Fun Friday Survey

Hi guys. Happy Friday Smile

Although I have to work a bulk of the day, Fridays are fun because the next day is Saturday. This Friday is particularly fun because the next day is also they day I get to go to a Cubs game! Yay! First one of the season Open-mouthed smile

Because it’s fun Friday, and because I didn’t think of anything to write about until this very moment, I thought I’d take a hint from my girl Janetha (who took it from Abby, who took it from Dorry) and do a fun Friday Survey! (does anyone else always type it surveRy?)

Anyway, the survey is an ABC survey, going down the list of favorite things from A-Z. Because I’m feeling themey, I’m going to put a "health and fitness" spin on it – at least for most of them Winking smile

Ready? Here we go.

A. Avoiding ab exercises. Admittedly, I am a slacker on abs. However, I make sure to engage my core in all of the stability exercises I do, so that counts, right??

B. Booty exercises. Deadlifts, squats, and lunges OH MY! I’d rather work the lower body 10 times over the upper. It’s just more fun.

C. Colorful gym shoes.

I went back and forth between these and some bright purple ones, and I kinda wanna go back right now and get the purple ones.

D. Drinking my BCAA’s during spin. It’s gotten to the point where it feels weird if I just drink plain old water during a spin class! I’m a weirdo.

E. Eggggs! I love my eggs. Fried, scrambled, over medium, in pancakes. You name it. In fact, 90% of the time I eat at least 2 eggs every day (see what I did there? Winking smile)

F. Friends.

Not fitness or foody, but my friends mean the absolute world to me. What’s life without a solid group of girlfriends?

G. Green tea. But you already knew this.

H. Hairballs.

Or rather, the lack of them on my floor, due to the furminator! I’d say furminator, but F was already taken, by a pretty darn important love. Shane and I bought the hair removing FURminator last weekend, and although I bawlked at the $45 price tag, it ended up being the best $45 I ever spent! Ceeb seems to like it too Winking smile

I. Ice cream.

Janetha, you’re my ice cream twin. Best food in the world! Way better than sorbet, sherbert, froyo, or any of the other wannabe’s.

J. Jergins gradual face tanner in fair-medium. My saving grace for pasty skin in the summer!

K. Kidney beans!


Out of all the beans, it’s safe to say the kidney variety is my faveSmile Especially in this salad!

L. Lululemon!

I cannot help myself when I enter a store. I must come out with a shopping bag!

M. Morning Niko walks. I’ve gotten in the habit of taking Niko on a 30-45 minute walk every single morning. It’s become my therapy!

N. Nailpolish

Sometime in the last few weeks I’ve gotten on a nail-painting kick. I go in spurts where I’ll be obsessed with pretty nails for a while, and then I’ll go and neglect them completely for a while.

O. Orange (and other colored) shorts.

blue jean shorts? Over ’em. (ok fine I wore some yesterday) I’m loving colored jean shorts right now.

P. Parents. I have two of the best ones on the planet. I’m realizing this more every day.

Q. Quiet sunsets.

Especially here. Yeah, so sunsets can’t be loud, but noise around them can be. I like when it’s quiet :)

R. Random acts of kindness.  Go make someone’s day!

S. St. Tropez self tanner. I just bought this not too long ago and am already obsessed with it! No streaks and minimal smell Smile

T. Traveling.

Ever since leaving Colorado, I’ve been planning both a September 4 day getaway and a spring vacation for next year. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug.

U. Understanding people. Or rather, people who are understanding. There’s something to be said about those who can see both sides of the story.

V. Vandalism murals. I love this one in uptown Normal.

So pretty and colorful and really makes a building unique.

W.Watermelon. Can you believe I used to not like watermelon at all? I actually used to not like any kind of melon. Now I love them all! And watermelon has quickly become one of my favorite fruits.

X. Xciting workouts! I know, I cheated. But I’m back on the exercise video train this week, and it’s fuuuun!


Y. You guys! No, seriously. I love my readers and feel extremely lucky that anyone cares to hear what I have to say at all :)

Z.  Zombies?  Ok, I don’t love zombies, but I really miss The Walking Dead!

And of course, YOUR turn!

What do you love that starts with B, P, and/or R?

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  1. Fun post! Let’s see….
    B = Biceps, love to work ’em
    P = Pool time
    R = Rest days

  2. B= Boys!
    P= Pink (the color)
    R= Running (when I am not injured or sick)

  3. B – Babies…mostly mine 😉
    P – Pull ups
    R – Relaxing (I stink at it though)

  4. P = PUGS! :-)

  5. B= Brady my new puppy or beaches
    P= pools only the ones you lounge by, not for swimming laps :)
    R = running, love it! most days

  6. You don’t look like you slack on abs, Paige!

    B= Brenton, my Boyfriend :) and Beagles
    P= Planks on my forearms
    R= Running!!

  7. Cute shorts!!! And have fun at the game tomorrow- I hope you kids don’t get rained on. :/

    B- Brown Line; my new way to get to work. It’s making me so much happier than driving!
    P- Pink; my favorite color of all time
    R- Rays of sunshine; which better happen soon because I want to run around outside this weekend…

  8. I did this survey today too!! I love getting to know more about people through surveys hehe. With regards to health and fitness, I love:
    B: back exercises
    P: plyos
    R: roller coasters…they are awesome! Not quite health and fitness, but whatevs haha

  9. Have fun at the game!

  10. GIRL! You rock :) this made me smile —–> A. Avoiding ab exercises. Admittedly, I am a slacker on abs. However, I make sure to engage my core in all of the stability exercises I do, so that counts, right??
    I also am a tea lover too :) <3 Gosh I wish we could meet up Paige!

    B – Birds chirping when I wake up
    P – Peas from the garden (no other pea tastes as good!)
    R – Ripe avocados <3

  11. I love these surveys! I love my tea as well, but coffee may have it beat at the moment!
    B-baking. I have plans to bake up a storm this weekend!
    P-peanut flour.
    R-roasted veggies!
    Have a great time at the game this weekend!

  12. I love this survey, I may be copying it….

  13. Have fun at the Cub’s game! Even though I’m not cheering for them… :-)

    Here are my fav’s!
    B = Burpees – I know everyone hates them, but I actually like them! Jumping lunges are the things I hate.
    P = PRETZELS!!! Okay, maybe not so healthy. But they’re my fav food :-)
    R = Refueling with blueberry pancakes

  14. HAHA! I did something similar to this on my blog too.

    B – back exersices. I a toned back on a woman is sexy!
    P – personal bests! Who doesn’t like those?
    R – running with my favorite puppy every morning! :)

  15. B – love me some bananas!
    P – puppy. Love Lori’s new puppy!
    R – relaxing…what I am doing right now!

  16. Thanks for the link love! :) B=being outside on a perfect 75 degree day P=praying R=running.

  17. Sooooo with you on the lower body workouts!! Ice cream rocks. Cubs game looked like fun! I just got my first piece of lulu

  18. haha this was so fun! hmm for me

    B – Back! i love working the back!
    P – peanut butter!!!!!
    R – rain! what it needs to do here so this damn heat will break!


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