Living in the Moment

What a lovely little weekend so far!


Mural artwork in uptown Normal

When I made my summer bucket list back on the first day of June, I didn’t realize I’d bulldoze half way through it before summer even began!

(half crossed out items mean I’m not finished doing this yet Winking smile)

Summer ‘12 Bucket List

(in no particular order)

Join a CSA and experience new vegetables

Go boating. I think it’s been since I got married since I’ve been on a boat!

Visit a zoo

Throw a backyard barbeque with all of my friends

Take at least 4 weekend trips

Go to a concert

Have a picnic on a lake with Shane

Dine outdoors more often

Bike to uptown Normal for lunch or ice cream more often

Start (and carry through and finish!) a craft or two

Read as many books as I can

Last night I added a thicker line through dine outdoors more often, as Shane and I headed to Desthil, a local brewery and fusion restaurant in Normal.

We started with a couple beers from their microbrewery.


I ordered the Redbird (go ISU!) which is a dark red beer, with a dry, thick, delicious taste.

Then to eat, I ordered the bison burger:


It came alongside the best fries I’ve ever tasted. I asked for ketchup, and then felt bad for making the water go back and get it, because I didn’t even touch it! It didn’t need anything more than how it was already cooked and seasoned.

This morning, I soaked up a little more of summer by whipping up a cool smoothie breakfast on this warm summer day (veggies included!) and took Niko on a quick, 20 minute walk down a shaded trail.


We kept it short and sweet since it was already 80 degrees by 8:45! Yikes.

Because of the heat, I dropped Niko back off at the house before going back to enforce #1 (chronologically) on my list:


I picked up this week’s CSA batch, along with a tube of grass-fed beef and some eggs from the farm. So far, I love being part of a CSA (this week’s CSA stash and how I plan to cook/eat it, coming tomorrow Smile)

After showering up, I had plans to meet my friend, Missy, out for lunch in Uptown Normal. We ate at Desthil where I ordered a turkey sandwich on rye with a couple beers from their microbrewery. A post-lunch walk around the circle and a little uptown shopping ended the afternoon quite well.


I ended up picking up this ring from a local jewelry maker. I really wanted this cute little peace-sign ring, but I couldn’t justify spending $40 for a flat piece of sterling silver..that was made in Taiwan, at that.. Oh well!

Now we’re off to my parents’ house to do a little early Father’s Day celebration. I got home just in time to make Shane’s grandma’s potato salad:


and whip up some cupcakes Winking smile


Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever made cupcakes in my life. Ever. And I wouldn’t be upset if I never had to. ever Smile

This weekend I’ve definitely been practicing living in the moment, and it’s been just great. Colorado taught me a thing or two about life, and what’s important in it (more on that in another post) and this is just one of those things – living in the moment.

Hope you’re having a lovely little weekend yourselves! Open-mouthed smile

How have you lived in the moment this weekend so far?

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  1. I LOVE that ring! I love buying jewelery from odd little roadside stands in cities. It’s never good quality but it’s so unique :)

  2. LOVE THE RING, so cute.

  3. You should come up here and go to the Lincoln Park Zoo!! It’s free! Haha I’d even go with you!

  4. Ooo bison burgers are the best, I love them because they are leaner than a regular burger. Good choice :)

    Can’t believe it was 80 degrees that early, whoa! That is definitely not my type of weather. I like it a bit cooler than that.

    • They’re tasty! And they’re always grass fed so I feel better about eating the animals themselves :)

  5. Looks like the weekend has been a blast so far! Haha, I don’t think I ever plan on making my own cupcakes either, too tedious. I definitely have not lived in the moment this weekend haha. I worked Friday night, got super sick, and am now suffering the rest of the weekend with a sinus infection and tonsillitis. Not the weekend I had planned 😉

  6. I have total engagement ring envy right now :) Absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Love that mural in Uptown Normal, I should get some pics of it too to make prints for our house. :)

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