WIAW–My Daily Meal Plan

I’ve noticed as I plan my meals out for the day, day in and day out – those I eat at home and those I eat at work – there’s a system there. It goes like this:

  • -half a serving of fruit, coffee
  • (workout)
  • -bigger breakfast with lots of protein, a little carbs, and a little healthy fats
  • -no snack
  • -lunch focused on protein and veggies
  • -snack
  • -dinner
  • -nighttime treat

And wouldn’t you know, yesterday followed the same system!

This month’s “theme” for What I Ate Wednesday is sensible snacking.

Here’s my take on snacking –

I always, always, always make sure to have at least one snack on hand. I remember when I worked in an office and 3:00 would come around and I’d need a little snack after my 11 or 12 o’clock lunch. If I didn’t have an apple and PB or some yogurt on hand, I’d be more apt to walk on over to the vending machine or the café and eat something not so healthy. However, I don’t like to plan out my snacks too much. If I know I’m supposed to eat at 3:00 or 10:00 or what have you, it feels like I focus on food too much. So just having a snack handy in case my tummy rumbles works well for me.

And now on to WIAW!

Breakfast – 8:00 a.m.


I woke up around 6, and then took Niko on a 40 minute walk on a nearby trail. I ended up having to stop by the store to pick up something, so I didn’t get to eat breakfast until 8:00. I probably should have had some berries or a banana before my walk, because I was pretty hungry by the time I actually got to breakfast.


Anyway, this would be a protein pancake – made this way, but the banana was smushed in the batter instead of added in at the end. I topped it with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and berries. The banana provided enough sweetness!

I also had some iced coffee made this way in my Estes Park cup! Shane and I got coffees at Kind Coffee there, and eventually took home our own grounds to make for the rest of the trip (and take home.)


I love drinking from this cup because it reminds me of Colorado, and the mindset I was in while there Smile

Lunch – 12:30 p.m.


I actually packed this up and ate it at the gym between clients, and it was super tasty! I started with a bed of lettuce and mesclun, and then topped it with leftover chicken (Mexican seasoned) from the other night.


Plus two orange chocolate cookies:


Snack – 3:30 p.m.


Right after lunch, I did a quick chest, triceps, and abs workout, and had a protein shake immediately after. Then a couple hours later my metabolism was up and I was ready for a snack. Today it was Greek yogurt, oats, fruit, and a little honey.

Then I also had a Wasa cracker with a slice of Swiss cheese:


Dinner – 7:30 p.m.


I trained clients until a little after 7:00 last night, and when I got home I just wanted something quick. Shane suggested going out for Thai, but I really just wanted to slip into jammies and heat up something very quick. So I had the leftovers from Sunday night – a naked grass-fed cheeseburger:


And on the side, a cucumber with sea salt and a microwaved sweet potato (a real one!) with a little kerrygold, cinnamon, and sea salt. It was tasty and filling Smile



How does your eating-style/meal plan look from day to day?

My eating style switches up on the weekends, but it’s fairly consistent during the week.

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  1. Dang Paige, you eat exactly the way I do! I don’t necessarily plan everything out, but since I do things (like workout) at the same times, I eat similarly every day. Timing, protein, carbs and fats.

  2. That protein pancake looks soooo tasty! My eating style is pretty much 3 meals and then 2-3 snacks depending on when I workout and how hungry I’m feeling!

  3. Gah that dinner looks amazing. I am a snacker so I tend to have smaller type meals throughout the day. It works for me!

  4. During the week it is basically the same – 7am breakfast & coffee (usually carbs/protein heavy), 10-10:30am – am snack (fruit usually), 12:30pm – lunch (leftovers, salads, shakes, wraps), 3:30-4pm – snack (changes if I am working out or not but either Greek yogurt, veggies and hummus, protein bar or baking of some kind), 5:30-5:45pm workout for an hour, 7:30pm – Supper, then if I need it a bedtime snack about 9-9:30pm.

  5. My workday meals are always the same — oatmeal, mid morning yogurt, salad, afternoon fruit, and dinner. Such a boring life :)

  6. I got worried for a second when I thought your dinner was the cracker and cheese!

  7. so many delicious eats, especially that pancake!! wow! i usually have a breakfast, sometimes a morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and then an evening snack/something sweet.

  8. This was so interesting Paige! I love seeing how others eat throughout the day and really liked how you broke it down at the beginning! :)

    love u girl

  9. This meal plan looks so healthy and energizing – and filling. My meals tend to focus around the same types of foods, but social activities/parities/eating out can really throw me for a loop.

  10. I follow I very similar daily meal plan. I always like to keep snacks on hand, too. Right now, I even have a 100-calorie pack of almonds in my purse! :-)

  11. Im with ya, during the week Im more consistant. On the weekends I typically snack less and eat 2 or 3 bigger meals rather than 5 smaller ones during the day too.
    Now I kind of want a sweet potato for lunch :)

  12. I love hearing how you approach your eating by the day. I just touched on this in my post yesterday – about learning to eat out of hunger not out of habit. It’s something I’ve been really focused on this past year and its INCREDIBLE what happens when you start questioning your food habits and patterns and seriously start eating when you’re hungry. Plain and simple. I’m with you tho – I always have a snack when I’m out and about JUST in case I end up ravenous out of the blue, I never like to be caught unprepared!

  13. I adore cucumber with sea salt on it! It tastes so much better that way! And that protein pancake looks so tasty. We eat pretty similar throughout the day I’d say! Looks like a great meal plan to me :)

  14. I used to plan snacks a lot – mainly because while teaching, there were just a couple windows of time during the day to eat, so if I didn’t eat then, I’d be starving. That definitely made me eat my snack whether I was hungry or not – I now just always have something handy in my purse and try to pay attention to whether I’m really hungry or not.

  15. Sigh… that pancake has me drooling. I haven’t had pancakes of any sort in weeks! Shame!

  16. Mine is pretty similar, minus the early morning snack. Although I go to bed so early now my post-dinner snack is usually more like dessert about an hour after dinner. I get into bed at 8:45 and try to have my lights out by 9 (I get up at 5 every morning, and I like my sleep!) so I don’t like to eat anything past 7 if I can help it. It makes me wake up too much in the night if I’m digesting a lot of food.

  17. Loving that snack, especially the blueberries. Perfect on a hot day like today :)

  18. The protein pancakes look delicious! And your snack. I’ve been playing with my daily eating habits lately so it’s great to hear how other people approach eating during the day. Great share!


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