Lower Body Blast & Blue Corn v. White Corn

Morning, all! Smile

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Another weekend in the books! I hope it was a good one for you all. I ended mine nice and leisurely last night by cooking out with Shane.

Of course we had to gather our motivation to do our respective cooking/prepping by eating a few tortilla chips and salsa:


It’s become quite the ritual.

Also, I was happy to finally indulge in my favorite Red Hot Blues Garden of Eden’s blue corn tortilla chips. They’re so spicy it hurts, and I love it. I was obsessed with them for-ev-er and then I stopped eating them for some reason. When I saw them on sale at Kroger this weekend, I nabbed them up.

Whilst munching (and then drinking a gallon of water to tame the fire on my tongue) I found myself wondering what exactly blue corn was, and if it was actually any healthier than its white counterpart.

Turns out, it is!

It’s often said that the more (naturally) colorful your plate is, the healthier that meal is for you. This saying holds true in the corn arena: Blue corn does contain more of the amino acid lysine and the antioxidant anthocyanin than “regular” yellow corn.


Unfortunately, most of those nutrients are zapped when the corn is processed into a chip. Ah well, I like Eden’s chips anyway. Plus, they’re non GMO, which is always a good thing.

Annnnyway. Shane grilled up some of the grass-fed beef I picked up at the farmer’s market for burgers, and I prepared some salads for sides. I went with a burger with provolone on half a bun and a CSA salad:


My salad included some mesclun, green lettuce, boiled beets, cucumber, and lemon and olive oil. (Of course Shane’s only included lettuce.)

And a happy face burger for a happy cow:


Perfect way to end the weekend Open-mouthed smile

Summer-Shorts-Ready Lower Body Blast

Yesterday I made an impromptu stop at the gym to do this lower body workout. I typically do a lower body workout twice a week, but last week had only planned one.

I don’t know about you, but my “trouble area” is my thighs. And when it’s hot, all I wear are dresses and shorts in the summer. It may sound vain, but because of this, I’ll tend to do an extra lower body workout if it fits in my schedule (and if it’s not a rest day, doesn’t interfere with other training, etc.)

Last week I did the lower body workout below. It consists of 10 exercises alternating strength and plyo. After my workout I went back and took some pictures since I liked it so much and wanted to share it with you guys Smile

Complete the superset-style workout below as follows: perform the first exercise in the set per the designated reps. After a 30 second rest, perform the designated reps of its plyo-counterpart. Repeat the superset two more times before moving onto the next superset.

disclaimer: please check with your physician before beginning any new diet or exercise program.image


bowler’s lunge (and WAY back throwback post!)

bench jumps

What’s your favorite plyometric exercise?

I’m a big fan of the tried and true squat jump Smile

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  1. I don’t crave chips often, but when I do? The spicier the better! I generally like the ones that make the side of my mouth hurt because the heat on the chips are so bad… Weird.

  2. Upper thighs and butt are my big problem area too. I’m with you on extra leg and booty work during the summer. 😉

  3. I love blue corn chips, they taste so much better! And I definitely need a lower body blast, so this looks great!

  4. Don’t you love it when the healthier alternative doesn’t taste “healthier”? 😉 I love Target’s organic blue corn chips. Those are addicting!

  5. oooo…loving the mix of strength and plyo! nice.

  6. Love any kind of spicy food so those chips are the bomb. Smiley face food never gets old :)

  7. I love garden of eatin chips!! Um and yes, my thighs are my definite problem area for sure! Looks like an awesome workout :)…pinned it! I just like plyometrics in general. I don’t know if I have a particular favorite haha

  8. I’ve always wondered if blue corn was healthier. Good to know!

  9. Love the smiley burger!

  10. Great to know about the chips, I can’t eat corn but still interests me to learn about! That workout looks superb, but your workouts always do :) Bookmarking this definitely. I think my fave plyo move would be burpees, because I’m weird. Jumping Lunges are the hardest for me!

  11. I LOVE blue corn chips, but I don’t buy them very often! I should change that. Actually, I probably shouldn’t- they go down way too easy. 😉

  12. Never knew that about the blue vs yellow corn but I always wondered. Thanks for the info!

    Thanks for all the lower body exercises, my thighs are a problem area for me too! I needed these :)

  13. ooo i love squat jumps too! also love/hate skaters…they kill my booty!

  14. HAHA my Mom always made ketchup faces for me too 😀


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