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Hi there! Hope your week’s going lovely so far Smile

Can’t say it’s anything but here! This morning Shane and I are off to do a longer hike where we’ll see 3-5 waterfalls. However, there’s coffee to be had before that happens, so I thought I’d check in quickly to post about what we’ve been up to the past couple of days.

Morning walks include walking up the “road” from the house we’re renting to check out the humming birds and scenery.


One of the days we took a break from hiking. Gem Lake really made my legs sore! We didn’t realize it was a strenuous hike when we did it (but it was so worth it.)

Instead, we took a drive up Trail Ridge Road, a paved road that goes above 11,000 feet!!



We saw a little picnic spot about half way up, and stopped for lunch.


There’s one item crossed off my summer bucket list! Smile

Once we got up to about 10,000, we saw snow right outside our window.



However, then we kept on driving, and when I looked out my window I saw straight cliff, no guard rail, and extremely high heights. I freaked out and had a mini panic attack and we turned around.

Can you guess what we did next?


Yep, visited a microbrewery and ordered a beer. We sat along the river walk and then did some shopping and ice cream-eating.IMG_8233

Later on, based on a couple recommendations, we went to Twin Owls Steakhouse for dinner.



To drink, Shane had an Estes Park brew, and I stuck with wine.


The dinner really lived up to its name. It was probably the best meal I’ve had in a year.

We started with an appetizer of elk, stuffed mushrooms, and scallops:


And then I ordered the fillet with a side of fresh vegetables.


Can I take minute to say just how awesome it is not to have to worry that the animals on my plate were ethically fed and raised? I seriously think that it tastes better if the animals grew up happy, and I haven’t had to worry about that one bit here in Colorado. That was my first steak in…over three years? I wouldn’t dream of ordering a steak where I live in Illinois. I want to move here!

OK, /endethicalrant Smile

Yesterday we went on about a three mile hike to a picturesque waterfall.


We had to hike up a closed road for the majority of the trip.




I messed up and forgot to apply sunscreen, so I have a nice racerback-shaped sunburn going on right now Winking smile

We spent the rest of the day on a little day trip to Boulder, but that deserves a whole ‘nother post in itself. So next time. I will say I kinda wanna move there Smile

Time for a hike! Happy Tuesday!

Is the area you live in conscious about serving meat that’s been ethically raised?

Central Illinois is most definitely not. I think there might be one farm that produces grass-fed beef – and then it doesn’t even sell it to restaurants – just farmer’s markets and natural grocery stores.

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  1. Looks like a great holiday! I cannot wait to hike this summer, we have one planned for the end of this month near Banff already, and your posts are making me excited for it!
    My area is getting there I would say, it is more and more common to see it on menus now which I love. I hate the thought of eating any meat that was raised like it is just meat. I am such a animal lover and it bothers me a lot!
    PS Your ice cream looks delicious :)

  2. The scenery looks absolutely gorgeous! And that meal! Yum!

  3. Have a great day and continue to enjoy yourselves! :)

  4. I’m glad you guys are having a good time. I was so in love with Colorado when I went there. Is it just me, or is the sky just bluer there?

  5. I am so jealous of the amazing views! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  6. Wow, what an amazing vacation! I can’t wait to do these things with Tony. The boys are still a little on the younger side to enjoy hiking like this, so we will either do this when they are older or when it’s just Tony and I again…which is a major reason why we had kids earlier in life (to travel and do things when it is just us again). I always say that I’m either a California or Colorado girl at heart when it comes to food. I live in a small town outside of Atlanta and no, the thoughts on how animals are raised and slaughtered is definitely not thought of much here…sadly.

  7. What a fun holiday! I am not much of a hiker, but we do have some amazing hiking places here, so I may just have to venture out and go hiking sometime this summer. I’d say some of the places here are very ethical about how meat is raised, but that’s more at some grocery stores than at actual restaurants here.

  8. The pictures look gorgeous, glad you are having a great time!

  9. Ahhh I’m so jealous. I LOVE Colorado! I need to move there, ASAP

  10. GAH! You’re making me really miss Colorado! Isn’t it great!?!

  11. looks like an awesome time! and some very good eats (and drinks 😉 )

  12. You guys are such a cute couple! In Milwaukee, there’s way more of a push for ethically raised meat, and there are several grocery stores were you can get that stuff (in addition to farmers’ markets). When we visited Madison this weekend, there restaurant scene is all about local/sustainable/slow food. It’s awesome.

  13. love the name of that steakhouse 😉

    beautiful pictures. we wished we had a place like that near us to hike. in charlotte there are some farmers markets where you can get local meat, and some restaurants serve local meat, but not sure if it is everywhere. or enough to make a difference, but at least there is some awareness!!

  14. RAN Mom says:

    What does the sky look like at night? Are the stars brighter? Can you see the Milky Way?

    • I tried taking pictures, but haven’t been able to capture nearly what it looks like in real life. I’ll try again tonight!

  15. Crystal says:

    Hi Paige, thanks for posting information about your trip. We are near Colorado Springs in Manitou Park right now and will be heading to Estes Park on Sunday. I thought it was so ironic that your name is “Paige K.” and so is my daughter’s, my husband’s name is Shane, and we are from Central Illinois, too! :)


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  2. […] Mmm. I haven’t eaten steak since the last  time we went there! […]

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