Kitty I’m Comin’ Home


Shane and I made a last minute decision to just drive the entire way home without stopping in order to make it back a little sooner. That meant 16 hours and 34 minutes in a car. And we had all day do it.


As I am every single time, I was SO sad as we were leaving. I actually started getting sad the day before, and then I stepped outside onto the deck and snapped about a million pictures – including about 98 of the sunset. Here’s one of the few (untouched) pics:


GAH! So much beauty.

Then the morning we left, some tears were shed.


Don’t mind my puffy-eyed, non makeup’ed face. I was sad, dangit! I became so dang attached to these freakin’ mountains.

I gathered my composure once the mountains were behind us, and then we were both in full road trippin mode. We powered through the state of Colorado just fine – and even the first half of Nebraska- but then we hit a wall. Both mentally and physically – well at least in the sense of construction. We lost a good hour or so having to go 20 under the speed limit for a good 50 miles. It was pretty ridiculous.

By the 10th or so hour, I was feelin’ it, and we decided to stop at Quiznos in Des Moines for some dinner:


We only stopped for Starbucks once, quite a few potty breaks, and then dinner. Quizno’s salads are pretty good, and when I used to work for the BIC, I’d get the flatbread salad there all the time. I was surprised to see they don’t serve those anymore, so I just asked for a piece of flatbread on the side Smile

Honestly,the trip really wasn’t that bad. It didn’t seem like we were in a car for over 16 hours. We took turns driving and played lots of road trip games and question games. Shane and I both commented that this is probably the most amount of time we’ve spent together in a certain timeframe. And hooray, we still love each other! haha

We also stopped for Dairy Queen for ice cream around 9:30, when we had about 2 more hours to go, at the largest truck stop in the world!


Blizzard by Kindle light Smile Although I was kinda leery while eating – it wasn’t the most…appetizing/sanitized place in the world. Actually, maybe it was sanitary – it smelled like bleach in there! But I still ate it Smile

And then around midnight we pulled into the driveway of our house, hooting and hollering because the driving was done!!! Clarabelle was SO happy to see us, too – running to and from each of us for a good 5 minutes.


Awwww, Clarabelle Open-mouthed smile So happy to see her, too.

Vacations are freaking amazing. Especially this one. I took back so much more than I’ve ever taken from a vacation before. I may make a whole post on it, so I won’t say much today, so I have a renewed view of what is and is not important in my life. It’s refreshing.

But I digress. My point is – vacations are awesome, but coming home always feels SO good.


And now, because I’m a crazy person and called to schedule a couple clients – since I’m back and all – am off to go train them! I’ve actually missed training Smile Then gotta go get Niko!

Have a fantastic Saturday, loves!

When a vacation is done – do you look forward to coming home? Or are you a little sad to leave?

Obviously I am SAD to leave…everytime. But, once I’m home, it feels goooood.

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  1. glad you had a safe trip back and already hitting the schedule. what a wonderful trip.

  2. It depends, I am usually happy to come home to my bed, kitty and family but if the holiday was super relaxing its hard to come back to reality for sure.
    Glad to hear you had such a awesome trip!

  3. i agree, going home after a great vacation is always sad, but once i actually GET home, it feels so nice. i’m so glad you guys had a great time!

  4. Yes, always hard to come home from a great time away, yet always good once you get there. I’m so glad you and Shane had such an amazing time! Moments like that are so good and important to have. 😀 Welcome back!

  5. Love that Clarabelle was so happy to see you. I always used to hate coming home from vacations until we got our dog. Now I love to see his smiling face when we get home :)

  6. Awe. I totally relate to getting sad when returning home from vacay! Shows how much you really enjoyed it though. So happy you guys had a blast!!

  7. Oh i have done that! rought night but worth it in the end. Always sad to leave but great memories made. Rest up friend.


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