Veggies for Breakfast

Good morning! Although Shane and I got back from our trip late late Friday night, today’s the first day back to reality. I’ve got a client to train here in a couple minutes, and then will be heading into the office for a while.

I’m feeling a bit like Niko is this morning:


Cute Niko

I have to admit, yesterday afternoon as I was editing mountain pictures, I had a bit of a pity party. After about 2 hours on picmonkey, my eyes started to tear up!


I think I just needed some endorphins. Since there are no mountains to hike up here in Illinois – and it was beastly hot at 2:00 in the afternoon, I did the next best thing and hopped on my elliptical while catching up on magazines:


Seemed to do the trick! Smile

Bucket List: Join a CSA

Remember that summer bucket list I made a couple weeks ago?

This weekend I got to cross off another item!


I went to the farmer’s market and joined a CSA!

According to…

Over the last 20 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. Here are the basics: a farmer offers a certain number of "shares" to the public. Typically the share consists of a box of vegetables, but other farm products may be included. Interested consumers purchase a share (aka a "membership" or a "subscription") and in return receive a box (bag, basket) of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.

Dearing Farms had a couple spots left, and after talking to one of the owners, I decided to sign up for the produce CSA. They also offered an eggs and meat share that I almost decided to join, but at the last minute decided against it.

Yesterday morning after training I stopped by their tent at the market to pick up my share.

This week’s share included:

beet greens

beets and beet greens, which I sauteed up with some olive oil, salt & pepper, and then sprinkled with nutritional yeast.

Bok choy:


For Saturday night’s dinner, Shane cooked the ground beef I picked up at the tent, and I cooked the bok choy with some olive oil, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce.


So yummy!


It also included radishes and lettuce in the package:


For last night’s dinner, which was spaghetti, I chopped up the lettuce to serve as side salads:



So far everything tastes very fresh and delicious. And to be honest, I’d probably go the rest of my life without eating beat greens if they hadn’t been in this CSA package. I’m glad they were, because they’re delicious! They kind of remind me of sauteed swiss chard.

And now that I have vegetables a plenty, I thought I’d start a little challenge this week!

Veggies for Breakfast Challenge


Most of my breakfasts include meals like oatmeal, yogurt, and pancakes – they’re all very yummy and delicious, but not likely to include veggies.

A lot of Americans don’t eat a salad with breakfasts simply because it’s untraditional!

This week, I’m going to include one veggie in each of my breakfasts. This morning it’s spinach in my smoothie:


Chocolate cherry smoothie with a side of spinach added in. It’s the easy route, but I’m also eating my breakfast on the go this morningSmile

Happy Monday, friends Smile

Have you ever joined a CSA?

How often do you eat veggies with your breakfast?

I’ve also never tried those edible squash flowers…I’m not sure I ever will either! haha

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  1. I’m always reluctant to join a CSA because you never know what you’re going to get from it. I know I will eat just about any vegetable, but the boys are a bit more timid than I am when it comes to that and I don’t want to be stuck with eating so much of something I don’t love. I do like supporting local farmers at the farmers’ market though.

    Most of the time, I’m a fruit girl at breakfast, but I love a huge veggie omelet too!

    Hopefully this will be a great week for you to ease you back into reality!

  2. I feel ya – every time I get back home from a Colorado trip I throw a pity party for myself. I usually even find myself tearing up on the plane ride home. Those mountains have stolen a part of my heart.

  3. I have looked at joining a CSA but have not yet since I plan my meals and feel I might be more limited with not choosing my our veggies.
    I rarely eat veggies for breakfast but last week thought I should try to at least once a week, so last Friday I made scrambled eggs and veggies for breakfast. I am more of a sweet breakfast person for sure. I guess I could do Green Monster shakes too!

  4. love that idea and am excited to see how you incorporate veggies into breakfast! I always have a hard time with it and am looking for ideas :)

    • I agree! I’m thinking sautéed veggies and eggs and spinach in smoothies. For some reason a great big salad just doesn’t seem appetizing for the first meal!

  5. I really only get veggies in my morning maybe 2-3 times out of the week when I make an omelet that includes them. Generally, I start my day with mostly carbs. But the switch-up is a good thing.

  6. i enjoy veggies for breakfast if they’re disguised in a smoothie, muffin, etc., or i like them in my eggs/omelets. but often times, i tend to go for more of a sweet breakfast, so veggies don’t make it into most of my breakfasts. i almost always make up for it at lunch and dinner though.

    • You know, I don’t think I’ve ever hidden veggies (except like, zucchini) in baked goods! I need to try it apparently! :)

  7. I know how you feel about no hiking in IL… I looked up hiking trails when I moved here and didn’t realize quite how flat it was… I miss CO too.

  8. you know i wish i put more veggies in my breakfast! it only happens when i make scrambled eggs..i should start to sneak them in things too :)

  9. I hardly ever eat veggies for breakfast because I am so inclined to eat sweeter foods for breakfast. Except if I add hidden spinach in pancakes or something like that! Or the rare time I eat eggs for breakfast.

  10. I’d really like to join a CSA. I feel like it would sort of “force” me to try out new things!

  11. I love veggie omelets when I have time to make them, but green monsters are a great stand by! :)


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