CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) to Boost Fat Loss?

Good morning and happy F-R-I-D-A-Y! Is anyone else doing the Friday dance with me this morning?


I know I am Open-mouthed smile

I’m super happy to see you guys are excited about the NuStevia Giveaway! Keep the entries coming – you have until next Wednesday. And – I think I need to see for myself about this lemon/blueberry combination so many of you wax poetically about. I don’t think I’ve ever tried that combo. Better get on that. Scones? Pancakes? Winking smile

Before we get to today’s topic, I wanted to do a quick Veggies for Breakfast check in. I’m happy to say that I’ve stuck with it so far, and it’s already Friday! Just one more day to go.



I actually got half way through this breakfast before thinking to snap a pic. So you get a half-eaten breakfast Winking smile Wednesday’s morning meal was 2 eggs, sautéed greens (beet greens and bok choy) with a piece of toast with PB, honey, and banana.



Yesterday I wanted overnight oats, and got my veggies in by replacing my usual half scoop of Sun Warrior protein powder with Vega’s protein powder. There’s two servings of veggies in each scoop, so with my half scoop, I got at least one in there 😉 Plus it added a sweet berry flavor to the usually chocolatey oats.



I really wanted a breakfast sandwich. I actually find myself craving them (and just ran out of Ezekiel English muffins with this one!) To get a serving a veggies in there, I sandwiched in between the muffin not just 2 eggs and provolone, but also a 1/4 of an avocado and a small handful of spinach. Yum!

The Deal on CLA’s

If you’ve been to any type of vitamin store or have anyone talk about a supplement to help “burn belly fat,” you’ve probably heard the acronym “CLA” tossed around a time or two.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)has been touted as a non-stimulant weight loss supplement.

It’s actually a trans fat found in certain dairies and beef made from grass-fed cows that has shown to decrease body fat when given to mice. Because of this study, vitamin and supplement stores across the country began bottling and selling CLA as a weight loss pill.

According to WebMD, CLA…

Conjugated linoleic acid might help reduce body fat deposits and improve immune function.

It’s also possibly effective for colon and rectal cancer.

Keyword being might. Since there’s no real conclusive research on CLA and I don’t love the idea of taking fat-burning supplements, I opt to get mine through grass-fed beef and through Kerrygold butter (pasture butter aka butter from grass-fed cows.)


Plus, they’re both super tasty Winking smile In fact, I can’t wait to grab up some more grass-fed beef from the farmer’s market tomorrow! Shane and I made burgers with the last batch I picked up, and they were super tasty!

Have you ever taken CLA as a supplement?

Have you ever taken any sort of fat-burning/diet pill?

I can remember a scarier time in my life (think high school) when I took some pretty crazy diet pills. This was completely stupid of me, and really could have messed up my heart. Bad, bad, bad. Now I don’t touch them, and advise people to burn fat the old fashioned – with muscle Winking smile

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  1. I personally like CLA but I don’t take it to lose weight, rather I take it for it’s help with insulin resistance and inflammation. I think too many people expect to take it and have it be some miracle pill….which it won’t be.

  2. I have some CLA and take it when and if I remember to.
    so like once a week.
    1 pill.
    don’t think they’re working.

  3. That egg sandwich looks AMAZING. Definitely having one for breakfast tomorrow!

  4. Love the half eaten breakfast pic! Breakfast sandwich looks amazing! Mmmm!

  5. Yes, that lemon and blueberry combo is awesome, and its my morning snack today – plain Greek yogurt, lemon Stevia and blueberries!
    Nope and nope. I tend to stay away from most supplements beyond vitamins, omega’s and protein.

  6. oh my gosh I just died over those kitty cats!!

  7. those cats are hilarious! I really want to try those vega shakes because I have heard so much about them.

  8. lol i love the cats! TOO funny. happy friday!

  9. TGIF!
    It’s my first summer Friday off from work (hooray!) and I had some tasty leftover grilled veggies to throw into this morning’s eggs. Delish!

  10. i love CLA! take it every day!

  11. The breakfast sandwich looks so good, Paige! I love using english muffins instead of bread. My mom has a turkey sandwich on an english muffin almost every day and she never tires of it.
    I also love the half-eaten breakfast pic. I think you should do a post on a day of half-eaten-eats 😉
    I’ve never taken any fat-burning/diet pill or any supplements like CLA. I just don’t really believe any of it, or I don’t feel comfortable taking it. I just like food 😀

  12. Haha. Those cats are too awesome. I’ve heard great things about CLA actually. I know many people who have taken it and said they had awesome benefits from it! I love the vega protein!

  13. Getting my fruits and veggies in is never a problem, but getting protein in is always a lot of work. I’m getting better though. I’ve never tried CLA, but I think I need to look into it though. Even the claim to help with colon cancer is a bonus for me since I am at high risk for it. Thanks for the info! Have a great weekend Paige.

  14. I wonder if that supplement works on people, I’d be interested to hear. It might just be the newest weight loss fad!

  15. we took some CLA a few months ago, but then forgot about them. so might have to give them a try again. but did not know it was in grass fed butter! good to know!!

  16. I am a pretty big fan of CLA… I have used it for years (on and off). In fact… I think my belly needs to start using it again 😉

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