The Boulder & the Beautiful (Our Day Trip to Boulder)

After a morning of hiking to Endovalley Falls, Shane and I showered up and headed to Boulder to do a little eating, shopping, and people watching.


I’m convinced that Boulder is the BEST city to people watch in the US – at least Pearl Street in Boulder, that is.

The first place we stopped at was lunch at BJ’s Brewpub.


Of course we had to try out the Boulder’s brews. I’m not sure what I had, but it was yummy – something red, haha Smile

And to eat, I ordered the seared ahi tuna salad, which was fabulous!


While eating, we saw a girl with dreads to her knees, numerous stand up bands, two bands who bonded over a joint, and tons of shoppers with eclectic fashion sense. I love people watching, so I was in heaven here!

After eating, we did a little shopping at some of the local shops up and down the downtown walk. I ended up grabbing a few yoga-ware type clothing items, along with this adorable little bracelet.


I’m not a huge jewelry person, so when I see a piece that makes me smile, I’ll usually buy it Smile

Next, we stopped at Salt for a cocktail and more people watching.


I wanted gin, and per the waiter’s suggestion, had it with soda water and a simple syrup infused with lavender. It was heavenly!


While sipping our drinks, we nibbled on some of the fresh bread with butter and pink Himalayan salt, which tasted amazing.


Then against my better judgment (which was faltering at this point) I let the waiter talk me into another fusion drink – a tequila strawberry basil sangria mix. I have no clue. I just nodded.


I probably should have stopped at the first one, because I got about half way through this one before I felt a little sleepy, and we still had some shopping to do!

I wish we could have had more than just one day to spend in Boulder . There’s so much to do – and it sounds like such a foodie town Smile However, at this point, we’d had a long day with hiking in the morning and shopping it up, so we just stopped at Whole Foods and grabbed a couple burgers.

Even though we’ve cooked several dinners at the house we’re renting, it seems like Shane and I have been GO GO GO ever since we’ve gotten here. I guess that’s kind of our vacation style though. Even on all-inclusive trips, we always book at least two excursions. I guess we just want to live it up as much as we can! However, after I press publish I plan on reading my Kindle and napping until we leave for dinner Open-mouthed smile

Have a great…uhhh….what day is it…Thursday? Winking smile

What’s your vaca style? Relaxed and laid back? Or action-packed and on the go?

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  1. I really would like to go to Boulder. I went to college in Burlington, Vermont and people say it’s very similar to Boulder. We even had a Pearl Street, although our pedestrian friendly street was Church Street.

  2. Love the bracelet – and your meals look amazing!

  3. Love that bracelet!

    I’m definitely more of an active vacationer. While I like a few days to relax, I get bored pretty easily if I don’t have stuff to do!

  4. Love the bracelet!

    I don’t know what have come over me, but I’m big into bangles and bracelets and such… I keep collecting!

  5. Love your bracelet and people watching!
    I rarely can sit still and am a go-go-go person so usually our holidays are like that but on our last trip we did the opposite and relaxed more which was really nice too. I think you need to have that balance for sure.

  6. Ahh Pearl Street! We walked around there at Blend – it’s such a nice area!

    Cute bracelet! :)

  7. Boulder looks so pretty and the drinks/food seem awesome too! I’d love to make a trip out there one day.

    LOVE that bracelet! Now I want to buy jewelery with a feather on it. Super cute.

  8. Love people watching 😉 My vacation style is most definitely laid back. Though, there was a time when it wasn’t. I’d plan out every single minute. Now? We just go with the flow.

  9. Sounds like a fun city! I hate how it always seems like there’s never enough time to fit everything in when you’re on vacation. I like my trips to be a balance of doing a lot and relaxing.

  10. Boulder looks great! I am definitely a laid back vacation-er. Put me on the beach or by the pool and I won’t move for a week!

  11. During Blend, we spent one day in downtown Boulder and about 5 or 6 hours alone on Pearl Street. People watching at it’s finest! Sounds like a great trip so far! :)

  12. i LOVE boulder! and yes, definitely a great people watching place. i like a mix of both relaxation and action-packed. i get too bored if we’re sitting around too much, but i need some rest and down time too!

  13. We’re on vacation right now, and so far it’s been a mixture between action packed and relaxed. We’ve had some days where we just hung out at the pool all day and then cooked dinner at our rental condo, and then other nights where we’re out shopping, exploring, eating. I think the balance is important.

  14. So glad that you’re enjoying your trip – it looks like a lot of fun! I love that bracelet, and that drink sounds amazing!
    I’m definitely a more laid-back vacationer. I like to research and find things I’d like to do, but I don’t lay anything out for specific days. And I like to do active things, but at my own leisure. No museum tours for this girl :-)

  15. I LOVE Boulder!!! You should really spend some more time there, there’s so much to explore, especially on Pearl St! And it’s even better that you’re there when school is out, much less crowded!

  16. RAN Mom says:

    Darling bracelet ! I’ve never been to Boulder, but you sure make it seem like a must see for my bucket list.

  17. I love that bracelet, I like to wear jewelry that isn’t too big or outlandish.

  18. That’s why you gotta come to BLEND next year!! Boulder is the BEST!

  19. I love people watching too! Hah. I’ve never been to Boulder before, it sounds awesome though!

  20. I love that bracelet! so cute! boulder looks like an awesome place, and the food looks delish! not gonna lie most of my vacations are pretty action packed- i like it better that way! :)

  21. Oh man – BIG fan of that bracelet! I really like it! Great find. And I’m a people-watcher too – sounds like a great street for it!

    I like a mix when it comes to vacations – some days planned, most days active but not necessarily with a schedule. I married into a planner family to the max and I’ve learned the benefits of that along with the way I was raised – low key, flexible, go with the flow. Both are so good to incorporate! Keep having a blast, Paige! 😀

  22. I just spent a week in Boulder! LOVE IT! I always say if I could move anywhere in the US, it would be to Boulder :) SALT looked yummy, haven’t tried it yet so maybe next trip! Enjoy the rest of the time in CO!

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