What’s Important (and Not) To Me + Throwback Thursday!

Good morning! This week sure did pass by quickly. I swear, weeks go by double time in the summer – even though the first day of summer was only yesterday! (Is it just me, or does it seem like it’s been summer since April? That’s A-OK with this sun-lovin’ girl Open-mouthed smile)

The heat’s not breaking here, so I started my morning off with a little iced coffee!


I made this last night a la the cold French press method. This morning it was ready and waiting for me! You can also see the corner of yet another protein pancake in the corner there (I’m on a kick!!)


This time I used 1/4 c. Greek yogurt, ~1/3 banana, 1 scoop brown rice vanilla protein powder, and 1/3 c. egg whites as the mix before cooking it on the stove. So good topped with berries and almond butter Smile

Anyway, I sipped on a cup of coffee and finished my pancake and am now about to hop on the elliptical and take Niko for a walk. Yesterday I did the Lower Body Blast Workout and my buns are screamin’ at me today. Screaming. I planned on doing the stair climber, but I made the executive decision to use the elliptical this morning instead in fear of falling down the stairs Winking smile Owwwwwie! Hurts sooo good.

Throwback Thursday!

Although I’ll be taking it easy today, as I was going through some other workouts, I was reminded of this KICK bootay (literally!) booty burner workout. Great superset workout with some videos I recorded on that one!

What’s Important to You?

Switching gears a bit, today’s post gets a little personal.

During my time in Estes Park, I realized a LOT. When you’re surrounded by nature and gorgeous mountains, it’s nearly impossible not to look at your life and make some evaluations.


Toward the end of our trip, I started journaling what was important and what was not important to me. I was in the moment when I wrote out this list, so it truly came from the heart. It’s funny, but even as we were driving home, I was looking at the list, and realized some of my old ways of thinking were already starting to creep back in.

I feel it’s incredibly important in life to keep our priorities in check. There are some times I find myself not calling a friend back because a show is on, or not going to a family function because I have laundry or cleaning to do for the week. That’s just no way to live in my opinion. And you know what? Neither laundry nor Real Housewives of New Jersey made my “What’s Important” list.

In order to keep myself in check, I put my list onto paper…well, virtual paper anyway Smile I made a photo collage (on Picmonkey.com – it was super easy!) and on it I listed what was important and what’s not important to me.


Broken down:




On my list, I simply listed my priorities, and then under them, I listed how I honor those priorities in life. And then on the third picture, I listed things that I often let get in the way, which aren’t important at ALL. Obviously, I blurred out a lot of what I wrote because it gets pretty personal Winking smile

Anyway, I plan on printing out the pictures to frame and hang up so that I’ll have a daily visual reminder of what I should be spending my time and energy one.

If you’d like to do the same, just choose two pictures (I used three because it spilled over Smile) and use one for what IS important to you and one for what is NOT important. It’s pretty fun and enlightening at the same time!

And lastly, before I go, it’s time to announce some winners from last week’s NuNaturals NuStevia Giveaway!!

The winners are…………………

Congrats, guys! Please send me your info and I’ll pass it along to Ron to get your Stevia Goodies!!

Have a great Thursday, friends Smile

What’s one thing on your Not Important list that you need to stop focusing on?

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  1. I think I agree with everything you said (except RHONJ are pretty important :) ). My family, fiancee, friends, and dog are the most important things in my life and if I have those, I have everything!

  2. haha I have been saying the same thing about it feeling like summer since april!
    Great list, I fall victim a lot to focusing on circumstances I don’t like and letting them consume me. I tend to overthink and worry, it’s def something I am working on!

  3. Those moments are so beautiful! I love the pictures. Thanks for the protein pancake recipes, I am still trying to perfect mine.

  4. Paige, this is such a good idea! The photos are so pretty – what a great reminder for how you want to live your life everyday

  5. Not important to me – what poses other people are able to do better than me in yoga classes. :)

  6. I love your idea, and thinking about it I am guilty of this too. I need to stop stressing about small things, like finishing laundry every Sunday, making sure all meals and workout are planned, and start enjoying life more. I am working on this this summer :)

  7. Cold French press? I must try this!! You are so great at self-reflection. I love your idea of using photos for this.

  8. i love your lists here. your list of “what’s not important to me” really stuck out to me. there’s some stuff i’m dealing with at work, and i’ve allowed myself to get caught up in what others think of me, things I cannot control, and stressing about the small stuff. those are all things that need to be on MY “what’s not important to me” list!

  9. Wow – I love the idea of those “vision boards”. I think I will be full on copying this idea! Picmonkey makes anything fun as well.

  10. I’ve recently been doing the cold-brewed french press method too, and am now obsessed. It’s sooo easy and delish!! Love the vision board, great idea.

  11. Great list. I love how you said “What others think of me” on the not-important list. Amen, sister!

  12. The trash reality tv is def on my “not important” list. I’m still trying to figure out how I got sucked in in the first place? Ugh…

    • I think my first reality TV show was the Real World…or wait, do shows like Guts count? Then my reality show addiction started as a wee child 😮

  13. I definitely love the list you posted! Definitely not important is what other think of me, I can get really caught up in that and get upset if I hear someone doesn’t like me or anything, but it shouldn’t matter. Except I do love my reality TV, I can’t help it so addictive.

  14. You read my post today – you prob know what’s on my Not Important list. And What’s Important is living life and enjoying myself! That collage is so cool. It looks so complex but I believe you when you say it was easy to make!
    Lovin your breakfast. You always have awesome meals.

  15. Wait- Real Housewives of NJ isn’t on your list?? We obviously have different priorities. 😉 Such a good idea to check in with yourself like that- I think I’m due for some self-reflection, too!

  16. I WON!!!! Omg you have no idea how excited I am! Haha anyway, on a more serious note I totally get what you mean about being somewhere that makes you re-evaluate your priorities. I think the hard thing about keeping those thoughts is that it’s easy to have a good outlook when you are somewhere that’s away from all the crap that gets you down and all the things you have to do that keep you from doing what’s important. I love that you made these lists to remind yourself, good idea!

    • Haha yay!! :) And yes – the circumstances can totally be influential…just have to transport to that frame of mind.

  17. awesome! thank you for reminding us to put our own lives in check and really care about what MATTERS. love you!

  18. aren’t the mountians great for head-clearning life epiphanies? it’s hard not to reevaluate your priorities when you’re surrounded by such beauty!

    i find myself doing the same things sometimes like calling a person back later because a song is on on my drive home. But you’re right, people are more important than songs and things. Great lists! (I’m also a PicMonkey fan!)

  19. That ice coffee looks so good…I need to learn to make my own!

  20. I love this post, Paige. I want you to know that you are important to me and you make my {mental} list :) I think this is a great way to put things in perspective. I have been thinking about this stuff a lot lately myself — what/who is really worth my time, stress, love, etc…some areas are gray, but I’m working on it :) MULU


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