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Ready for another installment of Personal Trainer for a Day?

Today’s the last post in the series, and we’re ending it with a slightly different twist.

Sarena, blogger at The Non-Dairy Queen, is already a nutritionist, trained chef, and previous gym manager, who is now studying to become a personal trainer to better help her current clients! She has some great insight for those who are thinking about or are in the process of becoming a personal trainer.


Sarena is also one of my good blog buddies, who creates delicious recipes and posts about them. We were kind of on the same wave length today when we both posted about chocolate covered goodies :)

Without further adieu…here’s Sarena Smile

1) What prompted you to want to get your personal training certification?

I have always had a passion for health and fitness. I was a dancer from the age of 3 and the summer before 9th grade, I discovered aerobics…I fell in love! I’m a classically trained chef with a focus on healthy cooking. I decided to take my knowledge and career to the next level by getting my Specialist In Fitness Nutrition Certification so I could work with people one on one with fueling there bodies for fitness training. After I completed that certification, I got the bug to go the next level for my Personal Training Certification.

(Paige here – talk about well-rounded! Lucky clients Smile)

2) How has the process been so far?

I am completely in my element! I look forward to going to work everyday! Getting my certifications has been so much fun and since I love talking fitness and health with people, now I have the bonus of getting paid for it!

3) Who are you getting certified through and why did you choose that certification?

My certifications are through ISSA (International Sports Science Association). I researched like crazy before I took the plunge. I finally chose them for two reasons, I could continue my education through them to get an Exercise Science degree if I choose to and they have anytime unlimited support for their students and alumni. I had start up business questions and they were happy to help me with immediate support! (good thinking, Sarena!)

4) What’s your work atmosphere like?

I work two ways, online for my nutrition clients and at the gym for nutrition and training services. I work for a local small anytime gym right around the corner from my house. Which is great since it takes 4 minutes to get there! I started out as the manager at the desk and then moved into training and nutrition consulting with no desk hours. I love the family style atmosphere at my gym. Everyone is so nice and we all know each other by name.

5) What’s your favorite part of working with clients?

I love sharing such a personal experience with my clients. It feels so great sharing the excitement others have in reaching their health and fitness goals. It’s hard work and not everyday is a great day, but I love working with people to find a way to reach these goals.

6) Least favorite part?

I don’t love the hours. I mean, they aren’t horrible, but they are kind of all over the place. You have to be really good at keeping track of time and that is definitely not my strongest point…until now. Also, the short notice on rescheduling sessions is hard to deal with, but not impossible. The worst part of that is if you don’t work, you don’t get paid!

7) What’s a "typical" day like in your job?

I get up at 6am for my time to workout. I like starting the day off with a great workout for me. From there, I get my boys ready for school so I can get my rear to work. I work with clients from 9 – 3 on any given day and then I have to make the carpool runs to pick the boys up from school. Then I’m back at the gym from 4:30 -7:30 on any given night. Then it’s sit my butt on the couch time.

(ha! I love the butt-on-couch time. I take at least an hour a night for this, too Winking smile)

8) Will anything change after becoming a CPT? If so, what?

I’m currently taking my final now for my PT Certification. I’m thinking my life will get busier after I complete this certification. I’m looking forward to building my client base!

9) What’s your personal training "style" (or what will it be) ?

I will train my clients exactly how I train myself. It’s how I go into my nutrition consulting too! It’s not a one size fits all approach at all. Everyday is different and we need do what’s right for us on that day. I love HIIT workouts, but I also love slow relaxed workouts too.

10) What advice do you have for anyone thinking of becoming a certified personal trainer?

You have to love a crazy lifestyle or at least be willing to be flexible. I had no idea how all over the place my schedule was going to be. Luckily, I’m in a place in my life where the crazy schedule works out ok, but there was a time when that would not have been ok. You also have to be compassionate and understand that each client is different and requires a different path. Understanding what your client’s limitations are is key to helping them achieve their goals.

(meee again – I LOVE this piece of advice. The life of a trainer is anything but consistent!!)

Thanks, Sarena! I wish I lived closer so we could train each other! Open-mouthed smile

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Questions for Sarena?

When is your butt-in-chair time? Smile

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  1. I wish we lived closer too Paige! I would love to have you kick my butt! Playing in the kitchen would be fun too!

  2. Great interview! You offer your clients so much, Sarena, and I have no doubt you’ll do well in this field too! Love the advice about the need to be flexible as a trainer’s days aren’t consistent – so true. Thanks for sharing!

  3. loved this! Sarena is a wonderful person and her clients are very lucky to have her!

  4. Aww…… Sarena. You are just too cute (and darn ambitious). Awesome interview. You can be my trainer any day. :)


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    Personal Trainer for a Day–Trainer Sarena – Your Trainer Paige

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