workout on the weekends, such good trails. and it definitely kills the legs and booty! :)


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